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Kahin Deep Jalay – EP 10 || English Subtitles || 28th Nov 2019 – HAR PAL GEO

Kahin Deep Jalay – EP 10 || English Subtitles || 28th Nov 2019 – HAR PAL GEO

Yes, he is nice. Ok fine, he is really good. Rushna, I will call you back.
Okay, bye. Rida, you have a lot of lovers man. Some takes out your veil from thorns, someone puts out the fire on your veil. How? How? Sister in law, what are you saying? I am saying the same love talk. You hid right now, who were you talking to? Sister in you are taking me wrong, I was talking to Rushna,
if you want you can check. Fine, nothing like that, I am wrong you are right.
You tell me what is right. I will tell you, first Hatim’s friend saving
your veil from fire, so filmy, then bringing a proposal
with his mother. Rida, isn’t it a bit strange. Please sister in law, there is nothing like that,
you are taking me wrong. Fine, you leave everything. How do you impress men? Someone texts you on the phone,
someone takes out your veil from thorns. Someone plays with fire. Wow, very impressive. Ok, lets not go far,
lets come to your brothers, if you shed one tear,
all 3 of them come running, Rida, Rida, Rida. How? I have been with you since childhood, tell me some trick, how do I make them follow my orders,
how do I cry, how do I get sympathies? No. Sister in law, please, please don’t take out the wrong meaning. Rida, where do you get these tears from? Rida, there is nothing to cry in this, I was just trying to tell you
that these things don’t stay hidden for long, acting innocent in front of your brothers,
becoming a cute daughter in front of your mother, and having affairs on the back. You have a strong game, I will have to learn from you. It will be fun to have
coffee by Zahida. Rida? What happened?
Why are you crying? Brother. Brother, sister in law. Yes? What happened? Brother, sister in law puts a lot of blames on me,
talks badly with me, I have told no one, I am telling you. She said a weird thing to me just now, that I have an affair with boys, I swear, there is nothing like that.
I can make you believe this. No, I believe you. One minute. Shamila. Shamila. What is she saying? Faham, I was just trying to
make her understand? Is this how you make someone understand? You were throwing dirt on her character,
this is how you were making her understand? Look, all this will not work in our home, if you want you can leave. Faham. I was just trying to make Rida understand,
I said nothing wrong. Why should I leave? I am an orphan, there is no one
who will come after me, so you are asking me to go.
Do you see him? What happened? Tell me. Is this how you brought him up? That he is asking me to leave the house. Yes, this is how our mother brought us up and we have been brought up well, you have no right no point fingers on it.
Listen to me, we are living in this home peacefully. If you want to ruin this peace, I will drag you out of the house. Why should I leave the house? You say nothing to him.
You are not talking to him. How dare you tell her to
leave from this house? Mama, she is insulting us in front of
you and you are telling me. Don’t you see what your sister is up to. You wanted to hit me, go ahead.
Hit me. Hit me. You go, you leave from here
for God’s sake. Why should I go?
You always talk about Rida. Are you happy now? Get lost from here. Stop it brother. Why did you do this? Why is this scene in our home? Mama, she was saying garbage about
Rida’s character in front of you, she was saying wrong things…
Why did you raise your hand? Mama. Mama. Mama,
what happened? Brother. Asim. Asim.
Asim. Come quick. Mama. God protect my mother. Brother Afaam is still not here,
God knows what happened to mama. Rida, nothing must have happened, her BP was really high. Before this, her BP was never this high that
she would feel dizzy and fall. What is the issue that happened? Did something happen? Sister in law Shamila said
things that affected mama. What do you mean? What did sister in law Shamila say? Rida, child, why are you crying?
What is the issue? I will go see ma’am,
brother you too come along. No, I will go see, you wait here, brother Faham is here. What did sister in law Shamila say? Leave it. Hello. Hello. Hello mama. Shamila? What happened?
Why are you crying? Mama, Faham raised his hand on me. What are you saying?
