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How Much It Actually Costs To Win EVERY Carnival Game

How Much It Actually Costs To Win EVERY Carnival Game

42 thoughts on “How Much It Actually Costs To Win EVERY Carnival Game”

  1. Hey that’s me and and my daughter, Riley at the end 🙂 Honestly I would’ve expected it to be more than $103 so you guys did good! Why does that plate breaking game look so satisfying?! Haha

  2. Aaaah. Memories of emptying piggy bank for carnival. Who cared how much!!! It was just so much fun. Rarely won anything more than a goldfish. Spent $25 to get all it needed. Next morning it was in garbage disposal. Didn’t know they jumped out of bowl. Oh well. How are you ever going to make most of the states by holidays? Ya having way too much fun!!!! Am lovin’ your adventures so much.

  3. Hello guys !! I wish you could come to alabama !! I live in hartselle about 30 miles from Decatur or Huntsville. I would love sooooo much to meet y'all !!!! Y'all are amazing !!

  4. Nebraska! You should've come up for the Minnesota State Fair! Best Fair in the Land. Great channel, definitely an inspiration for us. Would love for you to check it out for support/feedback!

  5. I live in Nebraska but clear on the other side of the state…I've never been to or even heard of this fair. Kinda crazy! I also feel like a Husker game would beat it out attendance wise but really I have no idea.

  6. Yeah! Nebraska is my home state! I grew up in Fremont. (Now in Ogden, Utah) If you make it there you need to stop at Zesto if they are still open and have a Zesto malt for me! I haven't had one in like 14 years!😟 Biggest draw in Nebraska is a NEBRASKA CORNHUSKER🌽🏈football game!❤ Go BIG RED! ❤Nebraska

  7. Wish you would of explored Nebraska a little more it has some great State Parks throughout the state with lots to see & do.

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