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Love Live! School Idol Festival ALL STARS 【スクスタ】Refreshing Hike! – Episode 4 (ENG SUB)

Love Live! School Idol Festival ALL STARS 【スクスタ】Refreshing Hike! – Episode 4 (ENG SUB)

Eli: Ah~! The air in the forest really is different. The freshness feels good~. Just breathing cleanses my fatigue. Kanata: The sunlight filtering through the leaves are pretty too~. It’s not too bright or dark… And the occasional birds we can hear really make me feel nice and sleepy… *yawn* Umi: Kanata, please don’t sleep at least until we reach a rest stop. The trail we’re on is paved, but it’s still dangerous to go hiking without paying attention to where you’re going. Eli: Ah! There’s a bird stopping on that branch. What kind of bird is that, I wonder? Hanamaru: Wait, I’ll look it up, zura. I brought a wild bird field guide from home ♪ I brought some binoculars too. Here goes~ Yoshiko: Isn’t that stuff way too heavy to put in your bag!? Hanamaru: The significance of knowledge cannot be overstated, zura~. I’ll go ahead and look at the bird Eli-san saw and examine it with these binoculars. Eli-san, where was the bird you saw? Eli: Over the- huh? It seems like it’s flown off somewhere… Umi: It seems like the sunlight doesn’t reach here… I think we’ve made a lot of progress so far. Everyone, are you doing alright? Still following along fine? Yoshiko: What a foolish question! You think a mere hiking trail will defeat me!? Kanata: Yoshiko-chan, you’re more energetic than when we started, huh? Yoshiko: Not Yoshiko! Heh, I will forgive you though. The mountain is a chaotic spirit world where gods and demons dwell! As I continue upward, my power only grows further! Umi: I have no idea what you just said. Hanamaru: She’s probably excited because being in a dark forest is a new experience for her, zura. Eli: Ah! Hanamaru: Zura!? E-Eli-san? What happened!? Eli: T-that bush just moved… I-is there something there… Hanamaru, please take a look…! Hanamaru: I-I got it, zura… um… It’s alright, there’s nothing there. Eli: Really…? Eli: *scream* Hanamaru: Eli-san!? Yoshiko: Whoa! That came out of nowhere! Kanata: What was it~? Eli: *more screaming and running away* Umi: Eli! Wait, where are you going!? Eli-…! Hanamaru: …B-but I didn’t see anything, zura. Yoshiko: She’s fast… wait! Isn’t she running completely off the trail!? Kanata: If we don’t follow her… it’d be bad, huh… Umi: Yes. We have no choice but to go after her. Everyone, let’s go! Hanamaru/Yoshiko/Kanata: Yeah!

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