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Hadra Trance Festival 2014 (#8) – Official After Movie

Hadra Trance Festival 2014 (#8) – Official After Movie

Hadra is all about love…Thanks ! Look at the little mushroom up there…this is IT! Was hard to get out of my forest… Come on ! Let’s do it tourist-style ! What do you mean ? I don’t know, we can do something like « Haaaadraaaaa » ! Nooo, no no no… Come on, let’s count to three ! Ok, they don’t want to do it…so i’ll do it alone… « Haaaadraaaa is wickeeed !!! » All good ? Perfect though… Byyyyyye !! “Hadra” is a little like if you were on another planet… YOUR planet ! YOU are the stage manager… YOU create your own planet ! If you want to make it move, you have to move with it… Otherwise, you don’t move….. That doesn’t work. I’ll give you an example… Look, it’s all calm in here… CHEEEEEEERS !! You see… It’s going beyond the mountains and spreading all around… And look…It keeps going on and on ! Can you hear how far it goes ? Simply awesome… …Make your own planet ! We share only good ambience, this is unique… And we even brought our friends who couldn’t come… There is something of a…spiritual funfair ! – This year, we put all into it… …really nice visuals ! And i think the whole decor… …the smaller stage… …the public much closer from the DJ decks… …work perfectly well ! Does anyone know what is this ? Maybe, it’s a kind of mutant trefoil… They take up an attack position… Straigh on their back legs and their abdomen raised ! Some of them do… Watch out, they are on your bracelet ! What ?? They are on your bracelet ! Look, look we can see it ! Holy sh*t !! Come here, we can see it from here ! So, if there are some of you guys brave enough to try… …you can hold a little ant by its head… …and lick its abdomen with the tip of your tongue ! It has a lemon-flavoured taste ! Koh-Lanta style 🙂 ! Does anyone want to try ? It’s really nice to wake up in the morning… …and to have the opportunity to attend anytime activities or workshops… …organized by a small group of people… …and to go walking around in the forest… …with people you don’t really know… ..who are actually sharing points of mutual interest… …in this case plants and all what goes around… This is really interesting… And what a perfect place to enjoy that at best… You can even see paragliders…it’s just wonderful… Same thing every year in here… …you meet everytime new friendly neighbours ! If you need anything, you can be sure you find it… – Guys, the neighbours out there are great ! That’s precisely what we were just saying !! Say hello to the camera ! Hi there, it’s a great pleasure, live and direct on “FRANCE 3” 8 PM, time for daily news ! Some sport news of today !! – Who are the nice ones you’re talking about? Those ones out there… And the ones with the big blue flap are cool dudes too ! And those ones here are THE happy encounter of this year’s festival ! Really nice guys, coming from Aix-en-Provence And for sure we’ll go all around festivals together ! Vacant shower ! Yeaaaahhhhhhh! It is warm ! Is it ? Awesome ! No it’s not… It’s not ? No, just warmer than cold water… ! So, better than ice-cubes ! Throw the dice to know the price you’ll pay. It’s unlimited, you can go in, out, take a shower if it’s too hot and go back in again ! Tartiflette is the best ! We’re now completely hungry… Haven’t had a long sleep yet but all good… We’ll be much better after some food ! You’re really cute this way… I mean you are pretty anyway ! It’s really nice, full psychedelic… – Are there kids in Hadra? Yes for sure ! We met a whole family from Lans-en-Vercors… who came to be face painted, super nice people… And I met a young boy and played wooden games with him…Have you seen the wooden games stall ? It’s full free. You can play as long as you want… Really chill place, close to the “LOTUS Stage”, the alternative stage down there… What ?! I’m settling down… I got bored down there ! This the wheel of joy… …it shows the transformation of the three main frights, ignorance, desire and tantrum… …turning into pure body, pure truth and pure spirit… And instead of turning to create feelings, the wheel turns to create joy and love… – You can remove you arm for now… It seems to me that it bothers you this way… – Indeed I’ve got cramps… – Do what you feel at first… You can switch your hands as i told you before… I just give you some advices but you have to do it the way you feel it… You can use this one too… See, you moved a bit this way…and that’s a natural posture to feel comfy, but… “I was born in the flames where you forged your iron skin… …and I forged mine from the ember’s songs that set the air in fire…” Oh come oooon ! You mean I’ve forgot to close it ?? Yes…. And don’t forget you’re being filmed 🙂 ! Among all the last editions of Hadra Festival bringing it this year is my biggest pride ! Geranium forever, guys !!! The first geranium ! And i’ll plant it for sure ! If it’s not dead before the end of the festival. I’ll plant it ! All good thanks, welcome !!! Where will the festival be held next year ? I don’t know, it’s a mystery… For sure, we’ll go anyway… Come on, stop filming me ! Hadra was a blast ! Thanks for everything… I hope you’ll manage next year to bring the festival in La Drôme ! In that kind of awesome site, surrounded by mountains ! That’s it ! Lot of laughs, thank you Hadra ! Hadracadabra ! That was great ! It’s full friendly… Welcoming… Really open-minded… Very interesting… I honestly invite everyone, every people who have not attend any festival yet… …to come to this one! It’s really important ! Thanks to you all i’ve spent the most human and wonderful weekend of my life. If anyone remembers marring two zebras on last friday night, please let me know… There were a priestess and a witness, the altar was full illuminated with asian pattern… And there were many guests dancing on the floor… Melted soles, painful feet and knees, tired, 92 hours cantering…This is Hadra ! UN – BELIEVABLE Thanks a lot to the organizers, to the artists…and a special thanks to Mr Gouttenoire !!! Thanks a lot to my 15.000 friends for bringing such a crazy atmosphere this year ! Can we expect the next edition to be held on top of the Mont-Blanc ? No one can stop a trancing people… 🙂 Bye, Trance-en-Vercors…

