Glemmride Festival 2018 Vol. 3 l Slopestyle l Saalbach – Hinterglemm l Vlog #47

Traildog Rosie Racer at the Slopestyle Course This is the situation 2 on the morning in Saalbach at the Glemmride Festival almost empty and no people around I am currently on my way back from the party to the hotel Because I wanna go ride tomorrow We are here, with Martin Söderström with Rosie and with Fabio Schäfer We are having an interview for Gravity and afterwards are about to ride. So stay tuned! You can see here the cool spot where the slopestyle course runs along here the typical “pool section” and over there it’s already the end of the course I am not sure if you can see it properly but there is a super long queue that leads to the cable car, that really goes until somewhere here .. but you can’t see it from here. Fabio is preparing everything On my way with Fabio Schäfer through the Glemmride Festival Let’s see how long it will take us Here is still slopestyle training and Rosie is watching, too when the gopro was supposed be be charged, but has actually an empty battery .. and we have to wait now .. It feels like is has been 10 years, but actually after 1 year finally some riding with Fabio And we will now ride the Z-Line here in Saalbach. I am riding in the front, and everybody is following Fabio behind me So there’s probably a huge line behind me Sick! These are all fans from Fabio Schäfer Do you want to be first? Yeah go first now, and I’ll go first afterwards So I had “Kaiserschmarrn”, I am stuffed. What did you have? “Kaspressknödelsuppe”! Can you pronounce it? That was the reason why I wanted you to say it. And we are here at the Hacklbergalm That’s located in the middle of the Hacklbergtrail And is a must to stop for a bite to eat The meals are amazing! Yes, super tasty! We are about to continue riding and will watch the Slopestyle contest. I am always glad to have my enduro bike here omg at the Hacklberg because Fabio with his Downhill bike, has to push it it would have been better to bring my enduro bike, like Nina Rosie and me are watching the Slopestyle contest and I am looking for a good spot to watch it as there are so many people super busy When Fabio Schäfer gets snacks as presents So what is it? So guys this was the Glemmride Festival 2018 here in Saalbach A super cool event! Who was already here? Leave me a comment. Thanks for watching! Leave me a like & subscribe And not to forget! Fabio also uploaded a video Check out his channel! Until next time! Ciao!

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