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[IU TV] Tour Concert ‘Palette’ in HongKong

[IU TV] Tour Concert ‘Palette’ in HongKong

Hey (11.24.2017, IU’s concert in Hongkong) I haven’t done this for a long time I don’t even remember when the
last time was When was it? I think it was 2014 If I’m wrong, please let me know As far as I remember, it was 2014 For MAMA… it was actually
in Hongkong, too At that time I went back to my hotel by myself and did self filming like this It was the last time But now I’m self filming
in Hongkong again What a coincidence Hold on, I’ll check the text message Hm I just took a bath I took a lower body bathing
with hot water Now I’m so relaxed I think I’ll fall asleep in a minute But I shouldn’t Because I haven’t done that much
for IU TV today Actually this is why the director
gave me this camera saying “Here, you do it by yourself” This is how it is You guys are used to my face without makeup, aren’t you? Anyway, today I came to Hongkong and had a press conference I met my fans there after a long time It has been about a year I was so happy to see them (IU, 25 / a popular singer) (Hello) (I’m IU) (I missed you so much) I’m here for shopping You came to Hongkong for shopping? Shopping is just a part of my plans I’m going to eat some Dim sum and enjoy my free time Hongkong is the best place
for sightseeing, isn’t it? You look especially pretty today I should look pretty when I go shopping You agree You should wear nicely if you want to
be treated well Shall we go? OK, I’ll see you soon Do I look good? Yes, you do Is that it? Normally you use the words like
‘super’ or ‘the best’ I’ll save some for tomorrow This is enough for today My fans in Hongkong were cheering me and welcoming If made me feel great,
I gained confidence It’s not easy to gain certain confidence in our daily lives My fans in Hongkong gave me confidence It was just great I was so happy I wanted to speak more with them It was a special moment (She had a special stage
only for her fans in Hongkong) I practiced ‘Through the Night’
in Cantonese It was It was very hard Seriously It conveys different emotions
from Korean version It sounds much sadder I was mesmerized by its lyrics It was just so sad and melancholy It gives me totally different feelings When I sing the Korean version, sometimes I even smile with excitement But when I sing in Cantonese, I feel sad and my face expresses sad emotion Korean version is (Korean version) like this It’s like ‘Hmm’ But in Cantonese (Cantonese version) Oops, it was wrong I’ll be honest, I made a mistake What do I do?
Tomorrow is the concert day Well, I think I’ve done quite a lot What do you think? Satisfied? Are you satisfied? Hold on I think the camera just said ‘Yes, that’s enough’ Satisfied? Is this good enough? Wow, it’s late It’s already 23:04 It’s over midnight in Korean time I think I should go to bed I hope I’ve filmed enough I look very natural now but I’ll look different tomorrow I’ll start my day with a rehearsal IU TV Hongkong special I’m sure it’ll be fun It was good to have a self video after a long time It brings back a lot of memories Then I’m going to bed now See you tomorrow See you again in good shape Bye Good night Good morning Last night I slept for around 11 hours I was quite surprised about that I slept for 11 hours I slept very well Normally a day before concert I can’t sleep well because I’m very nervous But I slept very well last night I think it’s a good sign Let me check my throat (Na Nai Nyai Hi) (Brrr) I think my throat is fine My face looks OK considering
it’s morning It doesn’t look that bad Uh, here, by the way I found a pimple here on my face Darn it I think it’s going to be bigger and bigger It hurts It’s going to be bigger I don’t like it I’ll cover here with my hair Like this I’ll cover it up with my hair Now it is as good as before,
isn’t it? OK, then I’ll go with it today (Where are we?) (Today’s venue, Asian World Expo) (IU is busy preparing for the concert) (How is it going to be today?) (Run, IU) (I missed my Hongkong fans) (I’ll be your fan forever) (Do you see me?) (After the rehearsal) (IU got so many presents from her fans) There is a mission for me “There is a question
written on the paper’ “Please answer to the question and
put the paper back to the box” I think they knew that I would
be on IU TV If there was not IU TV, I would read, ask and answer by myself That would be embarrassing Tada It looks complicating (What is she going to get?) (She’s trying to open it) Will you be flustered if there is a
question in Cantonese? I haven’t thought about that (Why is it so hard to open this?) Is there somebody who has a hammer? (Finally) “I like IU not only as a singer,
but also as an ordinary person” (She opened the second box) (It’s not a question, but she likes it) (IU looks very happy) “I’d like to grow old with you” I like that (Where are other questions?) (That was easy) “When you are sad, cry” “When you are happy, laugh hard” But when can I get a question? Is it out of order? (I believe not) “Have a wonderful day” “You have your fans” I hope there is a question Was it a lie? I’ll keep going till I get a question Look, finally I’ve got a question “How much did you miss your fans
in Hongkong?” “ex.1, A lot, 2, Even more than a lot” “3. Awfully” ‘Awfully’ My answer is not here Then what is it? Those examples can’t explain
how I felt Look behind They are mine (She got excited all of sudden) It’s not chosen (knock knock) (Do you want to be in trouble?) There you go I’ve got one Here My squirrel got this for me Please way something Please put this on all day long – No, I won’t
– Why not? – Who wears this nowadays?
