Homemade Gifts for Low FODMAP Friends / Poo Pourri/ Chestnutella/ Low FODMAP Spice Blends and More..

hi I’m Michelle the irritable vegan and
today we’re throwing ourselves into the festive season with a selection of easy
homemade gifts perfect for the vegan low fodmapper in your life from a cheeky
poo pourri to a peppermint pulse oil botanical infusions for gin or tea and
a range of fodmap safe spice blends for foodies and if you’re going it solo and
don’t have any real-life fodmap friends then I encourage you to make time to
create these things as a gift for yourself or leave this video
strategically play in where Santa might see it we’ll start with that public loo
lifesaver poo pourri simply spritz the scented
toilet freshener into the bowl before you go and nobody need ever know this
cheeky gift is perfect for some light-hearted relief in every sense of
the word we’ll also include a travel version that goes wherever you go you’ll
need an attractive bathroom spray bottle preferably not made of plastic and if
you include in a travel version you’ll also need a small purse or pocket sized
atomizer or spray bottle fill the bottle with water leaving room for the spray
mechanism to fit without spilling pour the water into a glass or metal
measuring jug to see the volume of your bottles and calculate your ingredients
for the base I’m using aromatherapy grade rose water if this is unavailable
to you use food grade rose water available from most Asian supermarkets
or even just plain tap water my bottles came to 330mls in total so I use 250mls
of rose water to leave room for the other ingredients you’ll need to use a
ratio of roughly 20% vegetable glycerin to water so I use 50 ml of vegetable
glycerin and I find the most accurate way to measure small liquid quantities
is with a medicine cup or syringe add the glycerin to your water base and don’t
worry that the two don’t mix we’ll take care of that in the next step give it a
good mix anyway before measuring out your witch hazel you’ll need roughly 10%
of your original water ratio which for me was 25mls again measure this out
using a clean medicine cup or syringe add the witch hazel to the mixture and give
it a really good stir you should see after a few seconds that the oily
appearance of the suspended glycerin clears and the
mixture looks like plain water again this is known as magic to some and
science to others now comes the fun part where you get to add in the lovely
scents I chose the seasonal smells of essential oils of sweet orange clove bud and sage these oils work well together to produce a classic Christmas
fragrance but as the spray’s designed to mask the smell of poop trust me when I say
that any fragrance will do to keep things nice and simple I use 10 drops of
each essential oil which is 30 drops in total as my rose water base was already
scented this ratio worked fine if you using plain tap water then feel free to
increase the amount of drops of essential oil up to a maximum of 4 drops
of oil per 10 mil of base solution which is a classic 2% aromatherapy ratio
because this is designed to be sprayed into the toilet before you go
the aroma needs to be effective without being overpowering or suffocating I also
like to make sure that should it come into contact with skin the essential oil
ratio is safe give everything a good mix up and pour the poo pourri
into your bottle and screw the lid on securely if you’re not confident
blending your own essential oils then pre blended oils are readily available
from health shops and aromatherapists at this time of year you should be able
to find some lovely seasonal scents but just make sure that you’re purchasing pure
essential oils from a reputable supplier or brand for the travel version keep the
bottle plain and discreet I added dried sage leaves for effect you could add
dried herbs spices and flowers based on the scents that you choose I only had a
glass dropper bottle available but an atomizer or spray bottle works best to
evenly distribute the oils across the surface of the toilet water for maximum
effectiveness try to find a bottle that can be easily tucked into the pocket of
a purse or bag around a 10 to 30ml size works best present it in a pretty
reusable bag or basket with a note explaining what it is and how to use it
next up staying on the theme of essential oils we’ve got a
refreshing peppermint pulse oil for discretely dabbing onto wrists and
tummies for an instant boost I found this pretty vintage perfume bottle at
my local charity shop but feel free to regift or reuse whatever you have to
hand as before you’ll need to know the internal volume of your bottle before
you start if you’re using the water method you’ll need to thoroughly dry the
inside before adding any oils I’m using sweet almond oil as my base but any pure
carrier oil designed for massage will work for the blend I chose sweet orange
peppermint and lavender essential oils as this is designed for use on the body
you need to stick to a 2% ratio which is a maximum of 4 drops of essential oil
for every 10ml of carrier oil I used a 40ml perfume bottle and added 5 drops
of lavender five drops of peppermint and six drops of sweet orange making a total
of 16 drops for a 2% blend for accuracy I mixed half of the oils together in two
batches in a 20ml measuring cup if any space remains you can top up with a
little extra carrier oil but be careful not to overfill the bottle screw the lid
on securely and pop the bottle in a pretty reusable pouch for a beautiful
homemade gift anyone would be happy to receive if you want to go the extra mile
then you could always wrap the bottle in a reusable handkerchief and this way
they can decide whether to apply the oil direct to the skin or put a drop on the
hankie to use as an inhalant throughout the day
