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‘Little Korea’ in Vietnam – festival in Ho Chi Minh City celebrates S. Korea-Vietnam ties

‘Little Korea’ in Vietnam – festival in Ho Chi Minh City celebrates S. Korea-Vietnam ties

A celebration of 25 years of close ties between
South Korea and Vietnam is taking place in Ho Chi Minh City. The festival offering K-pop concerts, food-tasting,
art displays and many more, is drawing thousands of visitors every day. The organizers hope it will give local residents
a taste of Korea’s traditional and modern culture. Lee Unshin has this story. An array of traditional and popular Korean
dishes. A fashion show featuring classic Korean dresses
with a contemporary twist. In the heart of Vietnam’s largest city, Korean
culture is in the limetlight. (Standup)
This park in central Ho Chi Minh city has turned into a ‘little Korea.’ Local residents are dropping by here to check
out everything from food, beauty products to popular Korean music, traditional and modern
– all afternoon and into the night. This is the Ho Chi Minh City-Gyeongju World
Culture Expo 2017, a month-long festival organized by the Korean city of Gyeongju and the Vietnamese
city of Ho Chi Minh. The event commemorates the 25th anniversary
of the establishment of diplomatic ties between Seoul and Hanoi through a platform offering
a wide range of hands-on activities regarding Korean culture for local residents. (Vietnamese)
“I thought I’d stop by after work. I’ve always been interested in Korean history. Moreover, I have relatives living in Korea
now. I’m planning to visit them and explore around
Seoul so I want to learn more about Korea.” (English)
“I really like Korean break dancers, they’re super powerful and creative. And Korean people are doing many businesses
in Vietnam…So if our relationship gets better it will be very good for both countries.” Dancing to the rhythm of K-pop music, trying
on Korean makeup products, following the latest Korean TV dramas… the popularity and influence
of Korean popular culture is widely evident in Vietnam. But the expo aims at highlighting not only
the aspects of Korea today, but also the traditions and history that constitute the foundations
of Korean culture. (Vietnamese)
“I put on hanbok, the traditional dress of Korea. I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time
now. I love Korean dramas and k-pop music and through
those I learned a lot about Korean culture. I’ve been coming to this festival for days
now, and I’ve even learned how to write my name in Korean here.” (Korean)
“Many young Vietnamese people told me they enjoyed the traditional Korean food I’m serving
here. They also thanked me in Korean. It puts a smile on my face.” With art exhibitions, mini concerts, food
stalls, and even runway shows,..the festival has already lured more than 3 million visitors
so far, reflecting a deep cultural connection and understanding between Korea and Vietnam
and forecasting a promising future in their bilateral partnership. Lee Unshin Arirang News, Ho Chi Minh City.

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  1. Don't you guys hang dogs and then boil them the life and then cut their paws off watch them scream and then cut their stomachs out

  2. Vietnamese people are amazing, even after we massacred people they are still forgiving and gracious. Although I am proud of the Korean soldiers that fought in Vietnam to stop communism, I am not proud of those individuals that committed horrible war crimes.

  3. 한국 젊은이들이 부당하게 승강기 패널을 쫓아 사과하고 보상했다.

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