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Hurricane Harvey DAY 2 | Carnival Cruise Valor | TRAVEL VLOG || 1tsmezeus

Hurricane Harvey DAY 2 | Carnival Cruise Valor | TRAVEL VLOG || 1tsmezeus

Hey guys welcome back to my channel if you’re new to my channel, hi It’s me zeus and don’t forget to subscribe and click the notification bell down below so you can get notified every time I upload Okay, so for today’s video. We are here now in Houston, Texas as you can see in my yesterday vlog there’s some Changes our plans since that there’s a hurricane here in Galveston Which is where the crews will actually depart going to western Caribbean? So our we’re deciding if we will just go to back to Fort worth area where we live it’s because it’s in a way Safer, and it’s not raining there yet at the same time We’re thinking about if you will stay here the hotel. Oh, we will just pay another Hundreds of dollars just to pay every night and by just going home. We will just spend at least twenty dollars, but the problem is we if you’ll come back here tomorrow or The next day which is Monday it might be flooded and it might stuck us somewhere And we’ll just receive an email Which is it says that? it’s We might Depart or we might start cruising again on its either tomorrow night or Monday morning, so for now. It’s actually 50/50 So we don’t know what who will decide but for now. We will just enjoy and we will go to my friend and Let’s just see what’s happen x and I will see you there. Bye guys hey guys, I’m here now in my friend’s house and We’re some deciding here We will stay here till 2 o’clock and just wait for another or further information to Credible to give us and maybe we see ear either. We just go oh or just stay here for one night because as far as having a while ago that my We might board tomorrow Night or Monday morning because that’s what it says there that you’re expecting the the failure occurs that world will go They will actually arrive here this afternoon, so We don’t really know what to do and you know for now. We’ll just hang on for now we were just having a healer in a friend’s house and wait for an answer and Yep, and I think our plan today is just go to Walmart Because I might cook something or later Or it’s either that or we just go to the wall Yeah, I will keep you update and I will see you later. Hi guys hey guys, so um Additional update so what we will do now we will just go back to Fort worth area just because um we just don’t want to waste time being here They said we’re not doing anything especially um Yeah, so as you can see we just eat lunch. We shall we just put it here and Yep, so I will just keep your update and let’s see what will happen and let’s see. What will be the weather? Driving back there, and of course you know it’s gonna be five hours away, so and now it is four o’clock, so let’s see Yeah, I will keep you update and I will see you again Hi, guys, I just want to go back to you and as you all know that we’re going back to Fort worth area and Look what we are facing right now See it’s really really dark loud and really heavy rain So wish us luck to go home safe the Yeah, I will keep you all informed and see you when I get home Hey guys Finally at last we are home as you can see here Yep, I’m home now and thank you so much for watching the entire video And I hope by tomorrow we will get a news or at least progress about going to the cruise Yep Hey guys, it is now September 28th It’s being like two days since yeah the video and Finally yesterday night. We already received consolation Email which is made me a little sad. It’s because If they really know that there’s like Yura cane, or heavy rain. I hope they just cancelled it because I feel sorry for those People that was been waiting day by day and waiting for the answer when we will board or What will be their decision? I mean the kind of decision and Watching now in the news The same time I feel sorry two old people in Houston and Galveston area and those area down there. I hope you guys I keep it all in my prayer and Yeah you I know you all make it and hopefully that the flood and those things happening there will be gone soon, and just always remember that whatever Happened in life. There’s always a rainbow that will with the sunshine and Always stay positive, and that’s what always Roman said You’re beautiful, and you’re one of a kind and smile more and yeah, I guess this is it for now, and if you like this video don’t forget to click like and also comment down below about your thoughts of this situation and Subscribe to my channel because I upload every Monday and Friday and see you on my next video. Bye guys, please stop you

5 thoughts on “Hurricane Harvey DAY 2 | Carnival Cruise Valor | TRAVEL VLOG || 1tsmezeus”

  1. Finally they gave us an aswer! Jeez its very frustrating! Please subscribe to my channel for updates! Thank you so much!!! Pray for houston

  2. I'm glad we where smarter than the cruise line and decided there was no way this cruise was going to happen. If we had stayed we would probably still be there trying to get out.

  3. Great decision to leave Houston and go home. The Cruise line should have known this hurricane and rain was not going to end in a day or 2. Glad you are safe. Prayers to those still in Houston and other areas affected.

  4. I'm a bit behind on info right now. Have they scheduled your cruise yet? We didn't get the rain they predicted for Dallas. I hope you get to go soon. Would be a once in a lifetime vacation for me! Good luck and God Bless!

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