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Japan in the Winter | The Snow Festival

Japan in the Winter | The Snow Festival

hey guys I am at the Sapporo Snow
Festival today and would you believe that this festival started with so did
you know that Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido has only been inhabited (by modern Japanese people) for about a hundred and fifty years? that that is so new and it comes along with
it some pretty cool advantages and how they do City planning and everything
like that will touch on that a little later for now it is my third day will be
morning of my third day in Hokkaido right now I’m in Sapporo but getting
here was an adventure all of its own let’s see if I can’t summarize it in
about two minutes alright here we go so I was in Milan (Italy) with two shamisen
players and I got an email asking me if I wanted to go to Hokkaido… yes. so
instead of going home I came directly to Hokkaido. Well, not really directly. there
were four flights and five airports involved who’s counting. we landed at night in Asakawa. there was snow. lots of snow the next day we went to a cool design center
the area of Asahikawa itself is known for producing incredible furniture
we have food and we got to visit some of the furniture makers than themselves
and when night time hit we went to the Asahikawa Winter Festival it was brief
it was cold it was beautiful but at night I braved the cold and went out for a
little bit and it was so worth it it’s just around midnight right now it’s
currently about minus 12 degrees (Celcius) so it’s not all that bad but magic is happening
right behind me for the record I kind of wanted to say
it a little bit later and film more for you guys but my camera is starting to
freeze up the lens more than anything but she’s not doing good
this giant truck filled with snow reminds me before I head into the hotel
there’s something I want to show you and that’s these poles right here which let
cars and snowplows and everything know where the edge of the road is they’re
everywhere in areas that don’t have these poles have arrows hanging from
above because the poles wouldn’t be tall enough because they get that much snow
in this area all right that’s all for now I’m really gonna head back into the
hotel look at how white my hair is turned. alright I think from this point
we can slow down a little bit so the next day we headed into an area called
Otaru and we’re pretty much instantly graced with the beauty of snow these little ledges that have created
are to reduce the risk of like I guess not landslides with snow slides down the
side of it like hill or mountain that tells you how much snow they in here
know it’s nor like no no we know this guy we see his videos at Tuesday thank
you guys so much for coming up. Otaru was beautiful I cannot wait
to go back there someday but that pretty much brings us to last night when I
arrived here at this hotel this hotel isnt too bad either Got a mountain view! Look at that that sunset
over the mountains there I feel like this warrents some kind of time-lapse I’m on
my way to the snow festival right now Sapporo itself is just so beautiful right
now look at this before we actually get to the festival a
little bit of context this entire festival actually started with kids. as
the story goes it looks like the goal was to turn the snow into something more
than just a cold bother and so they started this annual tradition of
building snow castles and stuff like that and over the years it gained so
much attention that it became the Sapporo Snow Festival that it is today
something I wanted to tell you guys about right now so interesting fact from
the station all the way to the main park Odori Park is connected by an
underground set of tunnels I never knew that I’ve never been in them and I kind
of want to check them out considering how cold Sapporo gets it
makes sense there’s an underground walkway for like the most popular area
and it also makes sense that it is insanely crowded all the exits seemed clearly numbered
and to be honest with you guys I want to enjoy Sapporo so I’m gonna go back up.
I just kind of wanted to show you guys the area. you’ll notice that Sapporo also
has these poles the station is back there has been like 14 years since I’ve
seen it and the last time didn’t go so well and I’ve actually always wanted to
come back and see this snow festival so I’m literally over-the-top excited I’m
just trying to keep the energy down right now so as much as all I want to do is hang
around and gather two gorgeous b-roll of this snow festival there’s one thing
that I’ve always wanted to do so let’s go this way the very first time I came here by the
time I discovered this place it was too late
this time I got here just in time something special about today I hear
that just during the snow vessel they open up the staircase so we can go down
by this stair coming this far the cold I can deal with it’s the ice on
the stairs that’s kind of freaking me out anyway I don’t think ten minute
montage of me going down the stairs is gonna be the most except the elevators
neat though, I love seeing.. Hi Guys! I’m just gonna hurry down and I’ll see
you guys when I get down there that was totally worth it now I’m really excited
to go check out the Snow Festival itself in the last video where I showed my
footage from sapporo from 14 years ago i believe i described sapporo as being a
different kind of amazing and i think that holds true the only sad thing is
that every single day until today it’s been snowing and it’s not snowing at the
snow festival do you see this behind me it’s like a wish it’s like a wish come
true it started snowing started snowing yeah it got really bad there for a while but
things are seemingly calming down a bit it is a snow festival after all… and I
asked for the snow and as you get down to the end of the park that’s where
they’re working on the smaller statues but just because they’re smaller doesn’t
mean they skimp on detail by any means and my hands may be reaching their limit
ended up buying gloved it seemed like the smart choice Combini Time what a day that was there’s a lot of fun
I never thought that when I publish that video of my first visit the Sapporo
that I would be there two weeks later and finally Sapporo Beer! let’s see if this
is even any good smells like beer…

100 thoughts on “Japan in the Winter | The Snow Festival”

  1. I can barely believe that I made it back!! So happy to bring this to all of you!
    ALSO.. EDIT:
    I should have said, “Hokkaido had only been inhabited by Modern Japanese civilization for 150 years!” Misspoke! A lot of cool stuff happened before that 😊
    Let me know what your favorite part/location was down below! Hanging out for a bit on the release of this one!!

