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#MakeTodayMatter – Inspiration Gala Day

#MakeTodayMatter – Inspiration Gala Day

Nov.8th Inspiration Gala Day How you doing? Good to see you. How you doing Larry? We learned of your dream of having an inspirational gala evening for young woman. We’ve got a whole team of volunteers together, to help make today matter. We’re not going to wait for the future to make this happen, we’re going to do it now. Sound good? Is this real? It’s absolutely real. Come here. I have two boys and one girl. Larry has three kids of his own. 10 years ago I adopted 2 girls. Children that are in foster care they are fighters but they never get that boost of people making them feel better about themselves. They’re on their own, they’re alone, they want to just feel like they belong. These kids they can’t be forgotten. It’s going to be a ball extravaganza for foster girls. A gala in one day. Yes! Candace! Guess what? They’re allowing me to do a ball event for girls. Stop lying to me. I’m not lying. Oh my god. So awesome. Ok girl I’ll be seeing you. Oh wow. That is so sweet. You like those daisies? Ya I do. That’s beautiful. It’s going to build their confidence. Encourage them that they’re special. That they’re beautiful inside and out. Hi Guys. I was asked what would you do if you had the opportunity to do something great. I said I’m going to host a big event, in a beautiful venue, and these girls are going have dresses, makeovers, their hair done. Today! Today! Common guys! Well, I didn’t expect all of this. They just told us we were going to a banquet. I feel like I’m a superstar! When I got here I started crying because I never experienced anything like this before. When you’re dealing with youth that have nothing and they come from nowhere, just to say I love you can change their whole world Good evening everybody. Welcome to the inspiration gala. These beautiful young ladies who are growing up in the system, ladies you are phenomenal. Girls. You’re not alone. And I’m never going to quit, and I’m never going to stop because you matter.
It’s going to build their confidence. Encourage them that they’re special. That they’re beautiful inside and out. I feel so grateful for being here. This was really nice. Wasn’t this nice? I just want to say I love her. I love them. They are two great strong, inspirational woman that I just really look up to. This is something that they will never ever ever forget. 24 hours. 24 hours! But it happened. Make today Matter! #MakeTodayMatter When you #MakeTodayMatter you make tomorrow brighter. TD logo enters See more inspiring stories at Team Gear Day, Accessibility Reno Day, Journee de visite surprise

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  1. WOW I know her Candice she takes in homeless kids this really nice. These women are a living inspiration to what it means to give. Bravo TD Bank you couldn't have helped better people.

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