Faham cannot do that. Aunt said so much to him, he hates me, he is not talking to me. Your sister is really cunning. Sister is not like that. You must have done something wrong. Neither Faham, nor sister is like that. Mama, a person can’t even share
anything with you, you doubt me being my mother. Shamila, what is wrong with you? What are you saying? I will call and talk to
Faham and also sister. Doctor, the condition right now,
in this condition.. I am giving her medication.
How is mama now? She is much better now, its good you got her to
the hospital on time or she could have gotten
a brain hemorrhage. Brain Hemorrhage? She is fine now, you people try to ensure
her BP doesn’t go up. Yes, thank you. Brother I am so sorry. Why are you saying sorry? You have no fault in it. You people didn’t hear doctor
was saying mama is fine, we just need to be careful that her blood pressure doesn’t go up. You people do one thing, me and Hatim will stay with mama.
Asim you take Rida home. No brother, I won’t go home,
mama might need me. Rida, go home with Asim,
we are here ,brother said it. I don’t want to go home. Yes, you come in the morning, why do you tire yourself at night. I won’t go. I won’t either. Why don’t you hear me? I won’t go. Hello aunt. Faham, son, where are you? Where is Shamila? Aunt, we are in the hospital, mama is unwell. They will keep her under observation tonight, we will be back in the morning. God have mercy. What happened to sister? I think you take the answer for this from
your beloved daughter, it will be better. Bye. Why is no one telling us what
sister in law said to mama? Nothing. We will talk about this later. Mama, this whole family left me
and went somewhere, I am alone at home, I don’t get it. Sister is in the hospital, pray that she gets fine or else… What? Aunt is in the hospital? Mama, have juice. Hey, I am fine, nothing happened to me. Hey, ask Faham can we go?
Why are we sitting here? Can we go? I know you are fine, I spoke for your discharge, I will go and find out. I told Rida and Asim to go home last night,
they are saying they won’t go. Its good you stayed, you have to care for her now.
Come on, massage the legs well. May I come in? Yes, come in. Hello everyone. Hello. Hello. Hello, how are you? Hello. I went to the office and I found out that
you didn’t come to the office, some people told me mama
is unwell so I came here. Yes, she got unwell last night,
so we had to get her to the hospital. Hey child, what was the need for this formality? No, please don’t call it formality. I mean, you are sir’s mother,
so you are like my mother too. I hope you didn’t mind me
coming here like this. No, there is nothing to mind in this. Its good you came, we are leaving soon, In fact,
I will go get the discharge slip. Oh wow, you are leaving. Fine. I came alone today, I will bring mama next time,
she will come. No need for this formality, I am absolutely fine, these people got me here for no reason. Zeeshan, we had a meeting,
how did it go? Yes sir, these people came,
I will tell you. Mama, take care, I will leave now. Come on. Till the time I cut the apple,
you have your juice mama. I don’t want it. I don’t want it.
Ok, leave it. We need to mama’s medicines too brother. Yes, I have given the prescription to Hatim
and Asim, they said they will get it. Hello aunt. Hello. How are you now? Fine. Aunt, I agree I made a mistake, please forgive me, you forgive me, you know I don’t think that
way and I say it…on top of that sister in law Naila… Okay, stop. Don’t say… What happened, happened. Don’t make this mistake again. Aunt, I promise, I will not give you a
chance to complain again. I will not make a mistake
that will make you upset. Faham, I apologize to you too,
to you too Rida. Aunt, just please don’t get
upset with me, please all of you forgive me. Aunt, you are my mother too, you know since childhood
that I make such mistakes. You used to talk to me
earlier and now too, you can talk to me, don’t get upset with me like this. Okay, tell me what will you eat? I can make you porridge,
soup? Whatever you want. Mama, I am going to get
ready to go to office. Rida, you have to take care of mama, not anyone else. Give her, her medicines on time
and make her soup. Yes brother. Bye. Mama, I will not give you
a chance to complain after today, I take all your responsibility. Rida, let me cut it. Give it. Here you go, have some. Leave it. Mama, I was really hopeful
but they are going to say no. Why are you losing hope, they have not said no yet. I hope they don’t say no. You really love her? Yes mama. To be honest I had never thought
I will fall in love at first sight. I had never thought of it. Then pray, God puts the
ones who love through tests. Is God testing me? Yes, he knows that you are making such a big claim,
how true are you. I will pass all tests mama. Are you sure? I know mama,
that is why I am saying it. Call Hatim. Sure. His phone is off mama. Landline? I don’t have it. It must be on the wedding invite. Yes, I will check. Hello. Yes. I am Zeeshan’s mother. Hello aunty, how are you? You… I am Rida’s sister in law. Okay, how are you child? I am fine aunty. Okay, I called to find how Khadija is.
