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Gypsy GALA Teaser Trailer

Gypsy GALA  Teaser Trailer

It’s a cast of 35.. I can’t… I
think I’ve lost count This is the biggest show ever and I
know Ive said that before We Decided to do gypsy as part of our 2019/2020 Fort Lewis College theater season I thought it would be a great opportunity for my
aunt Angela Lansbury to share on camera her experience as an actress her
experience specifically in gypsy she played Mama Rose on Broadway she has… 70 years of experience There are two kinds of actors: there are actors and there are character actors let’s put it that way Thought that she could share stories yes,
Elizabeth Elizabeth Taylor. Darling little girl, she boss Anecdotes But that
was okay I learned the hard way just by doing, you know. And good good information
about theater education for our students I always say that to young actors,
leave your self at home you do NOT want to miss it

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