  2. That snow looks incredible amazing .-D and the episodes are getting better and better! I cant await to see another one!

  3. So excited for this! We saw the snow festival last year and it was so great. Couldn't make it back this year. Thanks for bringing the celebration to our screen! Did you head to the brewery?

  4. I know you are from Canada, but where is your hat and scarf? Love the video want to brave the cold and visit the Sapporo snow festival one year.

  5. 1:35 : “It’s currently about -12 degrees, so it’s not all that bad” … 1:56 Actually frozen.😳 😂😂
    Favorite part of the video: The shots you took at the Sapporo snow-festival and when it started snowing, it was just perfect.
    And the mountain view of your hotel room😍

  6. It is so beautiful! I want to put it on my bucket list because I have NEVER seen snow, but as someone living in one of the more tropical parts of Australia I think I may also die of the cold, because if it goes below 25 Celsius BOOM I’m cold. 🤣

  7. Reminds me of living in Michigan ❄️ everything you were talking about is so familiar …. poles, avalanche, frozen hair and all that 😂
    Switzerland has underground tunnels like that …

  8. On my last trip to Japan in 2011, I spent three days at the snow festival, (met Anthony Bourdain!) and then took local coastal trains back down to Tokyo. One of the greatest trips made bittersweet by the sobering fact that a few days after my departure, many of those coastal towns I visited were hit by the tsunami. Thanks for the footage of Sapporo!

  9. How beautiful! I'm saying this place is gorgeous. I really like the way you pieced the video together. OK -minus 12 degrees oh my gosh. I grew up outside of Cleveland in the snow belt. I can testify that is cold. This would be something to see. I have checked on airline prices from Hong-Kong to Japan. So when we get there I'm definitely going to be spending some time in Japan. I probly won't want to leave.

  10. I had to pause and immediately comment about the underground walkways cause they were a LIFESAVER ! If it was too cold out then I’d just go underground

  11. Gaaaaahhhh I’m so jealous it didn’t snow like that when I was up there for the festival ! It’s amazing seeing all 12(?) blocks filled with snow sculptures and food ! Also I’m curious how you liked Otaru ? The glass pieces there are soooo beautiful and that canal at night in winter is so gorgeous !

  12. Great video of the snow festival!! I love Hokkaido!! The snow reminds me of the big flakes that fall around the Southern Ontario Great Lakes area in winter… Oh & lol at the way you ended your video: "Smells like beer" The End… haha! ~<3 Peter onomeisterより

  13. When does it start snowing in Sapporo? Nov / Dec? or sooner/later? I will be in Japan Sep and Oct, and was wondering if besides the Snow festival was is worth going up to Hokkaido if not snowing.

  14. Differences in city planning? Now that’s interesting – it’s kind of my job, actually 😂 What are the differences you perceived? I’ve never been to Hokkaido, so I’m really interested 😁

  15. Nooooorm. This video made me cry. The snow festival was the last "big thing" I did before I had to move away from Japan. Did you get to see Melon Kuma? He was definitely a highlight from our trip. It looks like you had a lot of fun. The snow is magical there.

    I will admit, I've been avoiding your updates recently. I knew that the nostalgia would be difficult for me, and you always are able to communicate the atmosphere of a location with your camera work. This video proved me right about the nostalgia. But I saw you were in Sapporo and I couldn't help myself. I'm glad to see you getting to expand your experiences and look forward to what the year will continue to bring. I hope I can convince myself to watch the previous videos sooner rather than later.

    I hope you are doing well. Have a great day. Thank you for sharing.

  16. Man this really motivates me to visit Sapporo in Nov. Been wanting to see the place for a while because of all the great food up there.

  17. Great to find your channel. Picked you up from Tokyo Creative. Loving your content. You do such genius work with your camera.

  18. That festival looks BEAUTIFUL! even though i hate winter ill have to add this to the list when i go back for round 3! I really do want to explore going up north

  19. TORILLE!

    As a Finn it is pretty mandatory to shout "torille!" whenever Finland is mentioned or otherwise present in any way, shape or form.
    It translates to "to the market square!" ushering all the finns to collect to market square and celebrate the fact that somebody somewhere mentioned us. In other words we're just really glad that we are mentioned.