59 thoughts on “Hadra Trance Festival 2014 (#8) – Official After Movie”

  1. If you want an other point of view, I've made a video too :
    // Pour un autre point de vue : j'ai également réalisé une vidéo :

    Merci pour ce festival, en espérant voir continuer l'aventure ailleurs en 2015 …

  2. Je ne me lasse pas de la regarder cette vidéo !! BRAVO ET MERCI d'avoir illustrer  l'aspect Festivement Humain de ce festival ! Un bol d'amour et de positivité 😉

  3. Gravé au fond de mon coeur une putin d'experience humaine, du son a en jouir, un paysage a rever les yeux ouverts… HADRA FESTIVAL 8 ; Gravé a jamais dans ma tete !

  4. J 'avais lu que Hadra était menacé. Pas si vite j' espère. Je pense que le public n' est pas à son effectif maximum. En ce qui me concerne je suis de Paris intra-muros, 33 ans, et il me faudra encore des années avant que je puisse venir alors que j' en ai eu écho il y a déjà un bon moment et que je n' écoute quasi exclusivement que ça à 99%. Or je ne viens que de m' inscrire à l' instant à la chaîne Youtube. Le peu de budget que j' ai pour la trance va en priorité dans les albums, car dix ans après j' ai toujours les disques, wav et mp3, alors que les festivals et clubs oui c' est agréable sur le coup mais on n' en profite qu' une fois.

  5. Cela n' a rien à voir… Mais ! : Pour que la trance reste toujours vivante, conseillons dès à présent ce livre qui donne des conseils de créativité en musique électronique :

    J' espère que cela aidera à créer des vocations. Soyons en concurrence pour le meilleur ! 🙂

  6. many festivals in France, canceled!! what a pity!! andI like hippies but real ones don't exist anymore!! few! namasté!!

  7. @Hadra-Official Les amis je vient d'apercevoir une erreur dans la description, c'est pas I'm the one who knocks d'Oddwave mais Around Us 😉

  8. whats this monster at 8:00? epic bad trip… want the name of track guys plz respond, psysex but what song?

  9. TOP NOTCH ~ I'm off to this festie next time it's promoted…… Looks like there is everything you would need, is there…. See you lot there…… OR BE SQUARE………… Xxx Peace~Love&Hugs…… Marc Dee'~ Xxx

  10. ΔΕΝ θα γίνετε ΠΟΤΕ' άνθρωποι …. Εμείς οι Έλληνες προσπαθήσαμε να σας κατεβάσουμε από τα δέντρα! Αλλά εσείς παραμένετε Βάρβαροι.
    Υ.Γ Όσο είναι καιρός! Φύγετε από αυτήν την πλάνη του αιώνιου εχθρού της Ανθρωπότητας, Διαβόλου.

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