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Kawaii Pastel Rainbow Haulternative!!! (Vintage, Depop, Lucy & Yak, etc.)

Kawaii Pastel Rainbow Haulternative!!! (Vintage, Depop, Lucy & Yak, etc.)

Hello, everyone! My name is Cora Maria and welcome to my pastel rainbow haulternative This is actually my third time filming
it because the other two times either didn’t work out or were really
really bad but we’re here. We’re gonna try again, gonna persevere,
straighten your hair clip bow tie, and move on. So I have about eight items to show you today but before I do that I want to explain what a haulternative
actually is. So we’ve all heard of haul videos, right? Where someone shows a bunch of things that they happen to have bought, usually new or fast fashion, but
the haulternative is supposed to be a more sustainable fashion alternative to that. So instead of buying new clothes or clothes you don’t really need, you
showcase things that you have bought secondhand, you’ve bought from
independent small businesses, things that you just happen to really like and
really enjoy wearing, or things you may have prepared yourself or made yourself. Pretty much an alternative to buying things new and the reason why
haulternatives are so important is because the fashion industry is often rife with
human rights violations and pollution. If you’re interested in learning
more about that, I have a resource list in the description. But today I wanted to
focus on some of my vintage and small business finds. Our first item of today
being this little paw print charm that my sister Eban made me. I’m not sure
if you can see it very well, to be honest. I still haven’t figured out what to do
with this but my sister is in a bit of a financial pickle at the moment and she
really wanted to try learning how to make these little beads to make a bit of
extra money to help support herself. I asked her to make it for me and in
return she asked for 10 dollars, 10 Australian dollars that is, and I gave
her a little tip of two dollars just because I’m such an amazing big sister.
So this could be something you could add to a bracelet or a necklace. I might
even ask her to make a second one and I can make it into a pair of earrings
or something but I don’t know yet. This is probably one of my least
thought-out purchases but I know that if I do figure out what to do with it it
will match a lot of what I happen to own. The next item in my pastel rainbow
haulternative is this thing that totally isn’t pastel rainbow but she’s a
darling. I’m kidding. I love her so much. This is my Kippy cat. She wants me to put her down so we
just did. I swear, I keep needing to straighten my bowtie. Onto item
number two, this candy coloured beret. I got this hand knitted beret off of Depop
oddly enough I don’t know exactly what the yarn is made out of but it feels
kind of synthetic. Unfortunately I can’t remember the name of, or even pronounce
the name of this Depop store very well but it says that this very was handmade.
I don’t know exactly by who but I think it was around the Gold Coast and the
fact that it’s from the Gold Coast means that there wasn’t a big distance for it
to ship either meaning that it would have had a lower carbon footprint just to get to me. But when it comes to berets it it can
be difficult to find good, sustainable options especially if you want something
that is like cute and pastel like this one. The colors don’t read that well on
camera but I really like hats because I feel like they really can help
complete a look. I do not have many hats. I have about three but I only wear
about two of them and I’m thinking about maybe getting rid of the one that I
don’t wear so much because it’s a bit of a tricky color to coordinate and
it’s also similar color to one of my other hats that I like to wear all the
time. So you can’t exactly see the pink from the front but I really
like it. Maybe I’ll keep wearing it for the rest of the video. I think we’re
onto item number three. This is the last accessory I will show in this video. It
is this sax blue scarf with pink roses and it’s so gorgeous. So this item I’ve been
wearing the least out of everything in this haulternative, but hey, I’m actually
wearing it unlike the little charm I showed you before. I ended up getting
this at the fashion revolution event in Brisbane. I had a free styling session with
the UnMaterial Girl. She convinced me to give scarves a go because they’re supposed to be
like really versatile, like you could tie it around your neck or around your head.
I feel like it doesn’t look that great around my head but I do like the idea of
wearing it around my waist. I’m thinking about maybe also wearing it as
a shrug. So you throw it over your shoulders and tie it
behind your back and then you’ve got this cute shrug.
I can’t try doing that until it warms up a bit. I was also thinking you could
tie it around your bodice like a top which would be absolutely amazing in the
summer if you need to go to the beach. That’s pretty cool. It only cost me
ten dollars which is pretty good and i’ll try and link the vintage store in
the description below if I can remember which one it was which I think I can
