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International Christmas Celebrations (GAME)

International Christmas Celebrations (GAME)

100 thoughts on “International Christmas Celebrations (GAME)”

  1. Ill bet all the money iv eee seen that link cheated on the goat one with Sweden…he looked straight down at the card for like 5 seconds!!!! Punish him!!! Haha

  2. Hi guys. We like to play along but you reveal the answers right away. Could you hold off for a bit so we can guess too please. Me and my daughter really love watching you guys. Thank you.

  3. Idea for the future iterations of this game:
    In each round, you are both given the option to guess where they are from, before throwing your darts. If you guess correctly, your error is halved. I feel like the added incentive to make a correct guess (and use that to potentially cover any error in throwing a dart) would make the game more interesting without giving one side a distinct advantage.

  4. Next time you do one of these, I think you should deduct 10 cm for guessing the right country… it would be a game changer!

  5. I love these darts episode, but Rhett is eerily WAY too good in guessing the countries. It's either he's too lucky, or too intellligent lol

  6. Suggestion for a link advantage: Cut his distance by half when he gets the country right. For example, if he guesses Ethiopia but he’s off by 20 cm, if the country actually is Ethiopia, give him 10 instead of 20

  7. Rhett is so calm and carefree about these dart games now. He doesn't even seem to care in this video because he's so sure he's going to win no matter what Link does lol

  8. I hope someday to see a training montage of Link practicing his dart throwing and culinary/cultural geography/anthropology and just coming into another game just kicking so much ass

  9. The "horse tradition" thing in the UK is a pagen celebration thing. There are a lot of pagen celebrations that have been incorporated into Christmas celebrations.

  10. Is anyone surprised they’re using the metric system, yet they’re american? It surprises me cause im Canadian and know Americans love their imperial

  11. I am Swedish and I have never heard of that goat-thing.
    We sometimes decorate with straw-goats, but i had no idea about the meaning behind it.
    However I have no idea what bunnies and chickens have to do with easter either and I don´t think many people do..

  12. Why didn't you mention that we erect giant versions of the jul goat and then the public fight every security measure taken by the government to burn that sucker down !!!

  13. there are bars in the UK too pubs are just the local alcohol place where they show sports and whatever on TV whereas bars are usually in the towns and city centers in shopping districts

  14. There not gonna mention the burning of the straw goat that always happens in Sweden in Gävle? They put up a giant straw goat and someone always sneaks in an burn it before Christmas.. so it’s not allowed but somehow it’s a tradition 😂

  15. No context here, but I've been listening to a local old school country music channel in my car (BOB.FM) and they straight up play every old school country song I've ever heard Rhett and Link start and never finish and it makes my day.

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