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Mandarin Festival // Meeting Viewers, Smart Pots, Mandarins, Mandarins, & More Mandarins!

Mandarin Festival  //  Meeting Viewers, Smart Pots,  Mandarins, Mandarins, & More Mandarins!

hi everyone well we are here at the
Mandarin festival getting our booth set up this is so exciting to be here the
festival runs a Friday Saturday and Sunday and we’re here with smart pots so
thank you guys so much for inviting us out thanks for coming we’re looking
forward to it this is Jeff and Dustin the Smart Pots why don’t you guys just
tell us a little bit about Smart Pots and maybe how the company got started
what Smart Pots are for those of our viewers who don’t know about them yet
Smart Pots are a fabric aeration growing container, fabric planter so
you’re gonna be able to plant anything and everything in a Smart Pot and we’re
gonna show you out here that you can do everything from succulents to vegetables
to tropicals to house plants and what we’re doing out here is a lot of citrus
mandarins so it’s a fabric aeration container the root prunes the plant and
you’re going to be able to grow a bigger plant in a smaller footprint and it’s a
healthier way to grow plants because the roots are going to be able to breathe
get light get air and and it keeps those roots healthy and happy so much better
than a hard sided container Dustin what’s your role here at the
festival this weekend support everybody out here
of course Isley’s and really educate people on the benefits of smart pots
I’ve been growing Smart Pots fo over 10 years now and I had pots that are eight
years still look amazing kind of a lot of stuff up for the festival to show
people what you can grow and all the different varieties you can do and you
know what Dustin would you mind grabbing that microgreens a little container down
there cuz a lot of our viewers grow microgreens and I really like to tell
people don’t stop growing just because it’s winter time these are a nice little
quick crop that you can grow and eat in about a week or so yep
so can you tell us a little bit about what you have I started the spouts a
week and a half ago believe it or not just going outside with the light and
the thing I love about these guys is like you talking about how quickly
you can get some greens and how healthy they are for you absolutely they’re
packed with nutrients and people can eat them in about a week to ten days are
these like little cabbage greens or arugula um it’s a mix of different type
of greens so there’s some Swiss chard in there and there’s really small ones but
I like growing these guys all the time just because how quickly they grow we
are so excited to be here this is so much fun it’s a small-town feel here in
Auburn it’s gorgeous and you can see some of the vendors that we that are
here a little gazebo here in the center you want to swing around Dustin show
them the gazebo it’s just really a neat neat vibe neat feel here let’s head back
over here and again just mandarins everywhere well
day one of the Mandarin Festival is about to open and before the gates open
we’re gonna just take a little stroll down here this is called growers lane
because it’s where all of the mandarin growers have the delicious mandarin
oranges and there’s all kinds of vendors and booths all kinds of delicious
mandarin food we can’t wait to try it to sample some
of them today of course you got to have the ice cream you’ll have the chance to taste some of
the delicious mandarin oranges look at those shakes mandarin shakes and juice
one of the cool things is – you could actually purchase a bag of mandarin
oranges and then have them shipped home and the post office is here and they
will arrive before Thanksgiving so mandarins just in time for Thanksgiving
good morning how are you okay it looks delicious mandarin cookies mandarin
fudge mandrian bread that’s a good one too there you go and I’m already smelling
the kettle corn good morning oh that smells so good not anymore I’m gonna ride get it right
here we are at our booth Kelly Kim smart pods right over here Dustin you travel
all over the world with smart pods which has really got to be a lot of fun it’s
amazing that’s great now tell us one way that you’ve seen
smart pots use that not a lot of people might know about
it’s called pot in pot so you have a beautiful terra cotta pot and you can
put a smart pot in there and pull it out so up here in Northern California we get
a lot of the freezes there in winter time and we’re gonna happen to these
glazed pots is it will actually crack or split and the pot doesn’t look that
great so what you do is you pull the pot out and you can take this guy and
winterize it as well as the pot just clean the pot put it in your garden shed
and you’re ready for a next spring there’s also working like a larger sized
