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IU fan KICKED OUT of concert / JUNGKOOK’s accident / ELLIN’s ‘romance’ drama [D-K News]

IU fan KICKED OUT of concert / JUNGKOOK’s accident / ELLIN’s ‘romance’ drama [D-K News]

82 thoughts on “IU fan KICKED OUT of concert / JUNGKOOK’s accident / ELLIN’s ‘romance’ drama [D-K News]”

  1. To be honest in the Arab world if you dye your hair or put make up on and you are a man you are GAY , even tho being gay it's against our religion but in. The religion itself it says you can never harm them or disrespect them in any way possible, just like korea or any other country we have standards that all men and women follow for men they need to look manly and have a beard so yep that's it , im against what happened to D crush and I feel bad for them but I actually livr in Algeria which is not even an Arab country but we are used to be treated as arabs

  2. I know it's no that deep, but I don't like your seating arrangement. Danny is supposed to be on my left and David is suppose to be on my right.

  3. sometimes rejecting a guy directly is really dangerous, and if this guy after being rejected reacted like that, he must have missed all the subtle NO she was throwing at him. That's why i only hock up with ppl who are clear and positive responding to my advances.not playing "difficult", sending mixing signals. if i'm asking someone i want a clear yes. if they need convincing in any way: not, sorry, you aren't mature/sure enough


  5. What the H in life being gay has to do w/talent? It does not diminish if they are, their hard work to reach were they want.

  6. Some men think that they can buy women’s favor, that’s not how relationships work, women don’t owe men anything no matter the money spent on her. You can’t force someone to take your money then get mad when they reject you.

    I’m guessing she was afraid of what he might do if she rejected him. Obviously he ended up doing what she feared probably.

  7. If you accept 50 THOUSAND DOLLARS and GIFTS from someone who is telling you they want a romantic relationship with you FOR THREE YEARS…..YOU ARE A USER OF PEOPLE. Sorry but it's true, you are taking money and gifts from this man! Sorry that he Doxed you but you kinda deserve it, Ellin! I could have called you a "Kept Woman", but I wanted to be nice…

  8. Does any other English speaker still spit out their coffee when they hear the term “BJ”? No? Just me. Ok. I’ll move on.

  9. I see you “Sleep Deprived Sarah” in the end credits. Don’t let them send you assignments in off hours, ok? 😉 Sleep and have fun or you’ll end up bitter like Danny. 😂 ❤️

  10. I’m glad JK and the other person involved are okay, and JK admitted it was his fault for the accident and he apologized and he didn’t talk his way out of because he’s an idol
    I 💜 U JK

  11. he owned up 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
    didn’t get his manager to settle the case on his behalf.

    how many idols can actually say that?
    in the past years, SO many idols have fled the scene and then “turn themselves in” a few hours later with their manager and a cover story.
    some even get their celebrity friends to play it down for them 2pm*nickhun
    one even bribed a police officer to keep a case on the down low ft island*jonghoon

    thank heavens jk didn’t stoop that low! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  12. NO ONE:
    Danny: i can't believe they would drop this $20 on the floor they should of dropped it into our patreon @ that will be linked down below dont forget to like and subscribe


    edit I paused the video too soon to write this comment….. $850k? Even I can't dream for that much. This is a romance scam indeed. wow

    edit 2 Okay okay I'm back to my original statement WHERE ARE THE GUYS WHO ARE JUST WILLING TO GIVE $50,000?!? I WILL GLADLY TAKE A GIFT

  14. Okay, no offense to kpop fans but news flash! Kpop boy groups look gay as fuck! No wonder they weren’t allowed to perform

  15. Too whom would u have talk about marriage to a man? If u r not serious about the topic with him. Like…romantic relationship … oh ellen…

  16. "Why would a woman without any feelings for him give him her private phone number,address & send leg pics in the morning?& say lets live together in 3 years!??"

    "He says he spent $60,000 USD on her"

    ohhh thats why 😪

  17. If I were in Ellin's shoes, even without the threat of a lawsuit, I would want to apologize. It's so tough for both of them… I mean, his feelings must be so hurt, and (if she's being truthful about having had no idea) she must feel sad to lose a customer but more importantly someone whom she considered such a dear friend that she'd want to live together in the future…

    It's really rough all around.

  18. Okay, but sometimes, people with tons and I mean TONS of money just give random acquaintances huge gifts… like, I remember I was hanging out this one time with a group of friends, and this one guy (first time meeting him, but we had mutual friends) was offering to drop tens of thousands of euro on any of us in the group… I let him buy me a Perrier. Other girls & guys hanging out that day walked away with ANYTHING that they had wanted to buy on the champs elysees… we're talking 12 000 euro handbags etc. The dude just had sooooo much money he didn't know what to do with it. There are really people like that :/

  19. You don’t go to prison for being gay or looking gay. I know and have seen many gay couples here. However, Kuwait is a conservative country and i believe that should be understood and respected. You can not show affection in public whether you are straight, gay, bi or wtv. So being gay is not that problem. The situation was held very unprofessionally by the Korean embassy in Kuwait and the minister that was responsible for the cancellation. If he thought that dcrunch were promoting things against the country’s culture, he shouldn’t have not approved of the concert in the first place. But he didn’t and lead to this messed up situation. I’m very sad that dcrunch were mistreated like that, and i hope that they could perform in an actual concert hall in Kuwait in the future.

