Getting ready for Sweden Rock Festival 2019

Is it Sweden Rock or is it Sweden Rock? Welcome back to a wonderful new week. With wonderful people, wonderful music
and wonderful videos, I hope. Today we’re gonna look at the warmup.
What people are thinking and looking forward to. And some tips to think about
if you’re new to the festival. Anything you look forward to this year? Slayer and Arch Enemy. Tenacious D, Kiss… Tenacious D, Kiss.
Well, actually everything. What are you looking forward to?
A little bit of everything. Disturbed, and I’m excited
about the Mongolian metal band. There’s a lot. I haven’t gone through the schedule. I’m always going here. What are your expectations? Expectations? It’s to have fun, watch music.
That’s what Sweden Rock is all about. I want to say that it’s the best festival in the world. How many times have you heard that one? He’s playing it the whole damn time. Nothing else. What are you looking forward to, bandwise?
Arch Enemy. Rainbow, Candlemass. The road home on Sunday.
That’s on Rockklassiker stage, right? Candlemass and Batushka. Expectations for the festival? Have a good time, get drunk, watch great music. Any band in particular? Def Leppard, definitely. I haven’t seen them in 8 years.
Hopefully, they’re still good. Hey, Martin.
Micke. How’s it going?
Oh yes, it’s going. It looks like you’re from Karlshamn town.
That I am. Very close by. What are you excited for?
Lok. Lok. It’s always magical here. There are no downs. Well, Down was here a while ago.
Yes. But no negative downs. This is the highlight of the year. Which bands will you see? Kiss. Def Leppard. The only time of the year
that you can truly be yourself. Your first year. What are your expectations? Beast in black, Tenacious D and loads of memories. It is mostly Kiss cause I’ve never seen them, but I also
happened to win a radio competition so I’m going to meet Electric Boys and they will play
a private session for me and my husband. I’m excited. I’ve never seen ZZ Top. Kiss, of course. I want to see Tenacious D, Powerwolf. There are many, probably 15, but at the end of the day,
I won’t see them all cause I’ll watch people instead. The expectations are to just have a really good time. To just be here and enjoy it. I have shut down
the rest of the world so I can take it all in. And hopefully, everything will sound great. People are so ready for the festival to open. There are so much love and joy,
and people are excited. Yes, let’s do this!!!!

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