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I Bought a House! House Tour

I Bought a House! House Tour

100 thoughts on “I Bought a House! House Tour”

  1. Hope you got used to living out in the country. If you were able to stick it out and get used to it I'll bet you found that you miss the quiet when you have to spend the night back in the city. Love country living and that is a beautiful House. Congratulations.

  2. If i live there I have couple priorities 1 get a gun 2 destroy the barn 3 seal up the attic 4 get a dog and a gaurd for the basement 5 get a priest to exorcise and bless the house

  3. So he said in a recent video that he’s apartment hunting in Seattle to move there what happened to this house?

  4. Wow that’s a lot of house to maintain for a guy who likes to travel a lot! Good luck with it and hope you fill it with happy energy!

  5. OMG!! I cracked up the whole way thur this video 😂😆😂😆😂 cause I'd be the same exact way, I'm such a chicken lol 😂🤗😀 your so freaking funny Mike 😂

  6. Have you filmed any scary films in your house? Have you had any scary big parties? Have you looked for any ghosts with your family and friends?

  7. Your place has great potential actually. I had a couple of ideas pop out when you showed the barn.

  8. I will say tht the interior is nice..but the exterior of the house needs needs to be done somethings i mean everything outside the house…

  9. I hate homes, and having that anchor or responsibility or liability for it. Even if I were a millionaire many times over, I would still only own one small studio apartment.

  10. Hey Mike! Congrats on the new house! What will you do for an Asin food source? That's the problem I have here in Eugene, and if i move to Coos Bay, it gets even worse.

  11. Said for your benefit, get rid of the dead tree in the front when you can, I know you just got the house. Very bad feng shui (saying because I follow that, not assuming you do) to have dead plants inside the house or a big dead plant on the outside of the house in a prominant position. You will notice the difference in happiness when you fully get rid of it.

  12. 5:32 That's some Coraline s**t, and that movie was creepy as hell!!
    Other than that, the place looks out of a fairy tale ^^

  13. You sure you're not into,real state? That place looked hospitable except that you need to do lots of updating in the house before trying to furnish it. its Dream house to people who like to do gardening , have several pets and outdoor activities.

  14. Well ifnthe house is si creepy why did you buy it, you really do nees a arsenal of weapons just in case Bigfoot comes knocking on your door wanting to borrow a cup of sugar lol 😝😝😝

  15. If you don't have a very tall inexpensive above the house stay on or timed outside light get one. And many as needed exterior lights or flood lights.A shot gun? Shooting practice.It will help scare the wild life away like skunks. My daughter sitting out in a dark backyard came very close to getting sprayed by a skunk. I found her, started smelling skunk fumes and turn the backyard light on, I convinced her to come in quickly, got her in the house, in the nick of time, with that smell getting closer. A lot of candle light night lights are the best handiest favorite things to have on hand to see at all times to help light your way. Keep bear spray did near each door, or some hot sauce water guns. Maybe a couple of tasers two go hand-in-hand with the bear spray. Stay safe now. Your number one fan.

  16. Please.. you moved so fast I couldn't take in your house viewing. What I did see was beautiful so slow down. And stop criticizing it's just too too much

  17. It's too funny to see your reaction on your new house and how creeped out you are about it but thank God you're travelling a lot. you've got a lot of land and once you renovated a little bit it'll be worth it

  18. It looks scary but I love it! Though I will not live there alone lol 😆 I'm excited to design it put some furniture etc. That would look so cool

  19. The upstairs can be used as guestrooms and the open loft space can be used for an office. The barn could be a great spot for a recording studio. Or you can set it up as a guest house

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