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“It is a feast of love and sharing.” Message of Naju, Korea

“It is a feast of love and sharing.” Message of Naju, Korea

On April 8, 1993, at about 7:40 a.m., I felt the Blessed Mother’s call
and went to the Chapel where the Blessed Mother
wept Tears through Her statue. The Fragrant Oil continued flowing on Her statue. Particularly on that day, the area around
the statue became brighter, and the Blessed Mother
Who is very beautiful began speaking. the Blessed Mother :
“My extremely beloved children! Today is the day specially for
priests whom I love most. Pray for them. It is a blessed day when My Son
Jesus laid down Himself completely to make a covenant by establishing the
Sacraments of the Holy Eucharist and Holy Order. It was also a day when priests received
the precious task of baptizing you, forgiving your
sins through the Sacrament of Confession, delivering the Gospels to you,
celebrating the Holy Mass and,
renewing the Sacrifice on Mt. Calvary and simultaneously, ministering graces
through the Sacraments instituted by Jesus. Therefore, on this day, when the
bishops bless the oil it then becomes holy oil. What then, is the Last Supper?
It is a feast of love and sharing. In order to give My complete
love which is so high, deep and wide,
together with My Son Jesus, to my beloved Pope,
Cardinals, Bishops, and all priests,
religious and all the children in the world, I am squeezing all of Myself
and giving you Fragrance and Oil. The Fragrance and Oil
that I give to all of you are gifts from God. They represent
My presence, love and friendship for you. If a grain of wheat falls to the
ground and dies, it produces much fruit. But if it does not die,
it remains just a grain. Salvation could come to this world,
only because it was through the painful
Sacrifice of Calvary by My Son Jesus. So speed up your repentance and
become a floral crown of joy for Him. I make a special request to all the priests. By imitating Jesus, the Master,
Who laid down all of Himself, and exemplified
His love to the disciples at the Last Supper, give that same love to all the children
in the world which is becoming sicker and sicker. Do not look to the world, but only to Jesus
Who suffers the agony of death on the Cross. Then, you will become faithful priests. All the children in the world! As John did together with Me
at the time of My Son’s crucifixion, all of you must stand at the foot
of the Cross with all your love, contemplating
on those hours when Jesus offered sacrifices. You must help priests so that
they may bear their heavy crosses well. Do not fear the world,
even if it does not understand or accept
you who try to practice justice. My burning Immaculate Heart will
always be your home and your refuge.” Amen.

25 thoughts on ““It is a feast of love and sharing.” Message of Naju, Korea”

  1. "Salvation came to the world, only because there was the painful Sacrifice of Calvary by my Son Jesus…" Amen. Glory be to God.

  2. The Blessed Mother gave this message through the little soul Julia at about 26 years ago. Especially this words that "If a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it produces much fruit…" was so touched. I try to imitate Jesus as She said by practicing the 5 Spiritualities of Naju. Thank you.

  3. The fragrant oil, a symbol of her love that SHE wants to give Herself totally for all of us.She gives us the fragrant oil   by squeezing Her Whole Body.Thank you, Mother Mary.  Thank you Jesus   for giving us all of YOU. through Eucharist.

    Thank you mama Julia,  for  you are working  as a channel of love of the Lord and the Blessed Mother.May God protect you always, and prolong your life!! Amen!!

  4. Faith comes from what we believe. But I told myself even belief tends to be conditional as in the case of St. Thomas on Christ's Resurrection. So I turn to Scriptures to reinforce my Faith from belief to total acknowledgement even though I have not seen every miracle that happened in Naju. An acknowlegement to me is knowing that Miracles really happen in Naju although I was not there when they manifest through Julia Kim. By the same token, when I meditate on Genesis from Chapter 37 to Chapter 50 about the life of Joseph, it also foretold the life of Our Redeemer given to us in the New Testament Gospels. And today, God is telling us that through the life that Julia lives following  the Five Spiritualities, it tells that it was the same way that His Son lived 2,000 years ago. This is a life of perfection that He wills us to live and emulate before we can proceed to heaven. Please read the Five Spiritualities in conjunction with the Bible to understand the Messages of Naju. And practising it is not an option, at least to me.

  5. Trust in me who will make you stand always in any distress and hurry up to
    spread my messages as saved soul with integrity. Amen~!!!

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