– Then why did you choose? Hurry, put this on your pants You should, because you chose (He did it) Anyway, my answer is not here I think it’s inappropriate for public TV I’m not sure but let me say, I missed you enormously (enormously: to a very great degree) Is this a good answer? (What are you doing with the slime?) I think I did a good job Wow, it smells good, too (She’s speaking highly of it) (She got various slimes from her fans) Look (Presents from her fans are endless) “You are so cute” Let me have a look “IU team, you are the best” “Hongkong concert” “Palette” “I love IU” ‘IU team” These are gifts with their best wishes I’m just so touched every time I come to Hongkong (She’s totally touched) What is this? (Sweet chocolate cookies
with fan club’s logo) He’ll taste I should tear up my face (He did it without hesitation) It’s too pretty to eat (crunch) I hate you I hate you, you know? He’s a troublemaker (What is he doing?) (IU opens a new box) “Thank you for visiting again” (They are interested) Let’s see what kind of message it will be Come here and help OK, let’s have a look (IU is figuring out the meaning) How about ‘pretty’? Look, it means ‘pretty’ It is pretty, isn’t it? IU, pretty How about ‘Give it to me again’ ‘Give it to me again’ What should I give it to you? What should I give it to you again? ‘Ma’ ‘Hey, give it to me again’ Hey, you know? You know? I visited spa I went to Tsim Sha Tsui I ate great food,
I visited Tsim Sha Tsui ‘Thanks for giving me it again’ Dear my Hongkong fans,
thanks for the cookies I’ll give you my heart ‘Thanks for giving it to me again’ This is correct IU says : ‘Wow’ ‘Thanks for giving it to me again’ ‘Wow, thanks for giving it to me again’ (She can’t miss selfie time) I look pretty here How many lights are here? Thanks to the light and my makeup artist, Sinae
I look good today Seoyun helped me with hair Hyesun put decorations on my dress IU skipped dinner last night Everybody did a good job Let me put on a cape Today I’m wearing a red cape Wow It sounds very artificial It’s amazing It sounds unnatural You just say nice things You’ll do it Go, IU Go! I’ll do my best (Her concert is started) (Hey, it’s been a long time,
did you miss me?) Hello Thank you so much for coming today Welcome to my ‘Palette’ concert My name is…? IU (IU) IU It’s been a year since I visited
here last So many people are welcoming me I’m so surprised and you make me happy I was not able to hear your
voice because of my headphones Could you shout one more time for me? Ready? Go (Welcome to Hongkong) (Who is today’s guest for the duet song?
Please welcome) (Hongkong’s popular singer songwriter,
Khalil Fong) (He sings in perfect Korean) (Thanks for the nice performance) (“I’ll be your fan forever”) (IU’s fans are making the concert
more enthusiastic) (I came down to see you closer) (Now the concert is nearing the end) (Let me set the tone) (IU looks so elegant) (It was the official end of the concert) (Tonight) (I’ll send a glow of a firefly) (to somewhere near your window) (I hope it’s a good dream) (Fireflies in Hongkong) (See you next time) (IU’s concert was successful
thanks to 5000 Hongkong fans) I have a..oops, camera I have a pen Good job Thank you (She became sad) How was the concert? My fans were perfect, but I was not No, you did a wonderful job I feel bad I could’ve done it better But… But I’ll do my best for my viewers Let’s talk about my fans I was so surprised because they sung the song together It was awesome My fans in Korea might be hurt, but when my Hongkong fans were singing
along, it was unbelievable I still can’t believe it it happened It was just amazing They seemed to know all lyrics I was very nervous when I was singing ‘Through the Night’ in Cantonese But how could they sing the whole song like that? It’s been a while since I visited here They can’t see me very often So I was able to feel that how much they wanted to meet me It was like warm resentment, saying “What took you so long?” So I did my best to sing well I liked especially the love song part
today To be honest, love song part can be boring even in Korean Even though you understand the lyrics It can be boring because of
the slow tempo But Hongkong fans were totally focused
on listening and sung along When I started singing ‘Knees’
they were cheering I got goosebumps, because it had
never happened before I was very touched I was impressed through
the whole concert But why did I become so sad? It was a bit sad concert to me They looked different from Korean fans Korean fans are usually very excited But some of my Hongkong fans were crying in front of the stage There were some moments that
I was deeply moved I should’ve done it better, but I’m really grateful to all my fans here Thank you so much I’ll come back soon to see my fans Thank you My Hongkong fans, thank you (On the next day, the way back home) Now I’m at the airport Where should I go? Is there a country that
you’d like to visit? – How about Da Nang?