find out fairly easily. But yeah, it’s really good to buy vintage because it
means that you’re buying clothes that already exist, already have a
pre-existing life- *cat paws at sliding door* Oh my god I’ve got to keep the door closed to keep the noise
out but I’ve got to keep it open or else she gets mad at me. You’re so cute Kippy
but I’m trying to film a video. I didn’t put this on the cart hanger properly so it’s kind of upside down at the moment. It looks like some kind of sketch without a
waistband but it is actually a tie top. *more cat noises* Can you not? I have sliding doors and this sly little kitty has just open the doors. Maybe I’ll just leave that door
open a crack and hopefully the cats will try and interrupt my filming time. So
anyways, this top. It’s really good for layering. It’s from a local Brisbane brand called Coy Street Clothing though it says Coy deRoy here. I think it’s made out of secondhand fabric from the op shop
or something. I had been eyeing this up during like the first two days of the
Fashion Revolution Weekend but it cost like $90 which some people might think is way too expensive
for like a simple tie top like this but it really isn’t because I don’t know how
long it took for the designer to make this but it would have taken long enough for, if you were to breakdown the cost of this garment per
hour, obviously subtracting the cost of the
materials, then you’d probably see that the cost of what she gets per hour may
be reasonable or perhaps it’s actually surprisingly low when you think about it.
But I didn’t have $90 to spend on this top. So what did I do?
I won it in a lucky door prize at the Fashion Revolution Weekend.
Well actually I won a different top from the same store but I asked to swap
it for this one. It seems relatively simplistic but I do
love the colors. I like patterns that are a bit more
abstract and how it’s spaced apart because patterns like these are great
for pattern mixing. I may crop it though because the waist part fits very
awkwardly over my hips and I think it will be more flattering as a crop top, but
because it would have cost me 90 dollars or something, I’m worried about
ruining it. Sorry, I’ve got family banging around in the kitchen at the moment. I’ll
close the door and hopefully Kip won’t get mad at me. Now we are moving on to
our fifth item? Yeah, one, two, three, four, five! Isn’t this just gorgeous?
This pastel, vintage shrug I also got at the Fashion Revolution vintage markets. In
fact, I was budgeting $30 to spend on clothing, this cost $30, and basically in
the first half hour of the market, I had already bought this because I was scared
someone else might get it but honestly, no regrets. This is just so freaking
amazing! I have been wearing this non-stop, I swear. This is this is me in
shrug form, okay? I look the freaking zig zags, I love the
colors, I love how easy it is to layer and stuff. At first I thought it was
maybe a bit too similar to the cardigan I’m wearing now, like do I really need
another pastel rainbow piece of outerwear? But then I thought this is
great for the more in-between weather. And I also discovered a little hack that
you can do with this thing that makes it that much more versatile… You can wear it
as a scarf! You can wear it as a scarf. This is actually something you can
probably wear to a wedding or some kind of formal event when you want to stay warm, and once again it’s vintage. Onto item number six, I think, and this is
probably one of the more recent items I have gotten. It is this absolutely
adorable, vintage jumper, or sweater for all you
Americans out there. This is so fairy kei. Isn’t this just so fairy kei? Just the
colours and the pattern and again it’s sort of like this neutral pattern that’s
broken up by colour blocking which, again, makes it really good and
really easy to mix with other patterns. It also looks cute when layered under
stuff like this but then you also feel a bit sad that you’re covering the sleeves.
So I got this off of one of the vintage stores on Depop. It is actually a bit
small one me. The reason why I got this was because I only had two jumpers and I
was thinking about getting rid of maybe one or both of them because it didn’t
fit my style as much anymore and I really wanted something they knew would
go with so much of what I own. *fangirl noises* I ended up buying this for
myself it’s like a reward for completing my assessment. I had to do five
assessment in one week and four of them, or maybe like three of them or something,
were due on the same day. So what I ended up doing was I submitted an
assessment a day, so one was three days early, one was two days early, one was
one day early, and I felt so accomplished that I had to buy this. It came from overseas, I think, so it would have a carbon footprint,
unfortunately, from the shipping but I live in Australia. We’re a very
isolated country.There isn’t exactly much we can do. I still think it’s
worth it, I still think it’s cute even if it is a bit small and even if it’s
already got like a few holes. You’ve probably seen this all over Instagram if you follow a lot of kawaii, pastel, fairy kei people. The pastel rainbow dungarees from Lucy & Yak. Sorry it’s very difficult to show you. Everyone!
