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Japan Street Food Tour Top 7 at Kamakura Komachi Dori

Japan Street Food Tour Top 7 at Kamakura Komachi Dori

100 thoughts on “Japan Street Food Tour Top 7 at Kamakura Komachi Dori”

  1. LIKE if you want to see more food videos. Comment for next location.
    Download the FREE Kamakura Map –

  2. love the food but. what about the local night life ,
    when i was in japan it seemed hard to find genuine spots.
    what about top 10 video game bars ?!

  3. The first older lady that served you guys was special!!!!! Makes life so much better!!!!!
    Squid one like to have that!!!! 😍

  4. I was there in Japan last November for a month, and your videos helped me a lot. I really wished I could see you both in the streets, but oh well. Missing Japan and I might go for another trip this week. Is weather managable Paolo? Will try what you recommended on this video😂

  5. we were in kamakura last week and we took the daibutsu hike too late in the day, we weren't able to try anything from the video. 😭 guess that's a reason to go back though!

  6. Thank you for the app recommendation Paolo. My friends and I will be visiting Tokyo for the first time on feb 11th and that app will definitely help us out

  7. I looove Kamakura. Tokyo is my favorite city in the world but I'd rather live in Kamakura. It's not far from the energy, hustle, bustle and excitement of Tokyo and I can always retreat back to the beautiful, tranquil, serene Kamakura.

  8. Paolo is great and friendly whereas Maiko has an attitude that does not match with the friendliness of the channel…great videos b

  9. Niku-maki onigiri is a famous food of Miyazaki prefecture.
    It's not with cheese.
    I prefer simple one which is without cheese just like Miko said.
    Simple is the best.

  10. Great video as always Paolo! Would like to see you do a video on Halal food next for your Muslim viewers such as myself if that's possible 😀

  11. Yay, married people video. Congrats Paolo and Maiko! That cheese tart with the rolled up cake around it looks sooo good.

  12. I absolutely appreciate the time you take to write in such detail what most youtubers ignore, so helpful! Thank you!!!

  13. Thank you for the fin and very informative reviews of food, places and culture. We are planning a trip to Japan this year. I look forward to some of the places you mentioned. Can you do a video on the sushi bars that are stupid and touristy conveyor belt and screen ordering?

  14. Okay I was only gonna check out the Tokyo area for my February trip, but I’m thinking I want to go to here for a day trip now.

  15. One day Im coming to Japan, Tokyo to find you Paolo!! You will be my guide. I love your videos. Greetings from New Zealand.

  16. Nice to meet you, I am Japanese, I am delighted to be eating the food of my country in a far away place, I am not as good YouTube bar as you are, but I am also a YouTube bar Please come and visit, I will try my best to become a great YouTube bar like you some day


  17. I swear to the Mcflurry Gods, why do your videos not get millions of likes. Your an awesome person who inspires younger viewers like myself to leave the comfort of my home city to enjoy a new culture. Without your informative videos, I would have been lost in planning my japan holiday for 2020. I'd like to say a massive ty for all your help. TY. Additional note would you mind please making another video on what to do when you arrive at narita airport (your first day in Japan)? Ty have a blessed day ^^

  18. I live in Australia and i’m so in love with Japanese culture, people and food. The people are always smiling and so respectful. I definitely want to travel to Japan when i’m old enough. Just everything about the country make me fall in love. I respect the culture and it’s very different to African culture.

  19. Hi Paolo and Maiko!!:) I’m one of your Italian fan!! I love your videos!! Can you suggest me where to get the best sweet red bean paste bun? I looooove it! It might be delicious everywhere in Japan, but I want to make sure I get the best one XD thank you!!!!!!

  20. Awesome video, we actually went to MIYOSHI 2 years ago and it was completely empty! Everyone was queuing for the French restaurant upstairs, so we've had the whole MIYOSHI to ourselves. 😀

  21. Hey man, awesome work as always! Can you give us some tips about the good and bad periods to visit Tokyo (for example is it convinient to visit Tokyo in September/october 2019 during the rugby world cup?)

  22. PAOLO thank you so much brother, for these wonderful video. You've really helped me put a trip together!!! Gratitude

  23. Hi Paolo! I just subscribed to your channel and loved your vids! It will be our second time in Japan this coming May. Since Japan has so much to offer, and really, preparing the itinerary could be overwhelming. I’m glad I came across your channel which is very informative. Guess i will binge watch your vids and take some notes before we leave. Thank you so much! 🤗

  24. hi paolo ! you didn't know the small shop near the big budda temple they have  the best milky softcream ever very freshly made

  25. Thank you thank you thank you Paolo! I am almost finished with my Japan trip planning and I've been stuck on not just what to do in Kamakura but where to eat. Your video are super helpful contiue doing what you're doing! 😀

  26. Me and my wife are planning to go to Japan next year and your guides are great because we love food

  27. 昔 鎌倉の腰越に住んでて
    お寺は 十一面観音や鎌倉大仏

  28. That app is truly helpful and incredible for people who need help when traveling/living abroad. Sadly I can’t get it because I can’t pay for it.

  29. Me: can i have a tako pleased, with extra cheese
    Japanese waiter: be back with your order
    Japanese waiter: here you go
    Me: 😨 there's a giant squid in my tako shell

  30. Thanks for this great video Paolo. Regarding the Alive Voice Translator, it is no really free. You only get a limited version free. Otherwise, it is 13.99 $ / month!

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