container that may be very small tree or something like that you can definitely
do that and one of the true benefits of this instead of getting the air pruning
you get the mechanical pruning of the roots so what that means is the roots
will still come through but you’re still gonna get some pruning in the pot so you
don’t get that root bound plant oh that’s really exciting
thanks a lot Dustin your a lot of our viewers will enjoy hearing about that
awesome thank you Karen you’re in Smart Pots
headquarters in Oklahoma City yep that’s right the headquarter is
absolutely how cool now tell me one story that you’ve heard from a customer
or one way that you’re involved that is really inspired you yeah so we actually
do a lot of work with schools and nonprofit organizations and so it’s
really exciting when you get to hear the stories back from like the teachers or
the principals of the schools talking about how the kids were super excited
about getting to grow in smart pots and just get that passion going at a really
early age so sometimes we’ll donate like our smaller raised beds and they’ll
plant up a little raised bed garden and then sometimes we’ll actually donate a
pod and the kids can plan something up themselves and they can take it home to
their family and expose it to them and get that that family excited about
gardening oh that’s great because what I found and I’m sure you have too with
your own kids when they grow their own vegetables they’re a lot more excited
about meeting oh yeah absolutely Jeff tell us a little bit about how the Smart Pots fabric is made and where you make potatoes smart pots are 100% made in the
USA which i think is awesome because there’s not that many products the left
that are made in the US but we’re made in Oklahoma City that’s where we were
founded that’s where we still manufacture all of our products today so
everything from the bag the fabric to the label to the tag to the thread when
we say bag to tag it’s manufactured in the United States of America and we’re
proud about that we have our own plan Oklahoma City we have employees that
have been with us for 18 years so hand sewing these bags at our factories so
you know people don’t realize smart pots are everything from one gallon to
thousand gallons and sizes so and everything in between
this is a new color this is our new what we call natural and it’s a kind of a
combination of our old tan and our black the great thing about this fabric is
that is a little more UV protected so it’s going to have a real heavy UV
protection to it and it’s it’s nice because it kind of blends in a little
more people wanted something a little different it doesn’t show there
or you know outdoor wear and tear as much so this is a fabric we’ve
introduced this year to our line yeah I love how the black fabrics are kind of a
new cleaner woven around the pot it makes it really interesting and then for
the Cali Kim listeners the the exciting news is that next year 2020 we’re gonna
have three new colors to our line and that’s and I’ll go ahead and spill the
beans but it’s going to be a purple a orange and a blue kind of a turquoise
blue so those are going to be added in the first part of 2020 that’s wonderful
and I knew a lot of our viewers loved to decorate their outdoor space and they
really had the outdoor living feel so those colors will really make your patio
yes we filled with flowers or with vegetables be functional and edible at
the sink – absolutely oh those are pretty big gosh those are
beautiful these are the most beautiful mom’s from Isley’s nursery they actually have personalized CaliKim Garden and Home Smart Pots you can only get them here that’s right it’s a
lot of fun I work the Smart Pots so to help that help show gardeners all over
the world how to grow in a quick simple inexpensive way in containers without
having to have a lot of space to grow vegetables this is a youtube gardener
out of Southern California that works with us and I’ve told her about this and
she’s up here for the home show so I wanted to bring her to show and they
could film it they do a lot of YouTube videos and social media stuff so have
that senior points out us thank you gorgeous so Earl’s mom and dad started
the nursery Wow 85 years ago selling pansies 1932 this was all chicken right
really mm break and my granddad and at that point
of course there’s always fallout from chickens and they throw that groans
great vengeance definitely the pansy stick off and that’s how it started Natalie was one of the winners of the
tickets for the Mandarin Festival excited that you came out to see us
today and you drove from LA Angeles which is about how far away like it’s
six hours was to drive six hours so she drove all the way from LA six hours to
be with us here today thank you so much for coming out to see us and tell me a