She is back from the hospital, can you put her through? Yes aunty, she is back but in her room. You note the number. One second. Found it. Yes. 0333-88553281. Aunty, this is Rida’s number, she will make you talk to aunt. Thank you child. Who did you give
my number and why? Rida, it was Zesshan’s mother, she is no stranger to us. But…She wants to talk to aunt. You get her to talk to her. Zahida. Rida’s number. Mama, mama. There is a phone. They cut the line. I will call later, she must be busy. Who was it? Zeeshan’s mother. Why was she calling on your number? Sister in law Shamila gave my number. Rida, come here, come sit with me. Yes mama. Look child, now you have to be careful. When people start blaming you,
there are no limits. Mama, I don’t get it why
sister in law Shamila is doing this with me. The hearts that have jealousy and hatred, they don’t need a reason to express it. Its their nature. What is my fault mama? Your fault? Everyone loves you. My love, you are our beloved and Shamila is complexed. Her father died when she was young, she is not close to her brother
and sister in law and then her nature. Okay. But mama, sister in law Shamila
does such weird things, I don’t get it.
She does what I can’t imagine. That is why I am telling
you to be careful, leave the rest to God. God saves those that
are innocent from issues. Hey, she is calling again. Close it child, I don’t want to talk. When we don’t want to get
you married there, there is no point in talking. Sure. Why do you worry now? No my love, I am not worried, you stay happy. Yes, did he admit it? Sir he is stubborn. I have all proofs against you in this file, you are involved in drugs business. You accept it or should I get
you to accept it my way. Sir, you are mistaken,
I am not like that. Every girl in the café is in this file, apart from that the people you
have bothered with your crank calls and messages, I have the record for it. Now you will say that is a lie. Sir, what red café? What messages? What blackmailing. Sir you are mistaken, you got the wrong guy,
I swear on my mother. Shut up. You are blaming others for your crimes.
I will not let that happen, you will have to admit your crime. Take him to the lockup, if he doesn’t accept it, then use your own way. Take him. Sir. Sir. Listen to me. Sir,
you are mistaken, I am not like that. Sir. She is mad, she is your sister,
she worries on small things. Okay, fine. Thank you so much, bye. Brother Hatim’s friend, Zeeshan, his mother has come to meet you. Seat her. God bless your house is great, it feels they are nice people. Hello. How are you? Hello. This is my sister in law, Samra. Okay, hello. This is Rida’s mother. Sit. We wanted to find
out how you were, I called 2-3 times,
but I couldn’t talk to you so I thought
I would come over. Thank you so much. Where is Rida, child? Call her. Look, the proposal you sent, its not possible sister. Actually my son’s don’t agree. Now you cannot force
anyone in this matter. But still I will ask you to look at love,
sincerity in this matter, there is no replacement for that and
then those who come to His home, God doesn’t send them back.
