I love my goat, but AIDS is dangerous – Grabbenacht Festival Movie 2016| #EventCheck

For the people out there what can they expect from your festival a freaking epic little concert worth to visit even from many miles away good music mainly Death Metal and Grind Well, so far I like it I just had some beef and I realy enjoyed it It is great that there are still such small festivals in this area, supporting the local metal if such things would die and the organization team would stop then there would be no festival here any more it became quite big within the last two years it is a great atmosphere I like that I remember I stood 5 meter away from stage and some random guy just went up and jumped off Take a photo This is a video and no photo tell the people something about my show what is the best of DJ Grind am Pimmel 90th (music) and nobody caught him it was a tile ground the guy jumped and hit it straight I felt the vibrations on the ground then he was unconscious 90th party whoo I saw them dragging the guy out like a corpse the festival looks great people in funny dresses the classic view, guys with long hair and black shirt the people have fun, the weather is great looking forward to our show Two minutes later, he just stood up and was fine a little dazed but fine, he went straight to the bar Grabbenacht just means really dark this might be more commen the origion is the word Nachtgrab This is a dialect in baden for crow a really dark crow So Grabbenacht simply means complete darkness This festival is just made for such people you can be who you are do what you want and to be honest I love this kind of music I listen to Grind Core Death Metal and if I want to party hard I also listen to Blümchen Schloss light I make some advertisement now Netto (Germen supermakted) almost never offers this beer just Schloss export or Schloss Pilz but nobody drinks that This beer is the best it is so rare please Netto, if you see this it is the best sell it more often but the most epic event was last year when rock’n roll records (they had a merch shop last year in the festival) foght Remesis Necords those two had a battle who can do the best Hacken-dance on Dutch Gabba-Music So what is the average visitor number Well 250 300 300 to 400 one time there were 500 poeple great, but for this number you have an amazing line-up Small and great a little insider festival just great people great which bands are you looking for? Definitely Serrabulho I met those guyes last Friday I was on stage Just great they are from Portugal they are really great people CYTOTOXIN I am looking forward to GoblinClit Pestilent Reign Profanity Hackneyed off course Rotten Pope sh** how is the name of this Mexican (they are from Protugal) band? Serrabulho I think our after show party is always legendary many people are looking forward to it and this makes us proud the amazing DJ Grind am Pimmel? Correct I am really curious earlier he just went into my video so we just made an interview a great guy he really likes you well we like him too A good friend and he does his job pretty good He is always a part of our concerts he just has to be there DJ Grind am Pimmel is always there I read your AGBs No. 26 goats are great animals how did you come up with this one? well what shall we say we think goats are great animals I think this question is asked quite often why goats? why are there goats everywhere? To be honest no one from the team can remember how this thing started we just know at some point we said goats are great and now it is our mascot the Gabbenacht mascot do you have a name already? goat I saw so many bands already that totaly got me and this is what I think is important for metal you should have an open mind open for new things this is what metal is all about So what do you think about Grabbenacht? great just great it is the first time we play in this location last year they started using this area and look around it is great a cozy little camping ground beach volleyball a place for BBQs great the size of this location is perfect well this festival is more an underground festival I think for this it is already quite big How do you think about the underground scene in general? well I am ready for everything if someone is writing us cause he is organizing an underground festival and he is scared that only 20-30 people come I do not care, this doesent’t matter important is the felling and the fun As long as everyone here has fun this is good enough it is better to play small clubs where the atmosphere is great than big commercialized festivals where the location is almost epmty and no one parties hard I prefer small shows in croweded clubs with 100 – 200 people Guys support the underground we need more festivals like this the beer is cheap great people great atmosphere come with your friends party the complete weekend enjoy great bands Grind Core Death Metal Death Grind Porn Grind Gore Grind everything you like enjoy it drink one beer too much than one too less just have a great time and fun

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