HOLI festival in Toronto, CANADA ** Rowdy Ravish **

Are you prepared? Its afternoon now Are you guys ready to play holi? will leave at 12.30, will reach at 1 PM we will also leave, its 45 minutes You know its snowing in Brampton and Toronto? Tell me, when was the last time you played Holi in Snow? Never….. So we are not going to waste this opportunity Today is 31st March and today we are going to play holi in toronto i get this question a lot that you live outside india you would miss india’s festival So today i will take you with us to play holi how is holi played in Canada its different than india you go out on streets play with your neighbours and people on street so in canada its played in temples or there are large events like today we are going to an event its normally not possible on Holi – Day its one or two weeks after holi mainly depends on location and whether Its 0 degrees today so we will play in freezing conditions there is snow cover outside, so its going to be interesting we have never played in snow and Holi is such a festival we never miss it whether we are in India, US or Canada I have found old clothes and I was hoping i will wear white but as the snow is white so i will wear a red jacket we have finally reached woodbine beach the event is right here its a mixture of snow and rain we are in the parking and can already hear the songs i am getting good vibes first time playing holi in snow We did not get the color, but you can buy it here my hand have frozen i think i am going to get a frost bite the temp has fallen to 0 degrees snow has just slowed down a little we have been dancing for 2 hours and yeah i also talked to a lot of people although this is not a political channel but i was just curious that there are so many Indians here so i should talk to them about what they thought about the upcoming elections in india that who will win this was just a fun experiment we really enjoyed the festival event now we are leaving thats it for today the festival is still going on for another hour but we are tired so now we are hungry we are going to eat biryani there is a place in scarborough that has famous biryani but dont know how will we go there with such a face we wont be able to go their washroom i cleaned using a napkin you think your face is clean ? its much better now i will also try i am using this camera as a mirror yeah its working

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