100 thoughts on “Gojira – The Art of Dying (Live at Vieilles Charrues Festival 2010)”

  1. FANBASE HELP ! What happens at 7:14 with Joe climbing those stairs and not touching his guitar for one second while the part we hear from his is constant fast picking that same note ? (Left ear if you have earphones) Is it the video edit or is there some kind of freaking playback ?

  2. The only thing wrong in this video is the fucking crowd..Fuckers are wearing picnic hats and shit. I swear if these guys were to come to my homeland we'll slay the shit apart..

  3. Greatest song of metal ever in my opinion. Greatest band!!! No doubt.
    But, I have a question… When Joe return from the crowd he stop to play the guitar but the sound continues… Did you guys realize that???? At 7:15

  4. I get fucking chills every time that low, guttural humming and Mario's tapping start to build, man. Fuck this song is perfect.

  5. Discovered Meshuggah with Bleed, which apparently is their best song.
    Now I discovered Gojira with this, apparently their best song.


  6. Neglected emotions leading to catastrophic voyage on the other side
    I have been given so much stress and lack of confidence
    I've been given the gift of so small hope deep inside
    I haven't close my eyes in a long time, I am trying
    I cannot stomach these forms and colors anymore
    But I'm here to continue, after all I have been through
    I try to keep my eyes open, I am realizing
    This life and death more precious than anything
    I won't bring no material in the after life
    Take no possessions, I would rather travel light
    I'm of this kind that kills all day
    But I don't know yet how to die
    Art of dying is the way to let all go
    Within I practice, in the secret of my soul
    My shape in the reflector has
    Now for ever, a life on it's own

    such and amazing part.

  8. Love these guys!!! Cant wait till Aug 12th… Get to see them for the first time…with Behemoth, Volbeat and Fucking Slipknot!!!!!

  9. Am I the only person that thinks that Gojira has very awkward beats? They are very lovely and intrinsic but kind of awkward. In a good way

  10. I didnt know there had to be an art to that, i thought it just happens. Shit thanks for opening my eyes. I will have to remember to not just die. To die in an extravagant fashion. Like a chinese guy being shot in the movies or a bad western movie. I better practice.

  11. There is no metal song better than this. It is perfection from all angles.
    If you're a drummer
    If you're a guitarist
    If you're a bassist
    If you're a metal vocalist

    It checks all boxes.

    This is the best live metal performance in the history of mankind.

    Mario. Fking. Duplantier.

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