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Largest Vegetarian Feast in India – Aranmula Vallasadya

Largest Vegetarian Feast in India – Aranmula Vallasadya

Kerala’s renowned as the festival
state with unique commemorations and rituals celebrated regularly in all
parts of the region Pathanamthitta, southern district that houses the major pilgrim center Sabarimala is recognized for the many festivals and rituals in its locality. Pathanamthitta, hosts Asia’s biggest Christian congregation the Maramon Convention and Padayani community activity involving the
meticulous work of hundreds of indigenous artists who perform rituals
to the mother goddess on the banks of the river Pamba. Another major attraction of Pathanamthitta is the Aranmula Boat Race a unique boat race that focuses more on its colorful pageantry than on the race Aranmula boat race showcases 51 snake
boats from 51 provinces that are all from within a radius of 10 to 15 kilometers around the temple These 51 snake boats known as Palliyodams or boats of the Lord are festooned with colorful decorations and are essential to the celebration As a ritual offering to Lord
Parthasarathy of Aranmula temple the oarsman of the snake boats are offered the Valla Sadya or feast to boatman in a very special ritual offering The feasts are organized at the temple during 62 days that roughly fall between August and
September each year with a repertoire of more than 70 dishes it is probably one of the largest vegetarian feast anywhere in India The feast boasts a menu of 70 food items including seven pickles and four types of chips followed by more than 10 snacks of which three-two are of plantain variety The meal also includes five
types of Payasams, the sweet dessert of Kerala Crew of the Palliyodam, especially invited for the occasion and there are often as many as 15 Valla Sadya’s on any given day during the festival period The oarsmen who are usually experts in boat songs perform special songs for the feast by praising Lord Parthasarathy of Aranmula and then their songs become more playful and include boisterous demands of particular dishes that they wish to be served. The elaborate feast which lasts for
more than two hours and is part of an event that combines ritual offerings, sports, music and cuisine is a rare experience.

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  1. It is right. It is the most unforgettable and rare experience I had in my life. In year 2011 I got a blessed opportunity to have the great "Vallasadhya", the poojas and ceremonies along with this. I have to visit the temple again. I will do it. More over Pathanamtitta district is very beautiful.

  2. i would like to take food in a malayalam brahmans house once. can any malayalam brahman family invite me

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