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Hokkaido Street Food under ¥3,000 | Hokkaido Festival

Hokkaido Street Food under ¥3,000 | Hokkaido Festival

What’s up guys! This is King-chan and An-chan! We’re Yummy Japan! We’re back, we wanted to thank you for all of your comments and feedback. I definitely see we have some big shoes to fill! …or should I say beards?! Do you think mine can even connect?! I don’t know! Guess we’re going to have to see. Today we actually saved a plane ticket because Hokkaido came to us. We’re in Harajuku where we’re going to the Hokkaido Fair. Hokkaido actually means the road to the northern sea but the fair is actually called the Hokkai-SHOKU-do so let’s go ahead and see what we have to eat on these Japanese streets. LET’S GOOOO! Let’s do it! So today we’re tasting Hokkaido Foods with a TWIST! we only have 3000 yen to spend each! Let’s see who get’s more bang for their buck! Because the winner get’s a special prize at the end.
Let’s do it! So this is LAMB STEAK! It’s 600 yen so let’s give it a try. Oh my gosh, it’s super tender! That’s good steak! Ranking from 1 to 10… I give this a 7.8 An-chan, you went with the steak so I’m going to go with the sausage! Let’s do it! Yeah, let’s see what this is talking about! This is lamb sausage, let’s see how it eats! Alright, I like that! 8! I’d give it an 8. Juicy! Very juicy, tender, definitely flavorful! I like this! I’m thinking about this fried asparagus… never in my life have I seen something like this! Alright you guys, here I have a kari kari cheese stick! I picked bacon and asparagus! So, I’ll try this out for you guys. For topping sauce I’ve got a little honey on it. Let’s try it out… Mmm, pretty good! Being a little harsh, I give it a 6.5 So I’m going to try some of this crab look at it, oh my gosh! WHOA! It’s 1,000 yen! It’s such a handful to eat crab. Got me some delectable crab let’s give it a taste! I’m very… disappointed…it’s kind of dry… I give it a ….5 ??? But if we put some butter on it, we can make something happen! Right now I’m at 1,500 yen I’m at 1,300 yen and ahead right now I think I’m going to get a bit exquisite now. Let’s see what I’m about to get next! OH MY GOODNESS, what is THAT?! I don’t know if I want that one or melon!? decisions…decisions… I had to wash down that dry crab with this! Melon soda from Hokkaido What is that?! Oh, she want’s us to try! I’m ok! I definitely did want to try that, though! I had to stay away because I did want her food! I might as well get the melon, huh? It’s 1,300?! So Hokkaido is very famous for ICE CREAM! So today I’m going to try cantaloupe… stuffed ice cream is that right?!?! Ice Cream Stuffed Cantaloupe! I ain’t going to lie, I got kind of happy when I got this! So this is cantaloupe vanilla ice cream. This kind of brings back memories because my great-grandmother loved cantaloupe. Taste the ice cream first… Mmm, it tastes like homemade ice cream! It’s sweet but not too sweet. Melon in there… Oh my goodness!!! This combination is CRAZY! The cantaloupe is actually chilled you can tell it’s been in the refrigerator It melts in your mouth with the ice cream! I won’t lie, this gets a 10 out of 10 ! I broke the bank for the dessert, but I think it was worth it. Whoaaa! For me, I’m about to try this strawberry! HEALTHY DelIcIoUs VitAmin C!!! ONLY STRAWBERRYY This thing looks EPIC! Let’s try this out… I tried to cover up my smile on that!!! I LIKE THIS! I’m lost for words! 10 out of 10 hands down! Let me taste it with the shiratama rice balls. The rice balls are pretty sweet! I’m not the biggest fan of the riceballs, but it’s alright! I think I got you beat!!! I got lost for words trying to explain this food So I’m down to my last 400 yen… we’re at a cheese korokke shop As a finale I’ll have this stuffed sweet potato korokke. In Japan its called a SHADOW QUEEN! It’s purple on the inside, so let’s try it out! So here we have a shadow queen! I’m going to break it open for you. See it’s purple? In Japan, sweet potatoes are purple open for you see it is in Japan sweet
potatoes a purple very delicious so so let’s try this out. Oh my goodness! tastes like a fried sweet potato. It’s not too too street, it’s a natural sweet. it’s not too too sweet it’s a natural
sweet pretty good I give this seven point eight I got a mystery pick I don’t
really know what’s inside it came with I got a mystery pack, I don’t really know what’s inside… But An-chan got full on me! Let’s test it out! This is a mashed potato! It’s pretty good! Definitely mashed potato, not sweet though, it’s regular. I give it a 6.5 So I actually got 600 yen left! So let’s see what I’m going to do with my last bit of money! So I got a squid rice Korokke! Still got 350 left, though! Let’s taste it! I’ll rank this…about a 7! So I got 350 yen left… I’ll go with the first 3-anything I see! 320, I dont know what it is… so let’s see! Im scared! eenie, meenie, minie, moe! I’M SCARED!!! I’m terrified! So I’ve got this oyster… Never had it before but here we go! ZERO! Never again! Oh no… some people may like it but I’m not a fan! Chewy…it’s juicy! I got a burst of juices at the end that can proably be tasty to some taste buds but to my tastebuds…its a NO GO. To each is own! Definitely salty… Gooey… As you can see… you thought! Tricked ya! We’re wrapping things up, finishing the challenge. I have 100 yen left I have 30 yen left I think King won, he got more bang for his buck He tasted 4 or 5 things, I tasted 3. He definitely got more bang for his buck. I think I get a prize! Let’s see what it is! What do you have for me?! So this is Uni Miso Ramen! Whoa, for me?! For YOU! Let’s give this a try! That’s good right there! Very tasty! So we’re finishing up with the Hokkaido Festival Had a good day. Ate very good! Definitely found something good to eating these Japanese streets. My favorite food was definitely the dessert! The melon ice cream! My favorite was the dessert, too! But in terms of actually food, definitely that lamb sausage! Make sure you like and subscribe! This is Yummy Japan! I’m An-chan and I’m King-chan! and we found something to eat on these Japanese streets!

