22 thoughts on “How to Celebrate the Winter Solstice”

  1. @aCardboardTube
    1. I like winter.
    2. Learn how to use punctuation.
    3. Gay is not a synonym for stupid.

    Yeah, I think that's everything.

  2. @Brian567899 Well, I do eat a little bit of meat. Not too much, though. The only reason why is because of all of those gross pictures, and that haunted house…. (Long story)

  3. Oh I'm sure mid winter was chosen by some Pagan group, other than that I really don't care why it was chosen. Nope you don't get to choose precedent made by ancestors eons in the past. You either go along with the decision, or you stay home.

  4. Good question! Being a part of nature ourselves, we can celebrate what we go through together with the earth through the cycles of the seasons. During the Winter solstice we can celebrate the returning daylight and feel ourselves slowly start emerging from the introversion of winter darkness in which we can rest and get in touch with our inner selves in order to digest our growth and development over the summer. There will not be enough room for me to explain here. Look it! This vid is terrible.

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