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How To Do Festival Makeup In Just 5 Minutes | Ready in 5 Challenge

How To Do Festival Makeup In Just 5 Minutes | Ready in 5 Challenge

-Hey guys! We’re back with
another episode of Ready in
Five, and I am so pumped to
bring you today’s look! You’ve got your crop top,
you’ve got your jean shorts, but today I’m bringing you a
festival makeup and hair look in under five minutes. Let’s get
going. So, we’re gonna get started
with prepping our skin with what everyone should prep their
skin with: sunscreen! So we are using
CeraVe’s Hydrating Sunscreen. It’s a mineral sunscreen.
Blend it all in. Blend it into your neck, your
chest, do it all. There is no room for lobsters at
music festivals. You do not want a full coverage
foundation melting off your face. Nobody wants to be like, Like, that’s not cute. That’s
why for this step we’re gonna use BareMinerals Complexion
Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream. They give you enough
coverage to even out your skin tone, but they are super
lightweight, so they don’t feel like they’re absolutely melting
off your face in the sun. We have one more step for the
face, and once you see it– it’s absolutely peak festival.
Duo Adhesive lash glue from MAC
Cosmetics. Dab this on the bridge of our
nose and on our cheeks. Now it’s time for the fun part. We’re gonna be taking MAC
Cosmetics Glitter in Silver
Stars. And just apply it directly on
your face. Am I shiny enough yet? I feel
like you can see me from space. The theme of this episode is
why not. Why not put a bunch of
glitter all over your face? For the first step on our eyes,
we’re gonna be taking NYX Professional Makeup Glitter
Goals Cream Pro Palette. So you’re gonna take your finger
and just rub it in the shadow and dab it right over your
stars. Can I get a time check? OK,
it’s gonna be fine. We got this. Take the same
color. Dab it over your eyelids. Make it look super glittery. I
have never been more of a glitter alien in my life than I
am right now. Bright colors always are a great
thing to do. Fenty Beauty’s new eyeliner– it’s a lime
green and it’s gorgeous. And drag it out to meet it. Wow, that’s bright!
I really don’t even know who I
am anymore. Who is she? The drama is so real, you guys. We’re at the last step on the
eyes. I promise, we’re almost there. We’re gonna be using
Milk Makeup’s KUSH Waterproof mascara. A makeup look is
nothing without mascara. Nothing! We are almost there. First,
before we move on, can I get a time check? Oh my god, OK, we
gotta do this fast, you guys! We’re gonna be doing our lips
and it’s gonna be really, really cute because we are using
Huda Beauty’s Metallic Lipstick. I don’t know if any other
alien could shine as bright as we are about to right now. So
literally, just cake this on your lips. Expert lipstick
requires expert precision. When it comes to a
festival look, braids are an
absolute staple. So we’re gonna do a little fun
take on this and make a braided crown by putting these above our
head. All you need are four bobby pins to keep that in
place. You guys! We genuinely did that
in just five minutes. Can you believe it? You should
be proud of yourself. When it comes to bold makeup,
you literally just have to go for it. Don’t be afraid. Just
do it. So I actually gotta go right now
because the spaceship is coming to beam me to another
festival so, gotta blast. Thank you so much for watching.
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