14 thoughts on “Hokkaido Street Food under ¥3,000 | Hokkaido Festival”

  1. Omg 😮 delicious street food! My dream destinations would be japan and Korea, the food there looks absolutely amazing 😍🤤

  2. I'd react the same about the oysters, King Chan. Some of Japan's dishes would have to be an acquired taste. There are cooks who can take ingredients you don't like and create food you do like. That is a skill I've observed happens more often in Japan.

    I love crab, but I think I wouldn't like the crab meat if it were dry, even if it was grilled. I like how Japan combines ingredients that we might think is weird or different. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't.

  3. The variety of food there is amazing 👌 my first time to see fried asparagus as a street food too and kudos to the woman who shared her food with you guys.

  4. Thanks for vid guys. Would love to see more. Keep it up guys. I think king Chan needs to his audio to be turned up a bit more, as it is difficult to hear what he says sometimes. Thanks guys.

  5. I don’t know if it’s just me but I have a really hard time watching the new hosts, considering the production, humor, narrative drop off from Charlie and the beard. Maybe it’s because My expectations are high since I go to Japan every year and my wife is Japanese but it would be great to hear better food descriptions beyond “this is tender”. Some of the narrative didn’t even make sense e.g fruit stuffed ice cream? Sweet but not too sweet? Doesn’t really provide insight and def not how the prior hosts described the food. Being an American, I think it’s great that the hosts are now American but I’ll likely unsubscribe if things don’t improve, especially when comparing the new Yummy Japan to the superiors japan YouTube content out there like abroad in japan, only in japan , Paolo etc

  6. Man, I know what you can do for you! You don't need to follow the old format of Victor/Charly. You don't have to rate foods. Just take us on an eating tour. And make it seem like you want to eat, and not that we're forcing you to eat for a YT video. lmao! Are you actually FOODIES or people who'd rather make other content??

    I'm not feeling the challenges/with a twist type vids you do. The first was the trying diff foods with eyefolds. Now it's the budget twist. I want to see people just happy trying different foods!!
    Also fix your relationship with the cam, cause it does get awkward conversing with a camera. Just practice with a mirror or sth. Look at the cam when you speak! I'm all over here at the Philippines feeling your secondhand awkwardness!! It happens rarely, but when it does – man, I don't want them secondhand awkwardness!

    Best moments for me were the desserts!! I love your reactions there!! Cause they're your raw reactions, not the careful, mindful reactions you guys normally do. Just be your natural self!
    The oysters as well! Super funny!!
    Also, love the beats. Solid beats super cool.

    Compared to the first vid, this is better.

  7. I still kinda miss Charly, nothing against you guys, just really loved that guy. But the TLC shirt won me over a lot. XD

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