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Grand Fantasy Party Part 1 [2018 KBS Song Festival / ENG / CHN / 2018.12.28]

Grand Fantasy Party Part 1 [2018 KBS Song Festival / ENG / CHN / 2018.12.28]

Welcome to the 2018 KBS Song Festival! I’m your host, Chanyeol of EXO! I’m TWICE’s Dahyun! I’m Jin from BTS! Glad to be here! We warmly welcome everyone here at the festive 2018 KBS Song Festival! To kick off the 2018 KBS Song Festival, we had people that heated up the industry throughout the year! They became celebs, just like their group name! Celeb Five, WJSN, and over 200 guests opened the show for us today. The 2018 KBS Song Festival we’ve prepared is full of fun just like the performance that was just on with the theme of a “Fantastic Party.” Stay tuned to find out how this theme will play out on stage! A fantastic party at the 2018 KBS Song Festival! Who will be joining us? The teams that were 1st and 2nd on the K-Chart throughout 2018, based on digital singles, viewer preferences, airtime, and album sales! They are the artists that got love from fans through a variety of different promotions! Are you excited for the performances today? My heart is racing already! With that said, let’s kick off the fantastic party we prepared for all of you! These singers are known for trusty skills, flashy performances, and for being top rookies! (G)I-DLE and THE BOYZ have a fancy performance up next. It’s their first time at the 2018 KBS Song Festival! Let’s get started! Here we go! (Nov. 30, 2018 – Live film set of Music Bank) (A space for questions in the green room) Hello. Hi. “What is your dream stage?” (What is your dream stage?) (A collaboration with respected senior artists) Lee Hyori. Sunmi. A girl crush collaboration with Sunmi. (A family party) A fusion hanbok with the fan dance. Something really intense. (Or a dream transformation) (Or a dream remix?) (All kinds of dreams) (In one fantastic party) (Celeb Five) (EXO) (Wanna One / Red Velvet) (SEVENTEEN / GFRIEND) (BTOB / Apink) (Hwang Chiyeul / Sunmi / Chungha) (NORAJO / (G)I-DLE / OH MY GIRL / THE BOYZ) (TWICE / AOA) (VIXX / NU’EST W) (GOT7 / MONSTA X / NCT 127) (Yong Junhyung / 10cm / Roy Kim) (LOVELYZ / MOMOLAND / WJSN) (BTS) (Kim Yeonja) A party… that will surprise and awe you… begins now. Wow! We just saw MOMOLAND! ♪ From my head BBOOM BBOOM to my toes BBOOM BBOOM ♪ That melody gets stuck in my head. From the addictive “BBOOM BBOOM” to “Ring Ding Dong” by SHINee and SS501’s “U R Man,” we just heard all the songs banned during the SAT. Many other groups in addition to MOMOLAND stuck out in 2018 for their addictive melodies and fantastic stage presence. That’s right. How about we check out a singer with a fantastic performance perfect for tonight’s theme? She’s showing what a female soloist can do continuing the girl crush performances so far! Chungha! You can’t take your eyes off their killer performance! Let’s check out NCT 127! Come on out! Did you hear? You’ll come see us, right? (Unreleased footage compilation) (Come forward smiling naturally) (Whispering in your ear) (Idols who are sometimes cute) (And sometimes lovely with their lines) (But not all of them can act cute) (Cute mode on) Will you come and watch us? It’s hard. (Full body cringe) (Shy about doing it) (Robot Shownu) Look forward to it. Why did I sound like that? Look forward to it! (Laughing at himself) (Meanwhile, the idol of 7 years…) Did you hear? At the 2018 KBS Song Festival, there’s a fantastical party… (It’s fantastic, not fantastical…) (He just realized) (Backpedaling) So fantastical isn’t a word? (2018 KBS Song Festival) (Look forward to the fantastic party!) The 2018 KBS Song Festival is a place where the fantasies of singers and the fantasties of viewers can come to life in a fantastic performance for all to enjoy. How about us hosts each give a hint about the performance we prepared? I want to hear from Dahyun first. Well I got a bunch of girls as lovely and angelic as me to perform a special stage with. Want a hint? What’s the hint? Ta-da! – Wow. / – What’s that? Get the idea now? I recognize that lollipop! Chanyeol, no spoilers! Dahyun’s cute performance will be on soon, so don’t go anywhere! Let’s introduce the next performers. Many teams moved listeners in 2018 with raw lyrics that made our hearts race! BTOB, whose song title alone will make you swoon, and “SAVE ME, SAVE YOU” by WJSN! Let’s check it out now! I’m Wonmyeong, in the KBS Song Festival green room. And I’m Kei of LOVELYZ! The enthusiasm here is wild, just like they said! Why are we here, Kei? Among all the 200 performers here tonight… ♪ You shine so bright ♪ We’ll meet 4 people who shine especially bright! Four handsome guys who have a special performance! Hello! 