– Da Nang? Should I have a concert in Vietnam? – Not for the concert, just for fun
– Just for fun I was at the shop to buy
some snacks One of my Hongkong fans
followed me and said, “IU, I’d like to have some” She was so cute So I apologized It was my fault I should have treated them fairly My bad Share it with your friends (IU treats all her fans fairly) I’ll get something from Korea next time,
sorry I don’t know where I am I’m so tired My manager said that he’d like to
go to Da Nang Is this the plane going to Da Nang? I’ll get off in the middle and have my
own vacation somewhere Say something to your fans who
visited Hongkong ‘I’ visited Say something to your fans in
Hongkong My lovely fans in Hongkong, thank you so much for your support I enjoyed the food last night I always make good memories here I was happy to be here but I feel sorry somehow I’ll put a lot of effort and show you a better performance I’ll be better for sure I was not 100% satisfied this time Thanks, and sorry I’ll come back soon Please stay healthy and be happy IU will come back soon See you next time This plane is going to Cheongju Directly? When do I take a rest? I’m flying to Cheongju directly I’ll warm up here and get myself ready for the next concert See you in Cheonju See you in Cheongju To Cheongju Are you satisfied? Then bring a camera
into focus Satisfied? Why it doesn’t work? Satisfied? Are you satisfied? Satisfied? Well, maybe not Hold on, I got a call Hold on It’s Jehui, a composer I’ll speak to Jehui But now I’m on IU TV IU TV? Your voice is heard on TV – What?
– Your voice is on TV Seriously? Say hello to the viewers You were also a member of my fan club,
weren’t you? Uh, well I’m still your fan – Say hello to my fans
– Hello Who’s calling, please? This is Jehui from Seoul How do you know IU? I was just an ordinary fan of her, but now I work with her because of
my career in music field I was lucky For what songs did you work with her? I arranged ‘My Old Story’ and… I’m Hongkong now I thought you are on TV This is an international call,
is this alright? I didn’t know because there is
no announcement Normally it shows when you make an
international call Yes, but, Jehui, you must have gained royalty recently, right? You can afford this, can’t you? – Uh, yes
– You’ve got a lot? Well, it’s decreasing But it’s still enough Well, they pay me less because I’m young They give me less royalty Haha Please take care of that I’m grateful to him, because he arranged my song ‘My Old Story’ very nicely My Hongkong fans loved it Please say ‘Thank you’ in Cantonese to my fans supporting ‘My Old Story’ Hey, are you making fun of me? Haha You’ve gone too far Be honest with me, you’re not on
the show, are you? No, I’m on TV now – No, you aren’t
– Yes, I am I’m holding the camera It’s not a live show, though There is no editing It’s same as a live show,
your voice is on TV No editing? Yes Wow I didn’t have enough episodes and
I was worried but you called and saved me I’m going to sing ‘Through the Night’
in Cantonese tomorrow Are you? You want to hear? – You want to hear?
– Really? OK, let me sing – OK
– Listen – I’m ready to be touched
– Listen (passionately) How was it? Wow There is Heewon next to me Hey, Heewon Hold on Heewon wrote lyrics or ‘Through the Night’ Hey, Heewon Say hello to my fans Hi, I’m Heewon Jehui and Heewon both are good singers They are wonderful musicians who
can sing very well Please support them Heewon, you got royalty yesterday,
right? Yes, it’s making me happy – Jehui
– Yes? When do you arrive in Hongkong tomorrow? – Pardon?
– When do you arrive tomorrow? Tomorrow? I was searching for a ticket It’s too late I wanted to go to Jeju island,
but I changed my mind Take the earliest plane Then you’ll see my concert Seriously? I’ll let you sit somewhere
on the floor There won’t be any chairs to sit on It’s fine I’ll give you a floor mat Sure, I like it OK, come with Heewon I will Thanks to Jehui and Heewon I’ve got enough episode Please edit and choose
the prettiest shot Make my skin fair and make my eyes bigger and
do my chin slimmer You know what I mean (Please correct asap, IU’s concert in
Hongkong, the end)

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