  20. I think Elle new what she was doing. I think she took advantage of the guy. The guy should have understood what was happening but one of the reasons dating isn't healthy, he was blinded and overly hopeful.
    Jungkook may have been avoiding an illegally parked car, he still should have been extra careful avoiding it. That's probably why he took full responsibility. Stop making excuses for him. You're taking away from how mature the situation is. He messed up, no one was hurt too bad, he made it right and took proper steps and corrected the mistake. Thats props. Proud of him.

  21. About Ellins case. Did they have sex? NO? Then it's a friendship. No matter how much money, gifts, talks a guy can have… he is in the friend zone!! Period. Giving it's up to the person who's willing to give, should not be with the presumsion to Receive!!

  22. JAMES CHARLES EDITS GOT ME DEAD 😂😭😭💀💀💀💀💀💀😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😭😭😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  23. Some guys need to hear this (again):::
    You can give a girl the world. Buy not in anyway are you entitled to her. You do not buy someone.

  24. Does it even matter is he gay or not? The fact that people still care about that stuff and it reflects on performance or career is sick.

  25. “hey do you see those boys over there?”
    “Yea Dcrunch I think?”
    “Yea them, they look pretty gay don’t u think?”
    “Omg your right?”
    *calls staff*
    “Let’s get em.”

  26. Korean netizens are just too overdramatic. Jungkook's case is just not that big deal. And the case already have been settled down. Both Jungkook and the taxi's driver are fine. But Jungkook is being criticized because of the issue. This is just so crazy and I am so pity of him. The mistake that he did is just the same as anyone else. Accidents are something that you can't control even though it is your fault or not. Who care. Come on K-netizens, he is only a human just the same as us. Don't treat him like that. He is not perfect. Just the same as us. Poor my bunny.

  27. Sixty thousand in starbaloons is wrong….Around a million dollars all together including gifts and cash…That guy just was that stupid!!!

  28. Guys having no pimples, no beard and smooth skin
    Others : Are you gay ?
    Them : Hummm so..I can't wash my face anymore ?

  29. Imagine being hit by the douchebag car (aka Mercedes Benz) and being all prepped up and ready to cuss out the driver and then you see Jungkook stepping out of the douchebag car as the driver
    Lmao I couldn't, I would simply vaporize on the spot

  30. omfg im from Kuwait! im so happy u guys talked about this. what kuwait did to those poor boys was absolutely disgusting.

    since i live here let me tell u exactly what happened that day.

    -so not only were d crunch not allowed to perform because they look “too feminine” but also because kuwaiti people are extremely racist.

    -kuwaities are horrendously racist towards minorities especially asians. they literally dont view ppl who aren’t kuwaities as humans. they have this stereotype that “all asian people look feminine and gay & all asians look the same”

    -kuwaiti people trended a hashtag on twitter that said “thank you the minister for kicking the gays out” & it was filled with racist and derogatory comments about the boys and kpop in general.

    -we tried to trend a hashtag demanding the minister to resign & apologize but that was also filled with racist comments from the pressed kuwaities.

    -the next day, on the news the minister came out and said that people are lying and that d crunch preformed and everything was good, like bitch why u lying?

    -d crunch kuwaiti fans tried their best to defend their group but let me tell you the hate was insane..

    -now the question is, why? why kuwaities would do something like dat? hate is such a strong word why would you hate these boys?

    well you would never get a clear answer from any kuwaiti. that was simply racism. the minister is extremely racist as well btw.

    im really embarrassed and i feel so bad for d crunch especially since the fans said one member cried on stage. they are technically still rookies so im sure that traumatized them.

    kuwait is irrelevant but at least now it’s known for being the racist country & i hope no kpop act comes here. nobody deserves to be treated like this.

    and lastly kuwait is a very corrupted country and if they wanna pull the “our islam dont allow us” shit then let me remind y’all they have concerts of arab artists here all the time and even brought tyga once.

  31. I like Ellin to though only as a fan of Crayon pop. This is ridiculous.

    Where is the scam when the person willingly spent money anyway on her. That's not a scam, its on his head. Its his problem.

    Am I understanding this right though that he basically tried to bribe her to fall in love with him or what its kind of confusing.

  32. She should have drawn the line clearly. She took advantage of his stupidity then feigned ignorance of his feelings. Both were wrong

  33. Idk maybe she can be that naive, it reminds me of Hyuna being too obvious(photo of her drinking soju, her calling him when she was in danger etc) to Dawn for 1.6 years and he never noticed she liked him but thought he saw him as a close friend too since she doesnt have that many real friends(she mentioned "i wish he could be a girl", (so she could be closer to him without ppl thinking things) but he thought she meant as bff) ssooo, maybe this girl had the same situation as him.

  34. my question is what's the qualify of looking gay?
    how do you judge people looking gay if they weren't act gay

    my friend look normal until he admits that he is gay, but the looking . what's wrong with people these days??

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