1, 2, 3! Hello. It’s new seeing 4 people from different groups. Do you have a new group name? I thought up one. What about Eunbi & Kapi? What does that mean? Benevolent looks and looks you can’t turn down. Not bad. That group name fits you perfectly! Why did you four all get together? We prepared a special stage for the KBS Song Festival and it’s an honor to perform with such great singers. A team just for KBS Song Festival? I can’t wait! Can you give us a light spoiler? It’s a song that’ll make girls swoon. Find out more when we take the stage! Our ambitious special performance will be in part 2. There are a lot of other great performances too! So stay tuned! Coming up soon! A sweet voice that makes girls swoon. We just saw Hwang Chiyeul perform. And a group that asked us to call them Eunbi and Kabi! Wonmyeong and Kei already interviewed a group that’s preparing a special performance. They’re tall! And handsome! And they’re as good-looking as me! I can’t wait to see the four of them perform! I’m so curious about what kind of stage they’ve crafted. My heart is racing too, and I’m a guy. Imagine how the viewers feel! Their butterfly-bringing performance will be coming up soon! Wait a second, where did Dahyun go? She just took the candy from earlier and left. Oh… I think I know where. You mean her special performance is coming up? I can’t wait to see who she gathered together for the performance! A special stage only on KBS Song Festival! It starts right now! We saw the multitalented NU’EST W and a team that feels like they took the most angelic member of every group. We just saw a lovely rendition of “Kissing You.” If I dare make a guess, I think the 2018 version of “Kissing You” will go viral and top the trending search charts. Dahyun, how high do you think it’ll go? I would like it to reach the No. 1 spot, but that’s not the last special stage on KBS Song Festival today! There’s a lot more to look forward to! That’s right! The theme is “Fantastic Party.” Jin. Yes? What fantastic performance do you remember? My dream stage is showing my own unique charms on stage as I perform. What about you, Chanyeol? I remember EXO’s superpowers. Look forward to EXO’s superpower fantasy stage! Next up is another special stage that will surpass even “Kissing You”! I would even call them goddesses! I wonder who got together for this team! Let’s check it out now! I’m Wonmyeong, back in the green room. And I’m Kei. It feels new meeting K-pop groups here that we usually only see on Music Bank. The next team we’ll meet debuted exactly 505 days ago. It’s Wanna One! Hello. 2, 3! All I wanna do! Wanna One! Hello, we’re Wanna One. Glad to have you here. This is your second time on KBS Song Festival! How do you feel to be back? Thanks for inviting us back to this grand stage. Thank you to everyone who has shown us love. We’re so glad to perform with all kinds of artists at the biggest music festival of the year. 2018 is almost over! How was the year to Wanna One? Well… ♪ Working hard, working hard ♪ Wanna One had a golden year in 2018. We appreciate everyone who has shown us love. And we want to mention that today we’ll be working hard on KBS Song Festival today too! We’ve got a lot of group and individual stages! Sounds like you’ve got something good in store! Daehwi, can you tell us a bit more? Sure thing. I’ll give you a bit of info. ♪ The star tonight is me, it’s me ♪ Is that all? It’s a short spoiler that’ll make you slap your knee and go, “I knew it!” after part 1! Look forward to it! Get ready for Wanna One’s performance! This next group’s intense stages captivated fans! Let’s watch MONSTA X! Cue the music! The end of 2018 KBS Song Festival part 1 is coming up soon. The next stage is particularly meaningful, isn’t it? Yes! Each member brought to life the fantasy they dreamed about! Apparently KBS Song Festival turned their special fantasies into reality! Look forward to more unforgettable performances coming up in part 2! Let’s find out whose fantasy came to life. Let’s watch right now! Let’s tune in! (2018 KBS Song Festival Part 2 begins soon)

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  5. I finished this video in 11 minutes cause I only watched when the MC’s talked especially JIN or just because of JIn

  6. I don't really like Twice but Dahyun was STUNNING as the MC, so beautiful and prepared, she talked so clearly! Did and amazing job

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    The special stage 'Heroine' is the best. Sunmi's unique voice, Seulgi sings like it's her song, Daehwi's voice is so attractive. They both dance so well, so powerful.

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