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Jim’s Encounter With His Fans On Carnival Vista

Jim’s Encounter With His Fans On Carnival Vista

There’s been an unexpected development in my life! With over 150 million views
to my videos on YouTube… And over 135 thousand subscribers
to my YouTube channel… I’m now starting to get
recognized when I’m on a cruise ship! Over the previous years there were a few times…
maybe three over the last ten years… When I’ve been on a cruise ship
and someone has recognized me from… My web site,
or from my posts on Cruise Critic,
or from one of my YouTube videos, but… On my recent cruise on the Carnival Vista,
I actually had three different encounters
with people that knew me from YouTube. It was pretty cool! Now, the first one,
I didn’t catch on camera, unfortunately. It actually happened on the very first day of the cruise,
within about an hour of boarding the ship. My wife and I were in a busy area of the ship
and a woman walked up to me and said: You’re Jim Zim, and I’ve seen your videos! (Laughing) We had a nice little chat, and… It turned out that she was a Havana passenger
and I was a Havana passenger… So, we ran into each other a day or two later
at the Havana pool and had a nice long chat there, too. Now, my second encounter with a YouTube subscriber
was on a snorkeling excursion in Aruba. We were on this really cool 115 foot sailing schooner
on the way to a snorkeling spot. And I was walking around with my video camera shooting video. And the guy in the red t-shirt there recognized me.
He said he knew me from YouTube. I think he said he’s from the Seattle area,
if I remember correctly. Anyway, we had a real nice chat there on the sailboat. And then the third time I got recognized…
This was the one that really made me laugh and smile! And this is the one I’ve been telling
all my friends about, because… I like to say how I was chased down
by two girls… one of them in a bikini! It makes me sound way cooler than I really am! Well, here’s what happened… I had taken my camera to the pool
at the back end of the Lido deck. I wanted to get a video showing how
on a warm sea day
people like to hang out in the pool and socialize. Now see those people right there?
Watch them! One of them saw me shooting video of the pool
and said something like “that’s Jim Zim!”
to the three people she was with. And then her friend started waving
and then they all started waving! I wasn’t really paying any attention
to the people in the pool.
I was just trying to get the shot. So, I didn’t realize
that they had recognized me, at that point. I did notice that somebody
was waving to the camera, but… I thought it was just somebody
playing to the camera
when they saw one pointed their way.
A ham. Well, I got the video shot that I wanted
and headed over to a stairway
that led up to the next deck… So I could get another similar shot of the pool
but from a higher position. But I didn’t realize that the girls had gotten
out of the pool to chase after me and say hello. The husbands, of course…
They’re not about to get out of the pool
just to chase some guy from YouTube! So, as I was shooting the video of the pool
from one deck above… The first girl caught up with me,
and if you listen, you can hear what she said. I’ve watched your vlogs.
You’re the reason I went on the
(unknown) Jim: Ta-Da! It’s a fan!
Girl: It is a fan!
Jim: That’s three this cruise! I only got her and her friend on video
for those few brief seconds
before I stopped my camera. I regret that now!
If I had been thinking clearly… I would have left the camera rolling
to capture my whole encounter with them. My YouTube idol, Casey Neistat, certainly does that
when he encounters a fan unexpectedly… Casey: Hi! Girl: I’m literally obsessed with you!
Casey: What’s your name? Clearly, I’m no Casey Neistat!
I’ll be working on that, though! Well, let’s just watch it again…
Because that was so AWESOME! I’ve watched your vlogs.
You’re the reason I went on the
(unknown) Jim: Ta-Da! It’s a fan!
Girl: It is a fan!
Jim: That’s three this cruise! Anyway, I had a nice chat with those two girls. And I was really glad that they
had chased me up to the upper deck.
They made my day! So, 4 people out of 4600 passengers recognized me… (Laughing) I’m not exactly a big deal,
but maybe someday! To all of my viewers who I met on this cruise…
all four of you! I just want to say
that I really enjoyed meeting each of you,
and you really made me smile. I haven’t gotten used to being recognized yet.
But… I kind of like it!

16 thoughts on “Jim’s Encounter With His Fans On Carnival Vista”

  1. Hey I would stop you to your videos are excellent πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

  2. Jim, i was the guy from Seattle /red shirt on our excursion from the Vista. Was a pleasure to have met you and discussed our passion for cruising. Hope to run into you again. Mark

  3. Jim glad to see people recognise and shocking too it feels like a celeb. U would agree with me media makes us immortal in memories we never die in memories of those who we don't even know

  4. Lol! That's so awesome. Β Well. Β That's what you get for making excellent quality videos. Β You shouldn't put so much effort into them if you didn't want to get chased down by adoring fans in bikinis. =)

  5. Hello Jim, Actually, you were chased by TWO girls in Bikinis – that one put a top one does not matter, she still had a bikini on, so now you should say you were chased by two girls in Bikinis!!! 8-)))

  6. Hey Jim….YouTube has made a lot of us Tubers into minor "Z" list stars. I only have a bit over 400 subscribers, but I get recognized many times on cruises….actually to be honest, they recognize my wife before the recognize me…I guess I have a face for radio…not the screen. Anyhow, love you cruise videos!

  7. hey Jim let me tell you something you're a lot cooler than Casey you do a fabulous job at these videos I wish my videos were good as yours I just started yours are professional mine or homemade looking I need to figure out how to start editing better

  8. I was on the ncl escape in jan. 2016 and thought I recognized you. But wasn't sure until I saw your review on the escape.

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