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Hold On || Philo & Vignette (Carnival Row)

Hold On || Philo & Vignette (Carnival Row)

What’s your name? Rycroft Philostrate My name … I’m Vignette Loving you meant letting you go So do it We were close once, or was any of that real to you? How can you even ask me? Because you left me Philo I waited for you and you left me in the ashes of my homeland for seven years Vingnette!! Philo! I’ll find a way We go together Stay with me We go together Philo I love you I love you I love you Not that she needs me the way I need her I was a liability to you. I was your weakness You were my home Philo You destroyed me You’re like coming home I wish I’d never left you Oh Philo A life with you How did we get so lost? I should have known then really We’re found That she still loves you, you idiot

8 thoughts on “Hold On || Philo & Vignette (Carnival Row)”

  1. Awesome! I loved that! I am so glad that people are vidding them.
    The only reason why I started watching this tv show was Orlando and because it was filmed in my homeland (the rocks and scenery, that's ours and i'm proud of that). Orlando was awesome <3 He can make me cry a lot :D. And the whole series was great 🙂 Cant wait for another season.
    Great job! 🙂

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