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Hi Everyone, welcome back to my Channel! and if you’re new welcome! today I’m going to share with all of you how to prepare for
Carnaval so if you’re interested stay tuned and lets get started alright so most
people want to tell their bodies just for Carnivale so the first thing you
want to do is either workout at home or go to gym get your body toned in the
places that you would like to emphasize the most now the next thing that you’re
going to want to do is find a group of people that you wouldn’t mind going to
carnival with I would pick a group of people that you like over anything else
so you could have the best time possible the next thing is to begin listening to
soca music to get you in that vibe so you can start practicing your dance move
for Carnival and just get update on the latest songs and what you will be
hearing on the road alright the next one is going into view costumes so if you
missed the band launch you can either go into the mass camps and view the
costumes in person which I highly recommend or you can view it online but
nothing beats going in person and seeing their colors in real life and exactly in
its truest form all right the next thing you want to do
is get all your accessories that you’re going to be meeting for Carnival has to
be like face gem or lashes earrings a form holder just for the road so you are
always prepared the next thing is that for your makeup you’re either going to
want to do your makeup yourself or hire my artist following Footwear now you’re
going to want to find Footwear which is either boots heads running shoes that is
most comfortable to you and that would work well with your costume and on the
road most you choose to wear it simple basic footwear for on the road because
number one it’s going to rain snow and shine on carnival day you’re going to
get your Footwear messy next you will have to pay for your costumes now when
you go in make sure either pay and fall or you pay online or you pay installment
next thing you want to do is prepare for where you’re going to stay and this is
for people who are in Canada and want to stay downtown or people from outside of
the country you need to book a month ahead downtown Toronto because when it
comes to Care banner weekend you will not find any books on a week or two
prior Caribana so I recommend that you all book a month ahead and if you want
to use my coupon code use Anisha a 5-4 discount on your bookings with Airbnb
and lasting is going in to pick up your costume but I usually distribute the
costumes a week before and it’s the best doing if you liked this video make sure
you all give me a thumbs up subscribe to my channel and I’ll see you all in my
next video bye but here’s some more videos if you want to watch


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