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Liquicity Festival 2019 Aftermovie

Liquicity Festival 2019 Aftermovie

I love the fact that everyone here is so happy and everyone is so nice. People are very nice, very open. Everyone here is on the same vibe You can just like link with anyone And have the best time, basically. There is no negativity. Everyone is just like about to go down and dance. Everybody is chilled out, Music is brilliant. You can enjoy with everyone Just like now, I just met these guys. If I would describe Liquicity in one word I would say family Because everyone is just so nice to each other and just wanna have a good time together. Magic. Happiness. Vibey. Sexual. Vibes. Incredible. Family most of all. Awesome, just on big family! Just family is the word, family. Come here for this damn nice festival!

100 thoughts on “Liquicity Festival 2019 Aftermovie”

  1. So many good memories! 😌Will we see you at Liquicity Festival 2020? More info & tickets at:

  2. The only problem I see, is that you cant give people a musical impression with this aftermovie. this is 30% of the music max. the rest is way harder, but also way better 🙂

  3. Yooooo! Front row 2:12 black hoodie arms up that’s me! All the way from Australia, first time at the galaxy of dreams and you bet your ass I’ll be there next year! 😍😍

  4. just so you know, i'm lighting a joint before watching the video so i can fully embrace it.
    but i can already say i want to go there!

  5. When I die please send my soul to an eternal liquicity festival

    This is why I love drum & bass thank you for existing liquicity ✌

  6. That's just a new way of editing to music. Specially the build up till the first drop kicks in is just very very well done. Each section of the first song introduces a new part of the story. Each cut afterwards is a match-cut till the sequence is done. It's also a typical three act cinematic structure I've never seen in a event aftermovie of a festival… Everybody here is talking about transitions well editing but even the cut from space to a human eye seems kinda philosophical and the way liquicity stands for. The Songs are just really well choosed and have they own magic impact! I love the "stand up" sequence when Maduks tune comes in… For me as a professional editor I just can say…I couldnt do this even in 100 hours..Well done Liqucity !

  7. Guuuuuuys what an outstanding clip… Contains everything important… Shivers down my spine…proud to be a part of the family!!!

  8. It's a very nice edit with a lot of good scenes :3 It's a shame tho, that Furrite and me aren't in there again, but oh well, next year another try! :3 Keep the vibe up and see you next time!!!

  9. This is Amazing! You should team up with Royal Caribbean Cruise Line to coordinate events at their private island destinations! They can just charge the cruisers for the festival as an excursion!

  10. So great ! What a legendary aftermovie. Honestly, this is one of the best aftermovies that I saw this year. Fantastic. Great. Excellent. Long life to Liquicity. ✌🏻

  11. This was my first festival ever and I have so many great memories of it. Thank you to everyone that made it so special <3

  12. What i love is that finally we have a festival 100% liquid, every body understand that you need space to dance, only happiness, good music, good vibes and good dance!! LOVED IT see you next year!!

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