secure the handkerchief around the neck of the bottle by tying a bow with ribbon
or twine I chose to add a sprig of dried lavender hand-picked from my garden and
packaged everything in a pretty reusable paper bag remember to include a note
explaining that the purpose of the oil is to put a dab on each wrist or even
massage into the back and lower abdomen in times of an IBS flare-up this
refreshing but relaxing oil is great for boosting mood relieving pain nausea and
headaches or giving a gentle pick-me-up when inhaled or applied to the body and
now we’re moving on to those foodie gifts
this delicious Chestnutella inspired by the boys at Bosh! is every chocoholics
dream gift this decadent homemade Nutella is vegan and fodmap safe in 1
tablespoon portions and the best you’ve ever tasted we’ll begin by measuring out
the ingredients for the chestnutella you’ll need 180 grams of roasted
chestnuts 200 grams of dark chocolate my favorite is Aldi’s salt choc 100mls of milk I use this Califa cold brew brand for
extra flavour but substitute with regular almond milk if preferred optional maple
syrup according to preference and taste and a heaped teaspoon of coconut oil
roast the chestnuts for 10 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius heating them helps
to release the natural oils break the chocolate up into chunks into a heat
safe bowl you can use either the microwave or double boiler method to
gently melt the chocolate add in 1 heaped teaspoon of coconut oil to the
chocolate is not essential but does help it to stay smooth and glossy I melted
mine in 1 minute increments in the microwave check in after each minute
this is the result after 1 minute and this is the result after 2 I opted to
stir through the remaining chunks of chocolate until smooth and melted rather
than overheating after 10 minutes remove the chestnuts from the oven and blitz in
a food processor and this is where you have to go freestyle because depending
on the power of blender this step takes anywhere from 5 to 25 minutes mine took
closer to the latter I added one tablespoon of maple syrup one tablespoon
of toasted sesame oil and several tablespoons of warm water one at a time
to encourage my chestnuts to blend trust me it will happen eventually
but you’re looking for the mix to turn from crumbs to a rough dough and then
finally into butter if you’re in the high-speed blender club you may not need
to add any extra liquid so just give it as much patience as you can before
starting to add any in mine took almost 25 minutes of stop start
scrape and splashes of liquid to achieve a smooth
butter when it’s done the mixture should resemble a smooth peanut butter now it’s
time to add in the chocolate if you suspect it’s gonna take a while to get
to the butter stage then hold off melting your chocolate until you’re
ready to mix it all together adding your plant milk of choice and blend
everything together until well mixed at this stage depending on the chocolate
that you used you can add more maple syrup for sweetness or a pinch of salt
to flavour it to your liking and blend again spoon the Nutella into a
sterilized recycled glass jar I believe this one is an old olive jar I decorated
the lid with some regifted gift tags and ribbon cut from old Christmas cards
this recipe makes 400 grams and is FODMAPs safe that 30 grams or 1 heaped
tablespoon serving due to the lack of preservatives I recommend that you
advise storing this for up to two weeks in the fridge
this means it’s probably best to split into two gifts of 200 grams each unless
you know that you’re giving it to a true chocoholic the great news is that it
freezes really well and can be used straight from the freezer in smoothies
it’s also delicious in porridge on toast or if your feral like me straight out
of the jar with a spoon make this as close as possible to gifting day include
a tag with a use by date recipe suggestion and storage advice all
wrapped up in recycled paper and you’re ready to go next up is a two-for-one
idea that can be used to flavour a favourite tipple or as a base for a
winter spice to tea I’m regifting these old spice tins and filling them with
winter spices perfect for a gin connoisseur but for a fraction of the
price of the branded versions you can fill several tins with mix-and-match
spices and the options are endless I went with classic juniper berries and
added other seasonal options such as star anise coriander seed and cardamom
pods you can base yours on your availability budget and the flavour
preferences of the recipient any gin lover would be thrilled to receive these and
the benefit of keeping the spices separate is that not only can they be
blended to taste but they can also be used in everyday cooking making this
gift even better value for money to keep the cost down bear in mind the sizes of
the tins that you choose and the cost of filling each tin finally pop in a card
or label the tins individually explaining what they each are and that
one teaspoon of spice can be infused for a few minutes in a measure of gin before
straining alternatively you can make one tin of mix botanicals per gift which is
a cheaper easier method but no less lovely I don’t have a set recipe for
this but I blended 2 tablespoons of juniper berries 1 tablespoon of
coriander seeds 1 tablespoon of cardamom pods 1 teaspoon of cloves several sticks
of dried lemongrass several pieces of a cinnamon stick and 3 star anise pods
to make it more of a gift I included a pretty measuring spoon a recycled bottle
for infusing the gin and a handwritten note card this mixed spice tin is equally
giftworthy to a teetotaler when mixed with black tea leaves to a pretty mug cup
and saucer or teapot add the mixed botanicals with black tea or these
pretty tea bombs I also included a pretty teaspoon and a tea infuser
reusable muslin teabags or a nut milk bag would also make a lovely addition
