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Learn the Top 10 Chinese Foods

Learn the Top 10 Chinese Foods

Want to speak real Chinese from your first lesson? Sign up for your free lifetime account at Hi, guys, welcome! Today our topic is 10 Chinese food! ho ho ho, my favorite topic! Let’s begin, let’s see what we have in this lesson. 拉面
“ramen; pot noodles” 它为什么叫拉面?因为它是拉出来的。
(Tā wèishénme jiào lāmiàn? Yīnwèi tā shì lā chūlái de.) “Why is it called pot noodles? Because the dough is stretched into thin noodles.” And drop the noodles into the water and boil it, so you get your ramen. The most famous ramen in China it’s 兰州拉面 (Lánzhōu lāmiàn). 兰州(Lánzhōu) is a place in the north of China. 炒饭
“fried rice” Chinese people really love rice, so they can cook lots of style of rice. Fried rice is one of them, and the most famous is 兰州炒饭 (Lánzhōu chǎofàn). “Lanzhou Chaofan is made of, of course, rice and green beans, and sometimes with corn.” 兰州炒饭是由米饭、绿豆还有玉米炒成的。
(Lánzhōu chǎofàn shì yóu mǐfàn, lǜ dòu hái yǒu yùmǐ chǎo chéng de.) 咕咾肉
(gūlǎo ròu)
“sweet and sour pork” The dish of 咕咾肉 (gūlǎo ròu) use the pineapple so it tastes a little bit sweet and sour 因为咕咾肉里用了菠萝,所以它吃起来比较甜和酸。
(Yīnwèi gūlǎo ròu lǐ yòngle bōluó, suǒyǐ tā chī qǐlai bǐjiào tián hé suān.) 叉烧
“charsiu; Chinese barbecue pork” I like this one the most, because it’s the pork ribs. 叉烧吃起来又甜又咸。
(Chāshāo chī qǐlai yòu tián yòu xián.)
“The taste of Charsiu is sweet and salty.” 北京烤鸭
(Běijīng kǎoyā)
“Peking duck” 北京烤鸭应该是中国最出名的菜了。
(Běijīng kǎoyā yīnggāi shì Zhōngguó zuì chūmíng de cài le.) “Peking duck may be the most popular dish among all Chinese cuisine.” 最出名的烤鸭是全聚德烤鸭
(Zuì chūmíng de kǎoyā shì quán jù dé kǎoyā) And for the most famous roast duck, it’s 全聚德
(quán jù dé)
roast ducks. 宫保鸡丁
(Gōngbǎo jīdīng)
“Kung-pao chicken” 宫保鸡丁尝起来有些甜也有些酸。
(Gōngbǎo jīdīng cháng qǐlai yǒuxiē tián yě yǒuxiē suān.) “Kungpao chicken tastes sweet and a little bit sour.” 宫保鸡丁是由鸡肉、花生还有黄瓜组成的。
(Gōngbǎo jīdīng shì yóu jīròu , huāshēng hái yǒu huángguā zǔchéng de.) “Kungpao chicken is made of chicken, of course, and peanut and cucumber.” 小笼包
“Xiaolongbao; soup dumpling” 小笼包好吃是因为皮儿薄,肉大,汁多。
(Xiǎolóngbāo hǎochī shì yīnwèi pi’er báo, ròu dà, zhī duō.) “The reason why Xiaolongbao is so delicious is because the skin is really thin, the meat is abundant, and it’s very juicy.” You can drink the soup first. And if you buy xiaolongbao in Shanghai, there will be a straw in the middle of the xiaolongbao, so you can use the straw to drink the dumplings soup. this is my xiaolongbao, haha! 我要开吃啦。
(Wǒ yào kāi chī la.)
“I’m going to eat now.” Dangerous! Because it’s so hot, so please be careful. 粥
“congee” 我每天早晨的早餐都是粥。
(Wǒ měi tiān zǎochén de zǎocān dōu shì zhōu.) “I eat congee every day for my breakfast.” 粥有很多种类。
(Zhōu yǒu hěnduō zhǒnglèi.) “Congee has lots of varieties.” For example, 小米粥
(xiǎomǐ zhōu) , 绿豆粥
(lǜ dòu zhōu), 玉米粥
(yùmǐ zhōu ) And my favorite is 皮蛋瘦肉粥
(pídàn shòuròu zhōu), it’s made with minced pork and thousand-years-egg. 粽子 (zòngzi) “rice dumpling” “We eat rice dumplings at the Dragon Boat Festival.” 我们在端午节的时候吃粽子。
(Wǒmen zài Duānwǔjié de shíhou chī zòngzi.) 粽子是由黏米制成的。
(Zòngzi shì yóu niánmǐ zhì chéng de.) “Rice dumplings are made with sticky rice.” It can be salty and sweet; the Northern people like the sweet rice dumpling, and the Southern people like the salty rice dumpling. 月饼
“moon cake” 我们在中秋节的时候一边吃月饼一边赏月。 (Wǒmen zài Zhōngqiūjié de shíhou yìbiān chī yuèbǐng yìbiān shǎng yuè.) “We eat moon cakes at the Mid-Autumn Festival and also watch the moon.” Okay, guys, that’s all for today! Today we learn 10 Chinese food. What’s your favorite food? Please tell me! My favorite Chinese food is the 叉烧肉(chāshāo ròu), and also 粥 (zhōu). Okay, let’s go for today! Thanks for watching! Don’t forget to subscribe. See you next time, bye-bye! Don’t forget to subscribe! Don’t forget to subscribe!

13 thoughts on “Learn the Top 10 Chinese Foods”

  1. Don't forget to subscribe:) Thanks for the lesson Yuting! I like the way you say "Pineapple" — "Peenapple"

  2. I think Yuting the presenter said "Pulled Noodle" rather than "Pot Noodle", because "la-mian" means Pulled or Stretched Noodle.

  3. My son came to visit (me in Hubei) for spring festival. He took the authentic Gong Bo Ji Ding recipe home with him as it's his favourite. He cooked it for a staff meal (he's a chef) with only half the chili. Everyone complained it was too hot!!

  4. I have been 4 weeks in China two years ago, I think I ate all of these 10 meals, didn't know what they were called though. 🙂 I remember the dumplings, noodles and moon cake.

  5. Chinese food is the best. I lived there for 2 years in mainland china. Although most of the time i just had rice without salt or Noodle soup without broth or montau (steamed bun). I still enjoyed being there. I experienced the real life in china. I lived in authentic gongfu school. no fancy stuff there.

    People probably think ppl eat these fancy dishes all the time. But they do not. It is plain rice at lunch and dinner with 5 side dishes to share with 5 pl or more like tomato and egg and beef and celery or lotus root. The chao mian or gong boa ji ding is just what the tourist or locals eat in restaurants. Those dishes are good. But it is not average meal in china.

    When i was in hong kong that food was insane there. I got to some shady market under a viaduct, where no white man has gone before. And got the best cantonese roasted pork and duck i ever tasted. A pound was about 20 HK$ which was 2 euro for me. That shit goes probably for 20 times that prices in the west in hi end restaurants.

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