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Jeju Island Seafood Soup Feast feat. Joan Kim

Jeju Island Seafood Soup Feast feat. Joan Kim

We are in Jeju Island at a restaurant called Yeon Book Ro is probably the street that this is on There is this giant pot of seafood. Of shellfish, of shrimp, of cockles, and stuff like that. It’s boiling ready to go. As this is getting ready I was just informed that I can eat abalone… Raw! I have never eaten raw abalone before. So there’s a chance that I might not like this. Here we go… Noo. Noooo. Do not eat it raw. It is much, much better cooked. That’s disgusting. KOREAN LESSON TIME! Abalone in Korean is… Crab is… Pretty much like Dog (개). Gae. I think only like, really traditional Koreans can tell the difference between the sounds. Nobody else really cares about that. Then there’s Cockle… Shrimp is… Clam, is a little bit like, a clam about this big, that’s… The REALLY big shell… This is the first time I’ve ever had Hae Mool Tang that wasnt red. Like it wasn’t spicy. So, we’ll see if they add anything else to it to make it spicy but it doesn’t seem like that’s gonna happen. Seafood Galoreeee This is, I believe, the Ki Jo Gae. One of the clams. (Joan) After like 50 chews, I’m still chewing on this same piece. Oh, yeah. I love clams SO MUCH. Ohhh. BEAUTIFUL. Xander does not like seafood at all. This is why he’s not in the video and just filming. Here’s a cooked abalone. Bon Appétit! Oh. Ooohh. MUCH better cooked. Much better. Did you have the Jeon Bok? No, not yet. Very, very bo deu reo weo. This is something I’ve been looking fowards to. It’s the crab. I absolutely adore crab. It’s one of my favourite seafoods. Oh, FANTASTIC. I like crab more than lobster. I like that stringy texture of the meat. Beautiful. Beautiful. Enough of the seafood, we gotta get the Hae Mool Tang, right? Tang is Soup. So this dish is Seafood Soup, I gotta have the soup, right? Eh. I’ve had better. I’ve had better. So if you see, basically, if you walk around with like, the big billboards and stuff of like restaurants, right. There are light up signs and they’re like Something something… That means that that’s a specialty store. So, sometimes it’s like Donkkaseu Jeon Moon Jeom or Hanwoo Jeon Moon Jeom That’s the specialty of the store. This is a Hae Mool Tang Jeon Moon Jeom. But it’s really not that Jeon Moon πŸ™ I hope that this was educational. There’s wasn’t a lot of description of the taste because it’s very difficult to explain seafood. Besides with the words ‘fishy’ and then ‘clammy’. (Joan says Texture) Oh, yeah… (mumble mumble). Chewy-ish. Boiled seafood is always chewy, though. The abalone was the only thing that was really tender. Thank you very much for watching and as always, Stay Fancy.

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  2. i love seafood so much that i'm a little taken aback when someone expresses distaste for it BUT i totally understand why someone wouldn't like it. but it's cool if I'm around people who don't bc more for me! haha

  3. Wooaahhh joan Kim. Never thought you would have a collaboration with her. However, I just wandered if you said feat with Joan Kim, but why you guys didn't interact with her? I saw a couple scene haeppy talked to her, but it seemed like you guys fast forward it or cut it out. The atmosphere between haeppy and Joan Kim is too stiff.

  4. 게 (crab) [게:] [gae:]
    개 (dog) [개] [gea]

    But many Koreans are not say like that..
    They understand using the context of the sentence or Topic.

  5. I love the fact that you guys are really honest with your food reviews πŸ™‚ Keep it up!! Stay genuine! Imma buy your hat with perks somedayyyy! Hi Joan! Hahaha

  6. Love your sunglasses Haeppy 😎 Good to see Joan too😊😊 My favorite youtubers in one video.

  7. sitting and watching my family eat seafood … oh god i have been there 😫 i hurt my neck looking at the ground trying not watch them but the smell itself …

  8. I don't blame you Xander for not liking seafood. I don't like seafood either. Everyone has their likes and dislikes right?😊 there are many different foods in the world to enjoy if seafood is not one of them then that's fine.

  9. Long story short:
    When I (Canadian) lived in Jeju, my first night out was to a restaurant just like this, and had raw cuttlefish and raw abalone for the first (and last) time of my life. Also had soju for the first time..
    I ended up missing my first day of teaching and was taken to see a traditional acupuncturist who spoke neither English nor Korean. The acupuncture sucked.

    Raw cuttlefish/abalone = Never again
    Soju on the other hand…

    Nice video, We Fancy!

  10. I think your meant to remove a certain section of the abalone when you eat it raw like that, not the whole thing. Well at least I saw something like that on tv once, there's a certain organ that they take out first, im not sure, might be way it tastes bad.

  11. Xander…what turns you off about seafood? Do you hate fish too? I know it's technically a seafood too, but it's also from lakes and streams (as is some other "seafood" but not considered traditionally seafood- does that make sense?). I am a lover of most seafood. There are some lines I don't cross like the abalone…but for the most part I will give it a try and then make up my mind, I used to hate scallops until I actually had prepared the way they are supposed to be cooked (rather than overlooked and chewy like an eraser). Now I absolutely will wrestle you to the ground over the last properly cooked one. I think you need to reintroduce these foods to yourself with a good chef at a fine restaurant and then judge seafood for its tastiness!

  12. After watching this, it reminds me of 짬뽕 and 자μž₯λ©΄ (since they always go together). It would be great if We Fancy could give a recommendation on a Korean Chinese Restaurant that we can visit for the noodles! ^^ Thank You for always uploading these fancy food videos!

  13. How can anyone making a video on seafood say they've never eaten raw abalone. Anyone who eats sushi has eaten awabi nigiri and awabi sashimi. He did not take off the glands and ate it uncleaned. Not surprised with his reaction.

  14. Hey, guys, I'd buy a t-shirt that says one of your other best lines. "We Fancy, but we ain't rich!". Just saying…lol.

  15. Yay! I'm so happy to see Jeju-videos, we're visiting there for our 1st wedding anniversary while spending 2+weeks in Korea. I'd love to try some proper seafood, my favorite has to be octopus! So delish.

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