100 thoughts on “GFRIEND, Time for the moon night [Jeju hallyu Festival 2018]”

  1. i saw yuju and i hug her coz i really miss her. luckily she kissed me on my cheek and she said this…..

    "wake up! you need to pay your bills before 9am."


  2. They still amazed me. How they can cover all yuju's parts and still sound and perform this good

    Uri gfriend fighting❤❤

  3. Gfriend is really the best ❤ their voices are getting prettier and better. As time goes by, they are improving so much. Yerin's high is what I anticipate but I really miss Yuju. 🙁 Eunha never fails to amaze me same with everyone, look at them!!! ❤

  4. GFriend:
    Vocal line: Yuju , Eunha (97 line)
    Dance line: Sinb , Yerin (SinRin line)
    Rapper line: Sowon , Umji (Leader, Maknae line)

    If GFriend do have sub unit in the future:
    1st grp: Yuju, Yerin, Sowon (Tall line)
    2nd grp: Eunha, Sinb, Umji (Smol line (?))


  5. For those who still think yerin lipsync throw that thought away. And you have to know that yerin's high pitch is almost as high as the yuju tone 😉😉😉

  6. They should give Yerin and SinB's position into a Main or Lead Vocal instead of Regular Vocal then Eunha and Yuju shares their position as a Main Vocal

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