I swear, everyone has these and obviously as a sustainable fashion enthusiast who
also loves pastel rainbow, I was basically legally obliged to get these.
There was no way around it. I had to do it. And also I was kind of low on pants
at the time, but I bought three pairs of pants in relatively close
succession so I had to tell myself, “Cora, “no more pants at the moment.” They’re so comfy. They’re a bit big on me. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to get this size or the
one below it like because I knew it was supposed to have an over-sized look,
but I wasn’t completely sure. If I were to order these again, I would order a
size down from this, but I’m still really happy with these. You can like only tie
one strap if you want to and have the other thing dangle down if you like. You
can roll up these as much as you want, which is super cool.
You can layer things under them and over them and it just it looks so cute.
I guess I got to talk a little bit about the brand Lucy & Yak itself because
they’re a fairly well-known sustainable fashion brand. So these dungarees quite eco-friendly. They’re made out of organic cotton.
Pretty much cotton that isn’t made with pesticides and I don’t think they’re
grown from genetically modified seeds either. Oh yeah, no pesticides means that these are safer to wear than just regular
cotton garments which is really good. They’re made out of low impact dyes as
well which also makes them safer to wear and also safer to wash, because when you wash your clothes they contaminate the water with harmful substances like
pesticides and dyes. Lucy & Yak does take care of the people who make their
clothes in India. They work with a small tailoring business over there. They pay
them above living wage. We know that they’re being taken care of. We know how
much they’re being paid. You can read all about it on their blog or even their
YouTube channel and I’ll put the links to those in the description below as
well. It’s really good to see a brand like that get more recognition and I
hope that we see more brands like that get recognition as well. Speaking of
one brand that I would love to see get more recognition, if you follow me on my
blog or my Instagram, you probably know exactly what brand I’m about to talk
about. Let me show you the grand finale of this haulternative video because
I’m so excited! This is my favorite thing in the whole haulternative. It is just a
stripy pastel shirt with cute little sleeves- Oh, oh wait, oh! !t’s a big ruffle we dress! But not just
any big ruffley dress. It is from my favorite brand, CLEAN the Label, by the
designer, Christina, from Perth and it is made from an old second-hand or just an
old t-shirt or something and scrap fabric from previous projects and
bed sheets as well created into this gorgeous dress. Just look at all of the ruffles and stuff. You can tell that Christina worked
so hard on this and I absolutely love it. I love it so much I’ve been wearing it a
ton. It is my first collared dress, though. I wasn’t used to when I sit down
this [collar] would kind of strangle me a little bit but for something this
beautiful, sometimes you gotta suffer for fashion and if it’s really bothering
you that much you could always just undo the first button. I mean, I love wearing
this with this cardigan but I’m also very guilty of only ever wearing it with
this most of the time. I mean let me just show you how the two go together. It
just… Look at that! Look at this gorgeousness. It’s so beautiful. So CLEAN the Label is my
favourite brand. It’s pretty much a one-person project by Christina Lean who
designs and makes and markets and sends everything out herself.
I swear not enough people appreciate her and what she does.
Upcycling old materials is one of the most sustainable ways to make new
clothes and I am such a sucker for that patchy aesthetic.
You bet I will be shopping from CLEAN the Label again. Okay so in typical
fashion my phone cut out just when I was about to film the outro, hence why we’re
in a bit of a different and slightly more sloppy camera position. Anyways,
I would like to thank you for watching my haulternative. If you’re interested in
learning more about ethical, sustainable, alternative fashion, you can check out
some of the links below: you can read my blog, join the Alternative Fashion Lovers
for Sustainability Facebook group, or follow me on my Instagram. You can also find links to the places where I got most of my items as well. If you enjoyed
this video don’t forget to click the subscribe button. Maybe also click the
bell as well, and I will see you next time. Bye bye!

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  1. the beret really finished the look in this video tho!! like it goes so well with the bowtie, i love it. (ps: you also seem to be a bit more comfortable in front of the camera than you were in the previous video, so yay!)

  2. You just gave me so many ideas! I am going to turn all my maternity clothes to fit me. The earth needs more beautiful people like you Cora💕

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