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What’s up, guys? Welcome back to Vagabrothers. We are wrapping up our road trip to the north of England today in Manchester, England’s second largest city and a crucial player in the story of the north. We are starting off by meeting up with John Consardine, who does a black cab tour of the city, and then this afternoon, we’re going to link up with Hannah Witton. She’s a local You Tuber, and she’s going to show us around the Northern Quarter. Should be fun. You guys ready? Let’s do it. Good morning, guys. It’s a nice and quiet day here in Manchester. We are at the Castle Fields Canals. These canals actually go all the way to London and link up Leeds and Liverpool, the arteries of that industrial time. John is coming with his black cab, and we’re going to check out some more of the city. Hello. How’s it going? Hi. How are you?….Marko Hi Marko. I’m John. Pleased to meet you. Nice to meet you. Welcome to Manchester Thank you so much. Hi. How are you? O.k. Let’s go the the Northern Quarter. Your wish is my command. Can you tell us a bit about what the Northern Quarter was and how it is changing? Well ,the Northern Quarter, as you’ll see when we get there, is we negotiate our way through the city streets. It’s the northern destination area within the city So this area’s like the sort of hipster area, the trendy area in town. There’s lots of little record shops, bars and restaurants, coffee shops, and tea shops, little art galleries, the craft and design areas. Well it sounds good to us, so we’re driving over to the Northern Quarter, and we’re going to meet up with Hannah Witton, who is a fellow You Tuber and also a Mancunian. Get our hipster on in the Northern Quarter. Should be fun. O.K. The day progresses, and we have just arrived into the Northern Quarter. We’re heading to a place called Ziferblat which is pretty much like a co-working space. So we’re going to re-caffeinate and meet up with Hannah. Hi. I’m Ben Davis, and we’re in Ziferblat, which is a pay-per-minute sitting room. We charge 6 pence a minute, and everything else is free. It’s all tea, coffee, biscuits, cakes, fruits cereal, toast….all unlimited, all self serve. Treat like it’s your own flat place. We started here January 2015 The whole idea was that you could have a space and sit somewhere where you could just relax. So, you’d either meet a mate or if you want to do some work, people can come and do some wifi and strong coffee, and they sit here and do work all day instead of working from home. This would be a great spot to just come and post up, edit some videos or if you’re in college, write an essay, hang out, meet people, conversation. I like it. This place is pretty cool. Definitely enjoying the vibe. It’s really cool to see how……… it’s part of the shift, I guess…… how Manchester used to be this big industrial city and now you see creative types coming in here working with their computers in a place like this. Certainly not a factory floor. I don’t think that factory workers back in the day had all they can drink coffee and food on the table like that. Guys and ladies and gents, I present Hannah Witton. Hello. She is an awesome person, an amazing You Tuber, and you’re going to be showing us around the Northern Quarter. Yeah. I’m a Mancunian, by the way. She is a local. We should say that. How long has it been since you’ve lived here? It’s been six years since I’ve lived here. Feels weird. But I come back quite regularly. Do you see the city changing? I see some things that closed down and then new things open again, especially where I’m from in Chorlton There’s always a new bar or a new fried chicken shop. Oh that’s new. Although my favorite kabob place just closed down. I saw that last night while walking past, and I was like….no Zam Zam! Really sad about that. Are you hungry because I think it’s lunch time? Is it lunch time? Yay. I like food. Okay, Let’s go. Time to eat. What’s the plan? Where are we? Lunch. Common. Common food, beer. Uncommonly good though. Let’s go. Boom. I love the U.K. It’s totally exceptable to have pints in the middle of the day Avocado, white bean, red pepper. Boom. Table talk with Hannah is always very fun. Oh yeah. If you guys haven’t seen her show, you should check it out. Actually, if you girls haven’t seen her show and boys, you boys need to know as well. It’s an education. I’m a bit short now…I’ll just go