How to Get a Good Deal on a Carnival Cruise – 3 “Profitable” Tips

How to Get a Good Deal on a Carnival Cruise what’s up everybody Larry Porter here
and I’m back once again and in today’s video we’re gonna talk about how to get
a good deal on a Carnival cruise you do not want to miss these three tips I’m
gonna share with you alright we’ll be right back alright guys welcome back so you look at
the take a Carnival cruise and you trying to find some ways and branched on
how to get a good deal on a Carnival cruise well I want to help you
brainstorm today I’m gonna share with you 3 tips doing my research and that I
came up with that I can help you out on How to Get a Good Deal on a Carnival Cruise making the best decision on your
Carnival Cruise so let’s dive straight into these tips tip number one all right
now this is very critical because a lot of the cruise lines especially Carnival
they’d rather give a highly reduced rate to a room rather than it to go empty ok
so this is what I recommend doing do last-minute bookings ok waiting to the
last minute okay a lot of times you get a huge discount because you at the last
minute booking okay so let’s say you Cruise is going out seven-day cruise
going out sometime and maybe September September first you to 7 just like this
for example and you book your cruise on the 5th of September ok
now you’ll get a discount because they got empty rooms on here that they are
very very desperate to feel and they are and they were very very flexible on
offering reduced rates just to have the rooms filled rather than being empty so
last-minute bookings is a one way that you can get a good deal on a Carnival
cruise waiting to the last minute ok now the flip side of this you you may
have to be very flexible ok you may have to be flexible with your time’s your
date or your destinations ok because you think about you wait to the last minute
however if you’re flexible and you’re willing to go through these changes and
be flexible with your with your cruise dates and destinations you can get a
reduced rate because you’ve waited to the last many minutes to to do your
looking ok alright tip number two go in the less popular months this is what I
like to call low seasons ok a lot of the popular months such as June
July maybe April a lot of people have to go on cruising when it’s warm okay and
this is very very popular months however cruise lines know this so the prices are
higher in these months okay if you if you go on a low popular month or a low
season month guess what you’ll get a cheaper rate because it’s not as popular
many people don’t go during these times okay
they do have special special huge discounts during like maybe hurricane
season which is okay if you up to it and if you want to get a huge discount on
the cruise hurricane season might be a How to Get a Good Deal on a Carnival Cruise good thing for you but you know it’s up
to you you know I went in a hurricane season and guess what the song was out
all seven days I haven’t had no issues and we had a huge discount when they
cruise so something use your preference but that’s one thing I want to recommend
for tip to go in the low season the less popular months okay all right all right
tip number three now if you are in the military or have been in the military
you get military discounts okay military discounts has offered to veterans so
this is another option for you to get a good deal on a Carnival cruise military
discounts so make sure you keep this in mind when booking your cruise vacation
now if you got all three of these you’ll save a huge discount on Chrome for
cruise okay so just take these into consideration
when booking your Carnival cruise so let’s do a recap last-minute booking
okay that’s number one last-minute booking number two less
popular months low season okay and tip number three military discount
so if you plow these you’ll get a good good or should I say great deal on the
carnival cruise okay so anyway that’s my time if you like these tips please
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travelling How to Get a Good Deal on a Carnival Cruise

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