I request you not to disappoint us. Look sister Khadija, Zeeshan is one in a million. He is smart and educated and respectable, its hard to find a proposal like this, and a mother in law like my sister, you will be lucky to have her. All that is fine but… If you are worried about Rida’s education,
she will complete it. We are not as rich, we were, but not anymore. I am not hiding anything from you,
don’t say no. You have me confused. A girl’s family gets a lot of proposals, but daughters should be married
where they are respected and appreciated. mama, sister Zahida…Hello. Hello. God bless, you are Rida? Yes. God bless, you have a great daughter. God protect you from evil eye. Rida, child you go, and Zahida to get rea. Yes mama. Sister Khadija, you try and talk about our proposal again. I need time to think. Just one request, don’t say no. Whatever God’s will. Tell me honestly, what is going on in this home. You cried on the phone that Faham is
upset and you are caring for sister. my lovely mother, I tried one way, but that didn’t work so
I am trying another. Look Shamila, don’t do anything like this, don’t ruin the peace of this home. Mama, you always say all this to me. Because you coming here
has given peace to my home. Naila is busy with her work,
I say nothing to her. Just say that sister in law Naila
has got the chance to do what she wants. Obviously child, its her home, she can do what she wants. Okay, her home, and my home? I will never get my home? Mama, till aunt and Rida are there, I will never be the owner of this home. This thought of being the owner of this home, take it out of your head. Sister is the elder of this home, don’t even think this while she is alive. Try and understand. Why should I understand?
Why is it not possible? Faham is the elder son of this home
and everyone lives off his earning and I am Faham’s wife, do I have not have any position. For God’s sake, stop it, take all these thoughts out of your head. You will see, I will get rid of Rida, then aunt. I will be the owner of this home. You don’t have to do such difficult things, you can be the owner of this home. Sister, she is stupid, God knows all she has said, forgive her. No Rehana, she is smarter than all of us, we are stupid that we consider her
cunningness as her stupidity. Come on, apologize to sister.
Right now. No Rehana, its not time to apologize, because she apologizes on time and its not the time for it. You need the keys of the home, you will get them. But stop this cunningness against
me and my daughter. Sister… I will never forgive you because
of these actions. Do you hear me? Yes sir. I will forward you the email. Yes, let me check if this is
your email address. Hello. yes when you can you come over? We got hold of a man,
and he has admitted that he texted on
both your numbers. Who is he? Who are you? Brother Haider, this is Hatim.
Who is this man? I will call you back. Tell me, who was messaging. Hatim, put the phone down. Hatim. Yes Haider. Yes, Faham. Come fast, I am waiting. I am coming. Brother, I am coming along.
No, you are not. But why? You are not needed there. That man tortured us and…
So are you the only one who got tortured? We all were tortured, he will get punished, the way you want it. Right now you cannot come, I know your anger. Brother I will come along.
No you won’t, I will handle it. Please. I will keep updating you. I really liked Rida. She is nice and respectable. I pray that it works out. Okay, I will go now. Bye. May you have a great future. Bye. Mother, I wanted to ask, you went there, what did they say yes? I think God wants to see the
intensity of your prayers, they have asked for time. What do they want to
think about more? They are the girl’s family,
they will think. I think I should make
you meet your criminal. Yes, it was important, he gave so much stress, we should see who he is. Not just your family, God knows how many other families
have been ruined by him. Robbing, drugs and
wrong videos of girls, he used to blackmail them. Really? Yes, God knows how many innocent
girls were ruined by his crimes. Your criminal. Farhan? You? Farhan, this was you? You…you were doing all this? You are family. You are part of the family, and how can
you ruin the respect of the family? You talk about respect, the way you insulted me in front of everyone,
what about that? Pick up all the things. Hello. Yes don’t worry,
you will get everything today, yes the shipment is leaving from here,
is the money ready? One minute. I will call you back. What is in it? Keep it down. Faham, it’s a shipment. Go from here. Brother Faham, I was about to tell you. You see the condition
of the factory is bad, this is for the family, we will get profit from it. Leave me. Leave me. Brother Faham, please forgive me, I will not do this again. Leave me, Faham, I will never forgive you. Leave me. Faham,
I will never forgive you. Remember that.

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