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hey sammie family we are trying some Indian food today ! we have a lamb biryani. we have a keemi paratha it is chicken fried dough a pocket I’m very excited
about that we have our samosa it came with a bunch of
sauces let’s try this hmm slightly sweet slightly citrusy mango something! green sauce delicious and cilantro flavor Sammiegirl will love that one she loves cilantro. We have a white sauce coconut milk
maybe? don’t know why I came with cucumber on
the top but I’ll enjoy it carrot thank you for this slice of
carrot Bombay spice oh the lamb is so good I feel like I
don’t need a sauce for this the sleeve is also strong and beautiful the lamb is
tender and succulent the rice is like fragrant and citrusy
mmm right right just a little bit of death cilantro a sauce on here is good
though might be better for wellness uh no sir my goes well with some of the
white sauce take a look in time delicate and flaky definitely delicious
I honestly can’t remember the last time I orders your name food I have feel kind
of bad about it there’s mainly about there’s many
because of you know ignorance I didn’t know what to order and you know here in
America everybody just once I’d done butter chicken but I know there’s more
to indian food than that and this even is probably in westernized indian food so i would love to learn more about it
and I’m sure you guys won’t enlighten me in the comments what I’ve tried just
lame biryani is delicious and I mean I did I haven’t tried the paratha yes so
I’ll try some of this brown sauce how delicious it is
Oh crispy this is to die for how much filling they put in there
I truly having sent and this rice is so delicious it’s like lightning little
grains for samosas coming apart so scoot it a little white sauce injection I’m
sorry if I’m not using the sauces in a traditional or culturally appropriate
way from how to flying blind he remembers quite by what I think tastes
right in the moment I shouldn’t be using my left hand though I’m gonna try a little bit of this stuff
cilantro sauce on here trying to save as much as I can of that for Sammy girl I
know it’ll be her favorite do how big these chunks of lamb are that’s a big chuckle mm need some water now shout out to the bomb bay spice
safety give me the free Pepsi with my order which I was not expecting and when
it showed up in the older I’ll say oh no did I get someone else disorder is is
just you know we spent like $50 you don’t did put in a free thought that’s
nice to them I’m gonna save it for tomorrow though because it’s like 6:30
and I don’t wanna drink a Pepsi right now and have that caffeine in me and
keep me up at night put some of this brown sauce over here
get in there mmm that sweetness is nice lip it at the white I’m missing a little
bit there we go mr. Brown I’ll fold it over a little
stir this is your struggle bus not circle bus
in that it’s bad it’s awful hot a really good food I’m really enjoying and really
filling up on we’re almost there
nothing sir race to the finish some people might call me a defensive eater
not exactly Thanks if I don’t eat it faster right now it might not be there
in the future so I better load up oh wow I just say a large volume of food
it’s all delicious it’s so well seasoned X I’m really sure I’d like the most at
home you do it in different ways I mean maybe I was the paratha more than the
samosa as like a side or appetizer but the samosa was also good the samosa was
just a little bit drier the rice the biriyani delicious such interesting
flavors going up in a Western American culture you don’t get exposed to a lot
of Indian flavor combinations and they’re so complex and they’re so
beautiful and so delicious I’ve only made endian view to a couple times but I
admit I was like confused by what I was putting in there like is this really
gonna work it did um well let’s see what the experts can do is just astounding
I’m gonna have to learn some more take me up in the heavens what you guys think
I should try thanks for watching love you fan

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