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Gourmet On The Road Update |My Visit To Rajvardhan Foods| Here’s What’s Coming Up|Shout Outs Queries

Gourmet On The Road Update |My Visit To Rajvardhan Foods| Here’s What’s Coming Up|Shout Outs Queries

Hi folks, welcome to another GOTR or
Gourmet On The Road Update. As you can see, we’re shooting roadside. We’re at a place called Rajvardhan Foods
which is in Jayanagar. A very different setting from the last video
that we just released. Which was the video about my big fat Mediterranean lunch at Fava Bistro. So, I hope you’ve caught that episode. So, it’s been a while since I’ve tasted good Maharashtrian food. It’s been a while since I’ve tasted Vada Pav. And as I was looking for a place to taste Vada Pav, I discovered Rajvardhan Foods. Now this is a 20-year-old restaurant, located here in South Bangalore… … and I’ve dined and I’ve eaten here, dined doesn’t seem like an appropriate word considering the setting. But I’ve eaten here many years ago and when this popped on my radar… … I said let’s go back and try some Maharashtrian food. So we’ve tried a plethora of dishes and all of that is going to come up in another… … episode of Gourmet On The Road and also before I tell you about what I tasted… … I’m going to remind you that I’m going to talk about a couple of your comments… … that we’ve received on the YouTube channel. And I’m going to address a couple of questions, a couple of queries, and also look at a couple of shout outs. So coming back to what I tasted here, I, of course, tasted the Vada Pav. I tasted the Dabeli. I tasted two very interesting breads or pancakes if you want to call it. The Thalipeeth which comes from Maharashta. I had two versions here. One is a fasting Thalipeeth, something that you eat when you’re fasting… … the other one is a normal onion Thalipeeth. I also tasted the iconic Mumbai dish which is a Poori Bhaji and Shrikhand. The shrikhand was delicious. And I also tasted a couple of fasting foods or upvaas chi faraal, as they call it in Marathi. Basically, foods that you eat when you’re fasting. I tasted a Sabudana Khichdi and a Sabudana Vada. So, very interesting episode, very different episode coming up on Gourmet On The Road. And this one is about Maharashtrian food and the iconic Mumbai Vada Pav. And moving on to the questions or comments that I would like to address. Well, this is an interesting one. This
comes from Sakina Khumri. Sakina says, “Hello sir, after seeing your video on Ranganna Military Hotel, I had been there… … very disappointed with the taste, food
quality, and service… … would request you to give genuine reviews and comments in your video.” Well Sakina, at the outset, it feels sad that you went to a place that was featured on Gourmet On The Road… … and you had a bad experience. Now, at the outset, when we’re tasting food in a restaurant… … we’re tasting the food that anybody eats. We’re sitting at the restaurant like any other customer and we’re eating that food. When I talk about a particular dish, I talk about my reactions with respect to the dish. I can guarantee you that it is genuine. It’s what I feel about that particular dish at that point in time. When we go to a restaurant, we’re paying our bills. Even right now, right here… … we’ve tasted a whole bunch of dishes.. And I’ve got this big, long bill, right here
that we’ve paid for. I think we’ve tasted some 11 or 12 dishes and we’ve paid for this bill. So every review that you see in Gourmet
On The Road is genuine. Every review that you see in Gourmet On The Road is something that I’ve tasted… … and something that I’ve genuinely felt. We don’t do paid reviews. Now it can so happen that sometimes, you know, all of us have different tastes. What may appeal to you may not appeal to me. And what may appeal to me may not appeal to you. Sometimes it’s just a question of that.
Sometimes it’s a question of expectations. So you’re used to food in a certain way, and you go in and you find that the food is not… … in that particular way, in that particular style. You feel disappointed. It happens to me.
I hear about some great restaurants… … some great dishes from my friends and I go there and I find that it’s not what I had expected. I find it underwhelming. Now is the food to blame there? Perhaps not. Sometimes it’s just about what you expect from your taste perspective… … and what is dished out at the restaurant. The other thing that can also happen is that sometimes, restaurants can have a bad day. Now, for instance, you know, there are
places that I go to… … so, let’s say if I’m going to a particular biryani place which is iconic. I know that when I go to that restaurant at 12:30 pm, I know the quality of the biriyani that I eat… … there is going to be hugely superior to the biryani that gets served out at let’s say 3:30 pm or 4 pm. Whilst you may argue that should not be the case, but that is the case. You know, the point is that this business is driven by people and sometimes, things can go wrong. Sometimes the cook can have a bad day or sometimes, things don’t go right. There are chances that sometimes you may find the food in the restaurant to be… … not what you expected from the review. But I can assure you this one thing… … that every review that we do at Food Lovers TV, every review that we present on Gourmet On The Road… … is 100% honest, sincere, and genuine. So I do hope, Sakina that you will continue to look at Gourmet On The Road… … reviews and go back and taste more food. Don’t let one experience take away from your culinary or your foodie adventures. The next question is from Suresh Kumar. Suresh Kumar says, “Everything is good, but the sad part is that the cameraman shooting these videos… … that is you right there, “without eating and seeing you eating in front of him… … believe you will treat him after the shoot.” Well, you know, that’s one of the things at Food Lovers, we’re always surrounded by food. So every shoot that we go to… … even when the cameras stop rolling, there is food always around! So Suresh Kumar I appreciate your conern but yes… … there’s a lot of food, and all of us enjoy
the food that’s out here. A couple of shout outs. This one is by Hemant Trivedi. Hemant Trivedi writes to us from Texas.
He says “I was gifted by YouTube with your first video… … for me to watch, which was you spending a couple of days at Harley Estates… … your coverage piqued my interest and followed you for some part of your Tamil Nadu food tour on the road… Coming back to introduce myself, I am a now retired chef, staying in Texas. I’m so much in love with food that I feel that at 70 years old, I need another set of next few lives… … cooking and enjoying the food. I love the way you speak about the dish. It makes my chef heart happy… … that there is a lover of food doing justice to a chef’s effort to satisfy a client.” Hemant, wonderful to hear from you, hear from you all the way from Texas. And wonderful to learn that you’re a chef. I feel the same way. A few lifetimes are not enough to taste all… … the glorious food that’s out there,
waiting to be explored. Thank you so much for watching. There is also another message that we’ve received from Ramit439. Ramit says, “Beautiful rundown of food explaining the history of Shivaji Hotel… … their food preparations, and of course your personal way of making eating food look so inviting… … and delicious. I can almost taste each
morsel with you.” Well, Ramit, that’s certainly the intent. When I’m out here tasting all these dishes… … today I tasted 12. And to be honest, I feel quite stuffed at the end of it. I’m tasting these for you, our viewers… … out there. When I’m tasting this, I want you to get a sense of what these dishes are all about. So thank you once again for all those comments, for all those queries, for all those questions. Keep them coming in. Do subscribe to Food Lovers TV. Share the videos on your social media channels. Do look out for this episode on Rajvardhan Foods covering the iconic Mumbai Vada Pav… … Misal Pav and all the other dishes. And if you’d like to support Food Lovers, do log onto and click on the… … Support Food Lovers Banner. Until the next time, happy eating!