on my tippy toes… Food was good. Yeah. I think right now we’re going to head over to the Manchester Craft and Design Center. I know this for a fact, actually. It’s a Victorian building, and there are all these artist inside making cool things. Let’s go check it out. Time to cruise. I’ve never been here before. Nice. Let’s go. I already love it. I’m Christine ,and we’re here at the Manchester Craft and Design Center. It used to be a fish market, as you can see, but now we’ve got studios and shops here. There are 18 shops housing about 35 of the region’s most talented makers and designers. There we go. Wait. Hold on. The hair? Oh my god. Whose beard is better? Blast out the comments. Wait, wait. For all of you LOTR people. the common misconception is that there are no dwarf women But actually, it’s because they have a beard. Hi……… Oh….. squeezing, squeezing in. We’ve left the Northern Quarter. We’re out by the university. We’re at the Whitworth Art Gallery, which Hannah has a little story about, right? Yeah. When I was eight years old, the Whitworth Art Gallery ran a competition for a kid to design a character that would go on their website and show children around the website. And I designed this character called, Splodge. He was a guy who had a paint bucket and he had like patchwork stuff and splodges of paint all over him. And you won. And I won the competition. When I was eight years old, I got to come to the Whitworth and had an artist properly design Splodge, and I got to hold a Picasso painting. I touched a very expensive Picasso at age eight. I wonder if they’ll remember me? Cool. Hannah had the extremely bright idea of imitating Ferris Bueller’s Day Off the scene in the art gallery. 3-2-1 Got it. Cool Ferris, Sloane, Cameron. Now we just need that Ferrari. Where can people find your work? Go subscribe if you haven’t already. O.K. Cool. Bye Give us a hug. See you later. We’re going to go drink some beers in Chorlton! Have fun. Thanks for showing us around. See you later. Bye. Thank you , sir. Guys, unfortunately this trip… this series is coming to an end. It has been absolutely incredible. I think this has been one of the most amazing trips we’ve done. I think we’ve been able to experience the culture fully We started at the beginning with the Celts with the Romans. We moved into Christian culture, Viking culture, maritime heritage, Industrial Revolution, Romanticism, but these two vagabonds must journey on I feel like it was an ambitious project to try to trace the entire history of a country in a region, in a series of vlogs, but hopefully we accomplished it. I don’t know. You guys feel free to just chuck a comment in there and let us know how we did. I’m curious. I’m asking you what was your favorite moment from the trip? I have to say, I’m very, very, very, partial to all these industrial cities. I really like Leeds. I like Liverpool. I like Manchester. I really feel bad that we weren’t able to go to Newcastle. Disclaimer: we were supposed to go there, but our plane got delayed. We missed our entire first day Two planes got delayed. Yeah. We missed the entire first day of this trip during which we were supposed to go to Newcastle. So Newcastle, we owe you. What about you? What’s your favorite? It’s funny. You say the industrial cities. I was completely taken by Northumbria The first day … the first two days for me. The Duddo Standing Stones Lindisfarne Wow Gorgeous. Hadrian’s Wall. I’m kind of a dork about Roman history. I love it. And to be standing on that structure looking north….. I felt like John Snow on the wall. And the Lake District. The Lake District was next level….like seriously…. one of the most gorgeous places on the planet. And driving the Mini through all those little roads with the hedge rows. It was like Vagabrothers do Top Gear. This whole trip has been absolutely incredible and one that I would repeat in a heartbeat. We’re extremely curious to hear your favorite moments from the trip. So please put those in the comment section. Big thanks to Visit Britain for putting this all together. And if you’ve enjoyed this series or you’ve enjoyed this video, make sure you give it a thumbs-up, share it with your friends, and subscribe to Vagabrothers, if you haven’t already. And in the meantime, stay curious, keep exploring, and we’ll see all you guys on the road. Peace. Or should we say, cheerio? No cheerio. Never say cheerio, ever, Bro