    And no, nobody actually goes to the market square(except when icehockey is involved), it's more about the mentality😁

    The snow version of the Helsinki Cathedral was built as part of the celebrations around the 100 year anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and Finland.

    And loved the view from the tower. Stunning!❤

  20. Ah so the Star Wars one was the main snow sculpture this year. That’s interesting as Star Wars was the main snow sculpture the year the new Star Wars trilogy started. I went the year that Shingeki no Kyojin was the main sculpture.

  21. They made Helsinki Cathedral out of ice OMG! (8:09–8:11) so cool! And it was so funny when you wished for snow and then got it XD loved this video! <3

  22. Temperatures are -30 degrees and extremely light powder snow when going to Russia direction further north from Asahikawa. It is ideal for skiing. Brown bear is the biggest ferocious northern part of Hokkaido and eats people so please be careful in the mountains.

  23. I don't know why but your videos always make me emotional lol, the way you get excited is so heartwarming, I'm glad you've got your wish granted 💖💕

  24. Beautiful with Snow ❄️ I was in Sapporo and Otaru in September 2018 and enjoyed it very much till the earthquake happened. I had to ride it out for 3 days till i could fly home. Next time i will visit during the Snow Festival 🙌🏻 Thanks for sharing!

  25. Your videos have a very high-quality feel to them and always leaves me wanting to watch more can’t wait to see your next one 😎👍

  26. I was there too! Don’t know how you survived so long without gloves…! I’ve not experienced such low temperatures before. Did you see the Otaru Snow Light Path Festival?

  27. holy crap that was gorgeous! I love snow and winter illuminations anyway but … the festival, the sculptures, the lights and then it started snowing. Just woooow! We are planning our next japan trip end of 2019 and I hope I can convince the boyfriend to have a few days of magical glittery winter holiday wih me <3

  28. OMFG!!!! ALL THAT SNOOOW!!! _ (sorry, caps are intended, it looks sooo coooool!!) i’ve read about the Sapporo festival and maaan, i bet seeing it live is one helluva experience, gotta say that end made me think of Rudolph the Reindeer…i wonder y xP hehehehehehehehe whaaat a trip! 😉

  29. That was great Norm! I'm quite jealous of you right now, I'd love to see that snow festival… ahhh someday… Especially since it's warmer than it is here during the winter haha.

  30. Winter Hokkaido is hell to me☃️🌨❄️☃️
    But The Snow festival is amazing one of best festivals in Japan
    But if you wanna go it’s hard to get ticket everything that season in Hokkaido

  31. well inhabited by mainland Japanese 150 years ago, but there had been Ainu people which are indigenous people of Hokkaido since long ago.

  32. i'm planning a trip to japan for this coming october-december and i'm hoping to fit sapporo into my plans. i really want to see it with a lot of snow. does anyone know at approx. what time the heavy snowfalls start to accumulate?

  33. I went to the Sapporo Snow Festival last year! It was a lot of fun. I also went to Otaru as well, it was also a lot of fun. Except when I stayed in Sapporo it was in a capsule hotel haha.
    It was actually still a really nice hotel.

  34. Beautiful.
    I am glad I live somewhere that doesn't get snow because its annoying on a day to day basis…but visiting places like that for a limited time is magical. I have to go there in the winter some day.

  35. Okay I have to ask, what camera were you using and how did you keep it from getting covered in snow? I have an 80D and if there's even a chance of any kind of bad weather I refuse to take it outside. Please teach me your ways 😭

  36. I loved this video. It made me smile. I have definitely heard of the snow festival. I am intrigued by the designs. I hope I'll get to go someday.

    Plus, I loved the music around the snow festival scenes too.

  37. Starting the video with a cool fact, love it! That snow festival must have been awesome! I wanna see this in person one day 😀 Was so hoping for a timelapse of your hotelroom view, wasnt disappointed. It’s so nice that you got to go back to Sapporo after so many years and went up that tower! The view is stunning ^^

  38. Your videos are incredible!!! I love the music that goes along with your videos too.:) How long have you lived in Japan?

  39. Watching all the videos!! xD
    Omg i can't believe i follow Sharla for so long and never watched your videos… Love your style so much!

  40. Love Hokkaido! Japan so amazing beautiful!!!!! Love Japan from Malaysia!

  41. idk how i missed this video but i just watched it and it was really cool and you seemed like a child at an amusement park haha 😀

  42. I feel like I can't wait for more of something like this.
    Spectacularly spectacular (I don't know if it's valid, but you got the gist i hope)
    This comment is kinda inane but hey that's your doing 😂.

  43. Love the video!
    May I ask what kind of jacket you are wearing and shoes?
    I am going to Japan for my first time ever to see the Sapporo festival and live in an area where it never gets below 60 so I don’t know how to really dress according to winter in Japan.

  44. This video genuinely increased my already severe need to go to Japan. Always been a huge huge fan of snow and snow related activities so this literally makes me so so excited to see a winter in Japan!

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