43 thoughts on “Judge calls ADA lawsuit machine a ‘carnival shell game,’ dresses down attorney”

  1. Put the judge in a chair for a month. Guarantee she will change her mind.
    There are no "barriers" for the walking so I guess it doesn't matter to this judge.
    I've been there back in the 80's. It was awful then but still not fixed.

  2. Two women use all of these resources that make re presentation unavailable for real people. Maybe someone should sue them for hogging resources.

  3. ALL I hear is boo hoo, poor little me. I'm disabled and I don't sue places just to get money. How are small businesses suppose to improve access if you don't point out to them the difficulties you may have when it comes to their business. If warned and the problem hasn't been addressed, then let code enforcement know so the issue can be addressed properly and hopefully resolved.

  4. I'm on SSI because I have R.A. ( severely ) I would literally give anything to get my old HEALTH back ( your health is EVERYTHING! ) so I could work a full 40hr work week, & feel independent again, feel good about myself,etc…. But I got to say, "i'd like to kick this woman in the ASS"! She just DOESNT get it…… & never will.

  5. Being disabled isn't just a classification, it means YOU ARE DISABLED. You are going to have struggles and challenges that healthy people do not have. That means yeah, sometimes things will be a little harder for you, but it shouldn't be the responsibility of everyone in the entire world to accommodate your specific needs. These weren't major multi-billion dollar businesses she was going after, they were tiny single store mom-and-pop operations that only serve their local community. These are the kinds of businesses that already struggle to survive because they have to compete against big business and the last thing they need is some stupid bitch with an overblown sense of entitlement going after them to financially destroy them.

    Case should be thrown out and the woman who filed should have to pay the costs. Her attorney should also be fined or lose her license, and the group that paid both of them for this scam operation should be shut down. They are still doing this shit all over the country, filing frivolous lawsuits to profit by them. They should all burn.

  6. While I'm all for the truly disabled getting the help they need,garbage like these lawsuits do nothing to help the disabled. In fact if its a small business just barely making it by this might make it harder for them to fix whatever needs fixed.Or maybe worse it might shut them down.

  7. this is bull shit. its the only way to make business accessible.. it is the law .. now the lawyers should have done it right and made it a way to make changes not get rich..

  8. The out of state ambulance chasing attorneys should be hung in public as an example for what a scumbag lawyer deserves.

  9. I have faith in America again! Thank you god that there is still good people left in this country! Hey honey if you go around suing small bussinesses like that because they are a easy target and you think you can scare them and force them into paying you then I got a message for you… HELL isn't going to accommodate for you 🙂

  10. Being disabled myself, in a different way however, IMHO this woman was conned and is now caught in the middle. If I can put it this way "Would you like to help others by pointing out places that cannot be accessed?" – "Sure" – "Plus we will pay for your time." – "Great." She most likely didn't, at least at the start, know where this would lead.

  11. heres what should happen all that money this disabled bitch took goes to the busineeses the 13 lawyers get paid by the company that filled all these lawsuits…. then they get shut down

  12. I'm disabled because my Schlong drags on the ground but I dont go around suing every business that has gravel in their parking lots. If she were to get a motorized wheelchair she wouldn't have a problem from the looks of it her lazy ass doesn't wheel herself around anyway

  13. ADA is bullshit. If I don’t want to mark a spot for handy capped people or build a ramp then I lose their business. You don’t need a law to force people to be smart

  14. They go after SMALL businesses resulting in many businesses having to close in order to make the necessary changes to comply with the lawsuit.

  15. This bitch thought she had found a gravy train but it backfired on her and now she wants to play the victim.

  16. House Passes Reforms to Curb ADA Lawsuit Abuse:

  17. There are plenty of federal law references to override that Judge's decision. Use Google Scholar and educate yourself.

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