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Let’s Do This | 해봅시다 [Gag Concert / 2019.02.02]

Let’s Do This | 해봅시다 [Gag Concert / 2019.02.02]

(Let’s Do This) Chief Lee. How’s the commercial for Gulp Water coming? Manager Jeong has it ready. – Let’s go watch it! / – Alright. Hello, Mr. Advertiser! I worked really hard on the Gulp Water commercial! You talk too much. I wish you’d swallow your words. Gulp. Let’s watch the commercial. Alright. Come on in! A lot of pretty girls in here! Come in! Come on in, sir! How are the ladies tonight? So many hotties, sir! Look at this! Wow! This water is great! For good water, Gulp Water! That made no sense. Do you take me for a fool? Put more effort into it! I want a commercial that’s fresh! Please. – Add freshness to the commercial? / – Yes! I can do that. Let’s watch it now. Sangeun. Teacher. I know you’re drinking tap water because you didn’t pack a lunch. Oh… Don’t drink tap water. Drink this water instead. It’s more filling. Thank you!. To fill you up, Gulp Water! Why did she give the kid water instead of food? He was drinking water already. You call that a gift? Sir, calm down. I have a gift for you. A gift. Standing water! Then, is this lying water? That was lame. You’ll be crying when I’m done with you. – I’m sorry. / – Make the commercial right. I want you to change all these actors. And I want an A-lister model. Make it good, okay? I have an A-lister model ready. Let’s watch it now! Hello, I’m Kim Jongmin. This water… This water has a lot of minerals… It’s really… Umm… Refreshing and… It’s… It’s… Oh! It’s sludge water! – Sludge water? / – No… Our water is sludge water? Kim Jongmin dancing was great. But why can’t he say the lines? That’s it. Show him a script… – And just have him read from it, okay? / – Yes. Hey, lower the curtain. Lower it! Alright. Okay. Not okay. – Hot… SK? / – No, no. It’s Okhotsk. – 700m deep… / – Yeah. It’s good water. What was that all about? Okay, okay. How about this idea? What’s Kim Jongmin known for? Being pure. And what’s our water known for? Being pure! Let’s combine the pureness and make a great commercial. – Make the commercial pure? / – Yes! I can do that. Let’s watch it. – Dad! I have a question! / – What is it? What’s that water for? I’m going to wash my feet in this water. Oh, then let me wash your feet, dad. Alright. Here. You’re a great son. – I see things floating in the water. / – Alright… – Dad! / – Yeah? – I have a question! / – What is it? What’s that water for? You fool. I’m going to wash my face with that water. – Then let me wash your face for you. / – Okay. You’re a great son. – Dad! I have a question! / – What? What? What’s that water for? You fool! How many times have I told you? Your grandpa will brush his teeth with that water. Oh… – Grandpa, brush your teeth. / – Thanks! Let me get you water to rinse your mouth with. Brush your teeth. Thanks! Do you take me for a fool? It went up my nose… Gulp Water! Geez… What was that? I’m furious right now! Sir. please calm down. Cool down with this water. That’s pretty thoughtful of you, Chief Lee. I should give you a raise. – Yes! / – That’s cold. Make the commercial funny. Come up with a good idea. Those kinds of commercials are popular. I can make a funny one. Let’s watch it now. I’ll give you a word related to water. Make up a Korean poem and if it isn’t funny… – You’ll be punished! / – Save us! You first, Kim Junho. Your word is ocean. Ocean? “O!” I went to the beach… “Cean!” And took it all off. I’m sorry! That wasn’t funny at all! – I’ll give you another chance. / – Okay. Your next word is streamside. “Stream!” I went to the streamside… “Side!” And didn’t cover up at all. That’s disgusting… You’re not funny at all. Next is Kim Jongmin. Your punishment won’t be water. It’s this gourd. – Your word… / – Yes. Is Shinji! Shinji? That’s not a word related to water. Whatever. Just do it. “Shin!” You all think Shinji is scary. That’s just her TV persona. “Ji!” She’s really scary! That was funny. That was funny. Nobody really laughed. No, as long as I find it funny. Really? This is the last one. Your last word… Is Koyote. You did the word bath for the rehearsal. Wow! What is this? – We changed the word before the shoot. / – Yeah. It’s Koyote. The great Jongmin can’t improvise this? Koyote. Don’t look at me. I can’t help you. Go right into it. “Ko!” In Korea! “Yo!” No matter where you look! “Te!” “Te…” – “Te…” / – Too late! It didn’t crack. Sorry about that. It didn’t crack. That felt like a stone. Anyway… I’m disappointed in you, Jongmin. Watch what Junho does and learn from him! (This wasn’t in the script, so he has to improvise) I’ll do… – Let’s see how good you are. / – I’ll do bath. Bath. Your word… Is gambling! What? Come on… We can’t air that. You did the word Koyote for the rehearsal. What did you come up with for “Te?” But we changed up the word before the shoot! Alright… “Gam!” “Gam?” – “Gam?” / – This is unscripted, people. Do not gamble. You’ll get in big trouble. “Bling!” “Bling…” Get over here. I can’t come up with “bling.” The end!