little bit about your garden so currently I’m growing carrots in the
past I’ve also grown tomatoes so and do you have rice bags containers what are
you growing in yeah so right now the tomato was inside of a I guess it’s a
race bed it’s like along the long are cool okay and then the carrots was in a
container okay wonderful now how did you first hear about us on
YouTube so this is like many years ago when I was first kind of trying to get
inside you know the whole gardening scene I
really couldn’t find any youtubers who was doing anything in California but I
wanted someone who was doing gardening in California so I could kind of learn
from and then I came across your YouTube video and then that’s how I kind of
started you know getting more into it and that’s how I started trying carrots
because before I would have never tried here so it probably started tomato oh
wow that’s exciting so I love how you’ve experimented and tried new things but
that’s what it’s all about trying new things and then learning quicker
mistakes and what works or what doesn’t work right yeah why do you like to hurt
it I think for me it’s really just knowing where my food comes from and
then knowing what I’m putting inside my food so when I harvest it I know what my
body how does the flavor of home grown compared to the flavor of store-bought
doesn’t compare at all I definitely can taste that the fruit is a lot more ripe
it’s sweeter it can’t it just it doesn’t compare compare tomatoes from
the grocery store versus your home ground no anytime right okay thank you
so much Natalie you really are just thrilled to meet you yeah oh you are
pretty now that we’ve had a chance to meet you yeah so much has been such an
is great to just watch you guys on YouTube it’s just so
have done thank you so much and we love to hear comments like that because that
motivates us encourages us thank you thank you all kinds of different sizes
from like gallon on up 1,000 gallons it’s crazy and you thank you
thanks so much for hanging out how are you warm son on your back and just get
into the soil with your hands and there’s something about just planting a
little seed and then there’s a miracle I feel like it’s a miracle I just watching
it we do we do have some potting mix in these containers yes well we’re here with Nisha and she
drove about an hour and a half here to the Mandarin festival she’s one of our
YouTube viewers and longtime followers on social media and now she’s our friend
because we’ve got to meet her Nisha thank you so much for driving
up to see a little bit about your garden yes I started it two years ago with this
very small like a pepper plant and a Holly basil that’s what I started
everything killed so many times before yes and then after watching your videos
growing how to grow peppers tomatoes and cucumbers and herbs it’s so simple how
to grow in a Smart Pots and just simple dirt and the seeds you need start small
then expand your motto I always follow died and now I have a very big garden okay
it’s so exciting yeah now tell me like where do you garden i exactly garden
outside my garage I have no space no land so it’s on the side of my garage we
have a one car so we parked it so I have on both sides oh that’s great so you
don’t have like your typical backyard no so it is possible to grow in your small
space right it is now tell me about your tomato
plant you’re growing it in a container yes I’m going in a 15 gallon to 20
gallon smart food container with a good dirt
soil and on top of that it’s a Red Vine Tomatoes so they really vine up almost
about six feet to eat fit oh my goodness so I didn’t I have a trellis to hold it
well so I literally took a twine and twined it up on the world there was a
block there as I pointed up and it’s going oh my goodness it’s almost like 7
feet I know yes so are have you got a lot of tomatoes
from it in a container Oh from one container I got about 100 100 Tomatoes
yeah some scream – sorry and how do you harvest sticks it’s so tall yeah I plan
to let it you have got to give us a picture of that I absolutely I will
great what do you do with all those tomatoes so I give it to my neighbors I
also send it to my mom in Albany all the way from
California yes and I always are made of pizza sauce and also love of having
on a grill cheese much better than grocery store oh
there’s nothing like it right yes now you were telling me earlier how you’ve
also inspired your mom and dad yeah vegetables yes I I took them I basically
took a favor of land and a mint and put some soil with some tissue paper with
water sprayed water on it and I ship it to them and now they have a paper plane
and mint growing oh my goodness in Albany so it’s very cold over there
it’s incredible so you ship plants that ya grew all the way across the country
to your parents yeah so they’re growing too and now they’re going I need one