package everything together and remember to include some handwritten recipe
cards describing your favourite recipe for spiced chai latte and finally every
fodmap foodies dream gift a selection of classic onion and garlic free spice
blends for cooking up a fodmap feast let’s start with a classic medium curry
powder I prefer to use freshly ground coriander seed but pre-packed ground
coriander works too add 1 tablespoon to a spice jar along with 1 tablespoon of
ground cumin 1 teaspoon of ground turmeric 1 teaspoon of garam masala 1/2 a teaspoon of asafoetida 1/2 a teasespoon of dried ginger 1/2 a teaspoon of
ground chili and 1/2 a teaspoon of cinnamon if that doesn’t fill your jar
you may need to add increasing quantities of each whilst keeping the
overall ratios the same or use your favourite curry blend recipe instead and
as pretty as it looks layered in the jar it will need shaking up before use to
combine the powders to bulk out the gift you can add a jar of whole or crushed
dried chili peppers and some simple flavoured salt I combined coarse sea salt
with sprigs of rosemary using tweezers to aesthetically arrange the rosemary in
the jar but if you don’t have the time or the budget to blend your own then
sourcing an affordable fodmap safe curry powder and repackaging it into a lovely
gift will be just as well-received and if the curry powder you found doesn’t
include it already then I’d always be inclined to add in asafoetida to replace
that onion and garlic aroma and if you want to go all out then packaging your
spices in balti dishes wrapped up in a sari scarf or fabric and a copy of your
favourite low fodmap curry recipe would take this personalized gift to the next
level and if curry is not your thing then how about a smokey spiced blend
perfect for Mexican style dishes begin with 1 tbsp of mixed dried herbs 1
tablespoon of freshly cracked black pepper 1 tbsp of ground cumin 1
tablespoon of smoked paprika 1/2 a tablespoon of smoked salt 1/2 a
teaspoon of ground ginger and 1/2 a teaspoon of cayenne pepper shake it
really well to blend and you could add in an optional 1/2 a teaspoon of dried
chili flakes if spice is not a trigger I packaged this one together with the
flavoured salt and chilli flakes in a mini cast-iron skillet this is another
fabulous foodie gift that could be packaged and personalized to suit
whoever you have in mind to receive it as always handwritten recipes and cards
finish this off perfectly and finally a mocha spice that can be
used in everything from lattes to chilli non carne in a pestle and mortar grind
together 2 tablespoons of brown sugar with 2 tablespoons of ground coffee
decaf if preferred keep going until a fine powder is created it took me less
than five minutes to get it to this stage add in 2 tablespoons of raw
cacao powder 1 tablespoon of mixed spice a small pinch of salt which I didn’t
measure and 1/2 a teaspoon of cayenne pepper
mix everything together really well until fully combined pop it into a
pretty recycled jar and in a previous life this was a chutney jar I bought at a
vegan food festival place it inside a cup and saucer with directions to add 2
teaspoons to hot plant milk or 1 tablespoon to add sweetness and depth to
a chilli and if you don’t have the budget for the extra bits and pieces then you
could simply make a selection of spice blends one of each of these is my
suggestion and gift them together as a set to a very lucky cook I really hope
this gift guide has inspired you to get your creativity going and think outside
the box when it comes to thoughtful personalized gifts for your loved ones this
year virtually every element of these gifts
was made from things I already had on hand such as the herbs spices and
essential oils things I had purchased in charity shops such as the perfume
bottles repurposed spice tins and jars and recycled paper and cards saved from
Christmases past I wanted to show you that you really don’t need to spend a
fortune this Christmas and you can honour your own low waste sustainable vegan
principles whilst also creating something unique and tailored to the
needs of the individual receiving these lovely gifts showing your respect
support and understanding of someone’s dietary needs or choices at this time
of year is probably one of the greatest gifts you could give and please remember
if you don’t have anyone to gift these lovely creations to other than yourself
then set aside some time to do just that or point your loved ones in the
direction of this video and of course I couldn’t create a vegan low fodmap gift
guide without mentioning Got Guts Feast Without FODMAPs which is the ultimate
gift to give your gut this year as always you’ll find the links to that in the
description box below I wish you all a very merry giftmas and a joyful flare-up
free time for the season to come I’ll speak to you soon byeee [Festive Music] We’re getting to that
time of year again where family feasts parties social events and holidays are
rapidly approaching this year give your gut the gift it deserves with Got Guts
Feast Without FODMAPs it’s your one-stop autumn and winter survival guide for all
things vegan low fodmap from delicious recipes and menu planning to seasonal
stacking and tips and tricks from fellow IBS sufferers feast without FODMAPs
really does include everything you might need to see you through the best and the
worst of the upcoming season take time out from the shopping and stress to
invest in yourself and make sure that this year you thrive rather than simply
survive for the same price as a couple of spicde lattes you could be on your way
to a flare-up free festive season you’ll find the link to purchase in the
description box below [Fireworks shooting and exploding, fire crackling]

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