Hairstyle for saree Indian festival

Hello everybody, welcome to Veena’s Beauty
Tips. I m Veena and today I will show you my Onam festival hairstyle. This is how I
m going to get ready for Onam festival. This is the saree I m wearing. This saree has some
work and some work on the back some hand work actually. So I will not be putting my hair
because the work will get stuck on my hair and my hair will get heavy tangles. I have
experience in the past. so I m going to do an updo. So lets get started. So I have taken
out all my tangles and m straight away going to show this hairstyle. It would be really
nice if I had made a 3 braided or 4 braided or a fish tail braid, but because of the work
on the back, I m going to straight away do an updo. I will seperate my bangs and this is a mogra flower garland which i m wearing
on my hair like so. And I m going to tuck it inside well and nice. So this is the quick
finished look. A very Indian festival hairstyle. The saree is very nice and very soft. Ok so
this is the Indian festival hairstyle and this is how it should look like. This is one
hairstyle. The other hairstyle that will go very well with the saree. Let me take out
this nice smelling mogra flower and very simple. Just have to seprate the bangs from here,
take a section of the hair from here in the crown area and puff it up a little and secure it with
a hairclip. A slight puff, not much because this is a traditional hairstyle. And I m going
to take the other hair front. Leave some space and do a three braided hair. Secure it with
a rubberband. What is Indian festival with out flowers? I m going to wear lot of flowers
on my hair. I have some long flowers here. I have this long flower.I m going to divide
it into 2 section and also I m going to put some more flowers. So this is a beautiful
bunch of flower. I just place it here and put it on my hair like so. With a bobby pin,
I m going to place it here and secure it well. Some more of flowers. Thank is how it should
look like. So this is the finished look. Ok I m going to use my first festival for my
Onam festival but I thought of showing it to you. Manly it is about flowers, fragrance.
There is lot of food and everything wonderful and happiness around. We friends I hope you
have a wonderful Onam festival. Please if you have any queries.. This was actually a
requested video. Somebody wanted a hairstyle in a saree so I thought of making this hairstyle.
This is a requested video. I hope I answered your query and created video as per request.
If you have anymore request, please do post it in the comment box below and I will try
to answer all your queries and make videos of your suggestion. Well friends, thank you
so much for watching Veena’s Beauty Tips. You have a wonderful day

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