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How Christmas is Celebrated in Russia Part 2

How Christmas is Celebrated in Russia Part 2

Привет! In our previous Christmas lesson you’ve
learned about the history of Russian Christmas and today I will tell you more about exactly
how Christmas is celebrated nowadays in Russia. I will also give you a few fun tips on how
to spend Christmas eve. So, from the previous lesson you know that
the tree is not decorated for Christmas in Russia, it’s decorated for New Years. You
also know that instead of Santa Ded Moroz and his granddaughter Snegurochka sneak in
to our homes in the middle of the night on New Year’s eve and leave presents. But I’ll
talk more about the New Year’s celebration later, and today we will talk about Christmas
Eve. Christmas in Russian is Рождество.
Christmas eve in Russian is Рождественский вечер. It’s also known as сочельник or
сочевник. Word сочевник comes from the name of the main dish that is served
on Christmas Eve in Russia. The name of the dish is сочиво or it’s also known
as кутья. Christmas in Russia is a more of a religious
holiday and Russian Orthodox Church advises to prepare for the Christmas celebration by
praying, fasting, and, of course, behaving yourself nicely. Fasting starts 40 days prior to Christmas
and lasts until January 7th. This means that eggs, milk, meat, or any other animal food
should be excluded from the diet until January 7th. Christmas dinner is on January 6th on Christmas
Eve and it starts as soon as the first star in the sky appears. Well, it’s good if the
sky is clear, but what if it’s raining? [sigh and rain] In that case you can start your Christmas
dinner as soon as it gets dark outside. It’s very important to have 12 dishes at
your Christmas dinner as a symbol of 12 apostles. Meat, mill and eggs are still not allowed
on January 6th, alcohol is also not allowed on January 6th, but all of the above mentioned
will be allowed on January 7th. The main dish of the Christmas dinner is кутья
or сочиво. This dish is made out of wheat and it symbolizes hope, peace and happiness. After the Christmas dinner young people go
from home to home, sing колядки and collect treats. Колядки are Christmas carols.
In fact, колядки is a plural form of word колядка. Колядка is one Christmas carol and
several Christmas carols would be колядки. If you love singing you can join crowds of
people and sing your soul away. On Christmas Eve girls like predicting their
future by using very well-known and very old techniques. Today I’ll only share a couple
of my favorites with you, but you can always find more techniques online, or leave a comment
below and I’ll be happy to direct you to the sites where you can find those techniques. If you would like to know your future husband’s
first name, all you need to do is go out at 12am on Christmas Eve and ask the first
guy you meet to introduce himself. [Footsteps in the snow. “Как тебя
зовут?”] His first name will be your future husband’s
first name. If you would like to know the details about
your near future, try this: Melt a wax candle and then quickly pour hot
wax into a bowl with cold water. Now look at the figures that you see in the bowl. If
you see something that is shaped like a house this could mean that maybe you will buy a
house in the near future or maybe you’ll get married sometime soon. If you see something that is shaped like a
bag this could mean a bag of money or a bag of happiness. You can try this just for fun, you don’t
have to necessary believe this or you can believe this, if you like. I would suggest
that you try to find more information about what other figures can mean because you might
see something else. I hope you see only good things and only good things will come to you. Whatever you do on Russian Christmas, just be happy
and nice – this is what the celebration is all about! This is all for today, next week I’ll tell
you more about the Russian New Year’s celebration. Below this video you’ll find a few links to other lessons, where you can learn Russian
Christmas words and learn about the Russian Christmas and New Year celebration. I’ll see you soon! Счастливого Рождества! Poka-poka!

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