  1. Love learning new things about where I live! This whole series is fab! I can't say much for Newcastle as I still need to tick that one off myself (later this year) but you guys would have loved Sheffield too!

  2. Really enjoyed this, well put together and full of interesting facts even for a brit like myself who hasn't been to any of these places. you struck just the right balance. Brilliant. !

  3. Just watched all the vids of this trip and it does make appropriate a whole lot more what the north has to offer in tourism.
    From a southerner.

  4. Eup lads love your videos especially Leeds it's my home town. If you ever go back to Leeds theres Royal Armories and Temple Newsom and National Coal Museum . Keep up the good work lads ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  5. Just watched the entire series in one go, you guys rock! I'm a Southerner, but have visited the North on holidays, but you take it to the next level. Loved the lake District episode, such a beautiful place. Keep it up guys, best series on YouTube by far.

  6. shithole…only people from manchester think it's great. full of stupid people and plain ugly. shit transport as well

  7. But you missed scilly isles 28m off cornwall , shetland islands nearer norwaye than scotland , and hebredes islands off western scotland but alas you cant go everywhere ive looked at loads of videos and more or less its london london london no disresect any of them or londoners for that matter and its thanks to you brothers we,re back on the map

  8. but you missed all of the whole point of going to Manchnester ..Ian curis landmarks / Lesser Free trade Hall where Sex Pistols performed influencing Joy Division, Buzzcocks and the Fall, and everything Mark E smith,.. shame now you have to go back and do another video.

  9. I've lived in Manchester for most of my life and it has stages. In the late 80's and early 90's everywhere you went in the city at night you would experience violence. After the bomb in 97 there was great hope and excitement. Things really seemed to pick up. Now however, I don't even recognise Manchester. There is no local culture as such. The best thing that perhaps is on the horizon is Manchester becoming a 'cycling city' under the direction of Chris Boardman.

  10. Top series lads with history, culture, present day and our quirks in 10 min vids and good to see you testing so many of our ales, next time please do Yorkshire Dales in summer, best countryside and beer bar none. Thanks

  11. Ace. Totally weird seeing your own city on someone else's vlog. Especially some of the areas you frequent a lot! Shame you didn't get to see the other parts of the city center. More of Spinningfields, perhaps areas near the Triangle, St Anne's Square, Imperial War Museum opposite the BBC. If you're ever in town again, give those a go.

  12. I love how yโ€™all added Hannah because I already knew her and had watched her and felt so โ€œinโ€๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป

  13. Manchester becoming a place people want to go and visit. Finally the world's gone bonkers. I'd like to live somewhere sunny with money and just visit from time to time. Everywhere is great on vacation. One love MCR.

  14. omg you guys also like Top Gear (the UK bbc one)๐Ÿ˜?? Oh god I was obsessed with that in through middle school. I wish you could host something like that in the future that would be awesome ๐Ÿ˜†

  15. Every English person I know is obsessed with kabobs so when I visit Iโ€™ll have to try it because the kabobs in America is just meat on a stick lol

  16. Yes I just moved to the NQ and I love it.
    I moved from Chorlton all my life
    Zam zamโ€™s ๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ขโค๏ธ

  17. Manchester is a dump. The city centre is OK but very over crowded there are a lot of homeless and junkies passed out. As you move out of the city there is a lot of rubbish around also a lot of dog faces around. It's really a very grim place and it makes you feel dirty. It's probably the worst place iv been.

  18. Ohhh you fellas are so so lucky to have travelled and done so much. I'm a Mancunian and proud of it no end. The places you've been to look fabulous, I've been to some but not others. We are very lucky. Glad you had a brill time๐Ÿ˜Š

  19. Enjoyed watching that with only one contradiction. Birmingham is Larger than Manchester and is Englands second largest city.

  20. 2 things. You Never hear Cheerio in Manchester or the North Its either Bye or Ta-Ra But Ta-Ta is considered a bit abrupt/and dated The pronunciation on this link is totally wrong ditto Google Translate (said too slow and wrong) sounds almost like the Girls Name Tara

    As for a You Tube expert on historic Manchester Try Martin Zero? Who explores Not just at Ground level Touristy Spots But Take his Blog under The Streets Exploring the Canals & Rivers and Does get into Liverpool as well Been down the 19th century Williamson Tunnel Complex under Liverpool University Which is still being Excavated (NOT that well known locally!)

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