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Keeping the Feast with Greg & Jenna: St Andrew 2019

Keeping the Feast with Greg & Jenna:  St  Andrew 2019

Hey everybody. Mother Jenna, Father Greg breaking into your day breaking into the boring old secular calendar with a Feast
of the church. Today is the feast of St. Andrew and we want to keep that feast
with you and we are filming here in up in the Comer Center and this is the room
where you are doing some awesome work with our middle schoolers reading John
tell them about that wall. Yes so we’re sitting in front of our “I am” wall which
every time we hit one of these I am statements that Jesus makes in John, so
I am the true bread that came down from heaven, I am The True Vine, I am The Good Shepherd, I am the gate any whatever whichever I am we had we each take a
little canvas and we try to represent that statement and so then we’ve got
this big wall of all the ways that Jesus reminds us that Jesus is I am. Of course
the words that God named God gave us God’s own name to Moses. So come up to the second floor of the Comers Center, in the last room come stick your head in and
try some time on Sundays at 4 and see the amazing work that our middle
schoolers are doing. So we’re here to keep the – none of which
has anything to do with directly but these are great, yeah they’re cool. All right I’m
gonna read a short lesson reading about Andrews from the Gospel of Matthew. “As
Jesus walked by the Sea of Galilee he saw two brothers, Simon who is called
Peter, and Andrew his brother casting a net into the sea for they were fishermen.
And he said to them follow me and I will make you fish for people. Immediately
they left their nets and followed him. As he went from there he saw two other
brothers, James, son of Zebedee, and his brother John, in the boat with their
father Zebedee mending their nets and he called them. Immediately they left the
boat and their father and followed him.” Jenna what’s happenin for St. Andrew for
you today? I think I’m jealous of Andrew, like I
think I’m jealous of the clarity of what it looks like for him to follow Jesus
yeah I think yeah I mean I guess I think it’s it’s easy when Jesus shows up and
says follow me and here’s what that looks like put down your nets let’s
let’s a walk and bring this guy with you right? And so I guess I think about what
are the ways that what are the ways that we get clarity in what it looks like to
be faithful and follow Jesus and so like I don’t know bring a buddy with you
right you know what are the practices of the church that can kind of help keep us
tethered to the to the to the call itself not the not the particulars of
what a call might look like but what is the thing that Jesus calls us to do and
following what are the things that Jesus calls us to do and following him and the
ways that kind of the practices of the church helped me stay faithful to that.
okay well I am thinking about as I think I was last year
the Brotherhood of St. Andrew who which is one of the first groups formed by
this fledgling community calling itself Holy Trinity back in 1892 and which
continues today. It’s a group of men devoting themselves to service and
prayer and study and they have been doing that work for quite a while and
it’s good work and and they it’s please I know I’m gonna say right that’s
that’s exactly I’m talking about like prayer study service like the practice
of the church that keep us faithful to the call. That is what they do.
yeah that’s their that’s yeah and they are they to do other things individually
but when Brotherhood gets together that’s what they do they study pray and
serve so the things I’ve been thinking about it though is that I often hear
from well from all kinds of people but I’m thinking particularly about men who
are drawn to those kinds of things but they don’t find their way to the brotherhood of St. Andrew and and it’s it’s sometimes perplexing I
know it is for the for the guys in the Brotherhood but it’s it’s perplexing to
me why the things they’re about are the same things that a lot of people say
that they’re they’re feeling drawn to but they don’t get together and the only
thing I’ve come to this far is that it may be to tie it back to your clarity is
how do we how do we invite people more and more into prayer service and study
verses into a group that meets on twice a month on Mondays at so-and-so o’clock
and you know and that kind of thing and and that’s not a dig on on anybody
or any of the ways that we do but it’s just fascinating that that piece
continues to kind of grab my attention that that what what this group is about
these these people say they’re interested in but they don’t often
connect and anyway that’s just what it’s about. Well make an invitation. Well yeah that’s
that’s what I’m really doing is just trying to do that you should men, if
you’re watching this and you’re not in the Brotherhood of st. Andrew I don’t
know if you want to join them but you should know about them and find out what
they’re about and find out how what they’re about could be a part of what
you are about and we’ll call a buddy. we’ll and we’ll ask st. Andrew to pray
for them as they do that work all right let’s ask him to pray for us now. Almighty God who gave such grace to your
apostle Andrew that he readily obeyed the call of your son Jesus Christ and
brought his brother with him, give us who are called by your holy word grace to
follow him without delay and to bring those near to us into his gracious
presence who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit one God now and
forever, Amen. alright thanks everybody happy
st. Andrew, have some fish for dinner. have some fish for dinner. Don’t have
people though they’re not very tasty .bBe everybody.

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