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Le gala de la paix

Le gala de la paix

Thursday 11 July 2018, Brussels is under a state of siege
in order to “secure” the NATO summit Following numerous negotiations, activists managed to be granted a space
to protest not far from the summit This area, of only a few square metres
and surrounded by barbed wire, is named by the authorities:
THE FREE EXPRESSION SPACE I would like to tell you
the story of this bird. This story begins
on the 6 August 1945 in Japan. It’s a beautiful day
that begins and when the inhabitants
wake up, there is a strange small
package that drops from the sky. And this small package,
is the first nuclear bomb that going to explode
in the city of Hiroshima. In a few seconds,
the city is razed to the ground, and there are
70 000 victims. And in this village,
there is a two years old girl, Sadako and her family survive. Ten years later,
when she is twelve, she collapses. And the doctors
will diagnose her with cancer of the blood. An illness from the bomb. A friend from her class
at school tells her: We have a legend. And this legend, says that if we fold
1000 origami cranes, we can make a wish, and that our wish will come true. Can you guess
what Sadako wished for? Can you guess? To stay alive. She starts folding origamis. She holds on to this legend. And she makes: 10 birds, 20, 50. 100… 200 … 300 You need a lot of paper
to fold one thousand origami birds. The nurses in the hospital give her all the paper
from medical prescriptions to make more and more birds. 300…350…400… 450…500… And then the doctors
are surprised, because the girl’s condition gets better. And so she leaves the hospital. And again,
she falls. They put her back in hospital, and she continues folding paper. 510…520…550… 570…600…620…630… 635, 636, 637, 638, 640… 641, 642, 643, 644… 644, she dies. It was not a Walt Disney’s story It was Hiroshima. 140 000 victimes Today in 2018, I am telling you
the story of Sadako. And it’s our gala. It’s our gala for peace. That’s the story of the bird.
That we are holding on our heads. It’s not just because it’s pretty. It’s not just because we are mad. We can continue folding paper birds. Can we ? NATO maintains the largest stock
of nuclear weapons. Ready to blow up the world.

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  1. très belle vidéo, très juste et très délicate dans sa facture, également très inventive au niveau de l'articulation de la bande image et de la bande-son. Bravo à ZIN TV

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