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How to Dress Like a GYARU (ギャル)

How to Dress Like a GYARU (ギャル)

What’s up guys? Today, we are talking about Gyaru fashion. This is one of the sexiest fashion movements to ever come out of Japan, and it’s one of my personal favorites. Gyaru is a Japanese way of saying the English word gal, which is an English way of saying the English word girl. Gyaru fashion originated in the 1990s when girls who went to
some of the top private schools in Tokyo wanted to be a little bit more rebellious and focus more on partying,
shopping and having a good time. Then trying to blend into traditional Japanese society. Some of the key pieces of the early Gyaru movement are the Japanese schoolgirl uniform with the super high, hiked up skirt here and these nice bunched up schoolgirl socks. Also very common to see this heavily bleached blonde hair and very extreme makeup. Don’t forget super cute accessories like these phone charms here
and this giant bear that this girl is holding on the train. Anything fuzzy or cute is a great accessory for Gyaru style. Over the years, Gyaru has given birth to many many different subgenres of the fashion and it has evolved over the past few decades. Meaning it has a lot of depth. Some of the various Gyaru subcultures include the super tan ganguro,
the schoolgirl inspired kogal Gyaru, rocker Gyaru, hime Gyaru and Gyaru mama, who continue to live the Gyaru lifestyle after having children. The essential pieces for Gyaru style are going to depend on what kind of sub-genre of Gyaru you’re going for. If you’re going for the old-school kogal Gyaru or schoolgirl Gyaru look, then you’re gonna be doing this super high miniskirt and these bunched up socks along with some classic loafers here. Generally anything form-fitting or super sexy like these fishnet stockings and high heels are gonna be great pieces for your Gyaru wardrobe. These fuzzy leg warmer things you can see in the middle photo,
I don’t know really what these are useful for, but they certainly look awesome. And skinned and heavily bleached hair are key parts of the Gyaru aesthetic.
Generally the taller the hair, the better. And of course, make sure you’re picking up one of these old-school
flip phones for that early 2000s Gyaru vibe. Nail art is essential to the Gyaru image. You either want to go super cute or super crazy and generally the bigger the better. Remember Gyaru is all about expressing yourself and being unique. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and try some crazy stuff with your outfits. These images are a great example of how wild it can get and like I said before, the crazier the better. If you want to cop some of that Gyaru clothing, then Shibuya109 is gonna be your Mecca. This is a shopping mall in the heart of Tokyo that houses some of the most famous Gyaru brands including Egoist, LizLisa, Mars, AnkRouge, Envym and Cecil McBee. If you’re not living in or visiting Japan then I feel very sorry for you. But you can still shop online, because most of these Gyaru brands have websites and many of them are even in English. You can import that Gyaru wardrobe abroad. Of course, it’s not just about the clothes with Gyaru fashion. You’re also gonna need some sick makeup skills to pull off that authentic Gyaru look. Gyaru makeup focuses on enlarging the eyes via colored contact lenses and some sick eyeliner and eye lash work. If you find doing heavy makeup like this, too tedious or time-consuming, then you may want to rethink your foray into the Gyaru fashion movement. It’s not just about dressing well and looking hot, you also have to live and breathe the Gyaru ethos. Start by following Egg Magazine’s official instagram account,
so you can stay on top of all the latest Gyaru trends and evolutions. You’ll also want to start going to photo booths or Purikura as they’re called in Japan, so you can get some super cute photos with all the best filters and stamps. It’s also very important to do cute stuff like this and dance pata pata. For the dudes watching this video looking to find that 1:1 Gyaru wife, you’re gonna want to go to this area in Shibuya. Specifically you’re gonna want to stand right here in front of 109
and wait for your Gyaru princess to find you. But be forewarned, Gyaru do not speak English
and they probably don’t have much interest in learning it. So you’ve got to get those Japanese skills up to par. Once you find the Gyaru of your dreams, you can get married and hopefully turn her into Gyaru mama. That’s all for today guys. I hope you learned something about the wonderful subculture that is Gyaru. Whether you’re a girl looking to venture into this style of fashion
or a guy who just wants to know where to meet Gyaru in Tokyo. I hope you got a lot out of this. See you guys next time.

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