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Kenyan Delicacies The Hague – African, Fresh, Delicious

Kenyan Delicacies The Hague – African, Fresh, Delicious

My names are Betty Bifwoli. I’m the
CEO and founder of Kenyan delicacies I started this company three years ago and
the main reasons why I started it is, because I wanted to introduce Kenyan
cuisine to the Dutch market. We make our food with the Kenyan spices so our food
really tastes different and we source from the best places in the Netherlands so we
are inviting everyone to come and taste nice food. The customers we are targeting
are, everyone who loves good food. Because we have different dishes ranging from very traditional food like Ugali and fish and traditional vegetables
and also other foods like Samosas. We have Pilau, we have grilled meats, we have
different kinds of curries that we also serve. If you want celebrate your
birthday you can book with us. We do catering also here and we also do
cooking workshops. If you would like to come and learn how to make Kenyan food
you are welcome to reserve with us and then we can teach you how to make Kenyan
food through our cooking workshops. We do takeaways and you don’t need to
make a reservation to come to our food hall. You just need to walk in and we always
have ready food or if it’s not ready we take a few minutes to prepare the
food because most of our customers are on the go and some of them we know they
work nearby so people are always coming for quick food and we are used to
preparing food on time. The last Saturday of the month, we have buffets where we give
people an opportunity to come and taste the different dishes that we have. Kenyan
Delicacies is at Mingle Mush food hall. We are opposite the new Babylon hotel
and we are less than a minute from Den Haag Central Station from the behind
exit. We welcomed you. We are open from noon up to 9 p.m. every day Monday to

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