mint is proneural so it always comes back so in the Sun in winter she takes
it inside and then spring she remembers it outside and starts growing and it’s
like blooming so exciting yeah well it’s so amazing you’re such an inspiration to
me how you work for something and then share it with other people
yeah and you’ve started small and then you’ve expanded into what you’re doing
now so thank you so much for being here today I love your YouTube channel it’s
like amazing growing so much so you have really inspired me yeah you are my
garden guru hey I’m Jeff with Smart Pots and we are
the proud sponsor of Flo the clown is the mountain
and Flo’s job as she runs around this fairgrounds this whole festival and
promote smart plots the entire time interacts with children interaction with
adults hands out a ton of your leftover Smart Pots swag
she sends people to our booth she’s awesome at what she does Lisa you won the best tasting Mandarin
at the Mandarin festival that is so exciting congratulations thank you yeah
very exciting who were some very surprised it is our first time and we’ve
been coming since the inception of the festival and this is your daughter here
this is my daughter Laura my husband said the farm picking and it’s his
grandfather’s ranch okay and we his grandfather started in 1927 and is one
of the firsts who brought mandarins back with a group of three or four growers in
the late 50s early 60s they began mandarins again in Placer County and
these are the same trees that the fruit is off of that were planted way back
then so city years old yeah six IRA we sell at the Auburn farmers market on
Saturday mornings and we sell Tuesday mornings at the market at Roseville at
Whole Foods and then we do appointments on our farm
and we have and we should yes I do a lot of the picking and I do most of the
farmers markets as well mom has been coming up with that and I pretty much do
a little bit of everything yes yes my husband’s part of it too I’m just all
trying to make it a family ordeal we’re actually working on a trial project and
the fruit that one is from the trial to reinvigorate old trees to see if it was
worth keeping them or digging them out and putting new trees in and it really
seems to be working because something has really paid off
but the entry is really healthy walrus they’re pretty yeah so although all the
time Andrews are hand-picked every one hand cliff because if you pull it off
the tree that little where the stem joins the fruit tears out and then your
fruit doesn’t keep for you okay animal entry and it lets bacteria into the tree
so yeah now I’ve heard like before we came up here about this area is
especially and tell me a little bit about why that
is and what’s special about this area Mountain Mandarin growing area it’s a
kind of a microclimate where you have your cool nights which is what brings
the sweetness in your flavor up and but you have your warm days which so we have
a really more intense flavor then you will have some of the people say that
mandarins from the valley are more flat tasting where we have that more intense
citrus flavor and the sweetness easy to peel of courses with most mandarins we
really cold right we don’t have the we grow the owari satsumas only on our farm
we don’t have any of the other newer varieties we grow navel oranges also it
was so much fun to be here yeah that’s the end of the festival it has been a
blast an absolute blast to be here we’ve had a ton of fun we were so inspired and
blessed that so many of you made it up here to see us yep some people all the
way from LA so that was just inspiring it’s very cool we also want to thank
Smart Pots and the Mandarin festival for having us up here we had a ball and we
look forward to next time thanks so much for watching see you on the next video
bye guys

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  2. i really hope you had fun in there . something that i realised is that last year it was very rainy not just in california but almost all over the world but this year we had literally not a single drop of rain . anyways i can't buy anything from your site because it's not available in morocco so i just watch all the ads on your videos

  3. Poinsettia plants are from mexico, got that name from Joel Roberts Poinsett u.s ambassador to mexico. Is a perennial shrub plant Euphorbia pulcherrima. Mndarin oranges from northeast india then made its way to china.

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  5. Kudos to Natalie, Nisha, and others who were able to attend! I was just thinking how great it is to have young people get involved.

  6. Looks lovely and you are an exceptional hostess Kim. Wish I could have been there. My favorite color is turquoise so Im so excited for that new smart pot color! Yay!!

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