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  1. 김종민씨 정말 좋아요. 김종민, 김준호, 김대희 is good match together. I hope they have more skits together. 너무 재밌어요 👍

  2. I love when 2D1N members supports each other.. 💕 its always epic.. they always make me laugh when i feel so down 💕

  3. I really wish that one day I can go to Korea and watch gag concert but at the same time… I need an English sub HAHA
    ++ this year gag concert really is up to par with the 2013 ones IM ENJOYING IT

  4. Remember each member forever! I love you Kim Junho, Cha Taehyun, Kim Jongmin. Yoon Donggu, Defconn, Kim Joohyuk and the trouble maker, criminal and scandal maknae, Jung Joonyoung. I love each of you, so so so much. Thank you for everything Kim Junho & Cha Taehyun. I’m typing this while crying 😢😭💔 why Joonyoung why? I really love each of you. 2Days1night is the reason I’m happy. I really love you guys as whole 7. My husband Donggu is the Rockyoon. Kim Junho is the sly. Kim Jongmin is the excited fool. Cha Taehyun is the strong thighs. Defconn is the worried pig. Jung Joonyoung is the genius (yeah genius for causing trouble scandals and more. The reason why season 3 stop is all because of him) and of course one and only Gutaeng hyung, the most loving & responsible late Kim Joohyuk. I will always remember you guys forever and ever in my heart! I LOVE YOU ILBAKK IL!!!! 2 DAYS 1 NIGHT FIGHTING! SARANGHAEYO 2D1N!! Thank you so much to all the pd. pd Hyojin pd Ilyong pd Kim. Jongmin yahhhhhhh I know it hurts you. I know that you pray for 2Days1night success in many more years in Salty Tour. I know you’re a good man, innocent and pure. Stay strong Jongmin yah and I’m sorry as your fan & 2d1n number 1 fan I cannot do anything for this show. The only way to show that I love you guys is through supports. I’ll always support 6 of you. Gutaeng hyung must be sad now ☹️😢😔😞 Thank you Kim Junho & Kim Jongmin for all the laughters that you guys brought into my life. I’ll never see u guys fighting anymore. 2d1n is the number 1 show that I love in Korea. Thank you Kim Junho used to strip your clothes for us to laugh and thank you for being a responsible hyung when you bald your head to apologise for the sake of maknae Jung Joonyoung. Cha Taehyun your laughs is the most that I missed. I love you. SARANGHAE. Saranghae. saranghae. 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋 REMEMBER THE MEMBER FOREVER!!!!! ILBBAK ILLL!!!! ✌🏻☝🏻😭😢🙁☹️😔😞😭😭🥰😘😍💋

  5. I hate KBS. Poor Uncle Junho and Uncle Taehyun. Kim Junho can't appear in Gap Concert anymore just because they blow up everything.

  6. Look at how Jun Ho love his job and how he love to be with his colleagues. He can't just give up his career. He's a pillar of this show and 2days 1night. Protect him KBS!

  7. جالب کیم جونو اینجا می گه قمار نکنید . در واقع خودش می دونست کار درستی نیست . وقتی به این قضیه فکر می کنم . واقعا مسئله کیم جونو و چاتهیون . فقط بازی بود و برای هیجان بیشتر این کار و انجام دادن و بعد پول برگردوند . واقعا مسائل به این سادگی . بنظرم به هیچ عنوان اشتباه نیست . اونم این که بخاطره همچین مسئله ساده ای خودشون و بکشن کنار . واقعا شما کارمندای کی بی اس ، ادمهای عجیب غریبی هستید. راحت دوست خود را به همین راحتی رها می کنید .

  8. i think the fact that kim junho likes gambling is well known to his peers. I got goosebumps after watching the '*gambling*' part. what a coincidence

  9. Omg all the unscripted scene. 😂😂😂😂
    I hope Kim Junho can come back again on Gag Concert. This show is like his life. He has been devoted to this show since debut, but kbs played dirty to him.

  10. i miss you junho oppa, watching all the show because i miss 1n2d members junho, taehyun, jongmin defconn, donggu🤧🤧😭

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