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    One request i have is if you intend to visit some famous cafes or pubs as well in Bangalore. Like the truffles would be a good way to begin. And lasty, any plans of a meetup?

    I hope you read my comment. All the very best. Have a sumptuous day ahead.

  15. This is entirly to those who have commented negatively …food styles and taste will vary place to place people to people here they are recommending based on people review u may have not liked but it was best and tasty food to that locality people so when u were in that place u can taste nd if u lioed it u may go oftn again otherwise change ur priority but dnt blame for their reviews bcz each and evryone taste may varies a lot ………so u focus on foods which u were intrested and comfortable someone like spicy so u nvr like any good spicy foods so u sort of low spicy foods and taste them thats it…..😊but nvr comment negatively abt food bczany people wont have food at all. ……taste tge style if u want taste again but nvr say thats the bad taste bcz somewill wbe liking it lot as like ur fav diah it will other fav dish too …..

  16. Your english is awesome and the way you converse , put yourself out there and justify your reviews is fantastic. Your adjectives and descriptions are absolutely great I felt that had to be complimented too . That's one of the best things about your channel that pulls me in to watch. 👏👏

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    Make sure you force yourself into the third category.
    Then you won’t be disappointed at majority of places.
    Lastly, you cannot fake the feeling or expressions on your face when you really like or dislike the food.
    Very good work Sir. Keep it up😊

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