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Max & Ruby: Max’s Balloon Buddies / Ruby’s Penny Carnival / Ruby’s Big Win – Ep.47

Max & Ruby: Max’s Balloon Buddies / Ruby’s Penny Carnival / Ruby’s Big Win – Ep.47

♪ Max and Ruby ♪ ♪ Ruby and Max ♪ ♪ Max and Ruby ♪ ♪ Ruby and Max ♪ ♪ Max and Ruby ♪ ♪ Ruby and her little brother, Max ♪ ♪ Max and Ruby! ♪ (Carnival music playing) RUBY:
Oh, I can’t wait till we get
to the front of the line. I bet the flowers in this year’s
Flower Festival are even more
gorgeous than ever! Balloon! Yes, Max,
they have balloons, too. But the best part of
the Flower Festival is seeing all the beautiful
flowers. Mmm! Balloon! We can see the balloons
later, Max. We’ll lose our place in line
if we go now. Balloon. Oh, okay, Max. We’ll go get you a balloon and then we’ll get back in line
for the flower show. Wow, Max! Look at all the balloons. Excuse me, Mr. Clown. My brother would like
a balloon. Oh! RUBY:
Mr. Huffington! (Chuckling) Why, hello, Ruby. Hi, Max. One balloon,
coming right up. Watch this. Ta-dah! Balloon! No ordinary balloon
for my friend, Max. It’s a doggy! Balloon! Thanks, Mr. H. Now we’re going to see
the flower show. Have a blooming
good time! (Laughing) (Honking) I hope the line up
for the flower show is a little shorter now. (Carnival music playing) Uh huh, Max. We’re going to see
the flowers. You got your balloon. Now we go line up
for the flower show. Fair is fair. (Sniffing) Ahh! I can almost smell
the flowers from here. Bet they smell
even better in person. (Giggling) Those roses
look so real! Don’t they, Max? Hey, that’s
a great idea. The flowers can wait
for one more minute. Grandma would love to see photos
of us as rose blossoms. Say cheese, Max! (Gasping) (Balloon popping) Balloon! Sorry, Max. I guess balloons
and rose bushes don’t mix. Don’t worry. We’ll get you
a new balloon. But we have to hurry
so I can see the flower show. (Honking) Mr. Huffington? Ruby!
Max! Back from the flower show
so soon? RUBY:
We didn’t get there. Max’s balloon doggy popped. Could he have
a new one, please? Of course! Hmm, what’ll it be
this time? Ta-dah! Ooh, it’s a ducky! Balloon. Ooh, that’s a great duck,
isn’t it, Max? Quack, quack! (Giggling) Come on, Max. Thank you, Mr. H. My pleasure, Ruby. Have fun, Max! (Nose honking) If we hop to it, we can still
see those flowers before it’s all over. Excuse us! Thank you! Oh, good. The line
is shorter now. (Carnival music playing) MAX:
Balloon! Balloon! Max, your balloon! Oh! Oh! You have to hang on tight
to a balloon! Balloon. Oh, it’s getting late. And I still haven’t seen
the flowers. Balloon? Oh, okay. We’ll get you another balloon
and then we’ll see the flowers. But we have to hurry! Mr. Huffington? Balloon. Not again! This time Max’s balloon duck
flew away. Can we please
get another one? Your duck flew south? Well, we can take care of that
in a jiffy. Oh! It’s a bunny, Max! Just like you. Balloon! Here. Now it can’t
float away. Good. Now we have to hurry
if I’m going to see those beautiful flowers Thank you,
Mr. Huffington! I hope we make it. Max? We don’t have
time for cotton candy. The flower show
is going to close soon. Come on,
it’s this way. What’s the matter? Balloon! Max?
Oh, hang on. I’ll get it free. Ugh! It just needs a good tug. Oh no! (Balloon hissing
and squeaking) RUBY:
Catch it, Max! I’ve got it! Ooh! Come back here! Oof! Balloon. (Ruby sighing) I’m sorry your bunny
balloon deflated. But maybe, seeing
the beautiful flowers will cheer you up. Okay. I’m the one who
deflated your balloon so I should be the one
to fix it. But we have to hurry. Mr. Huffington. Max’s balloon
bunny deflated. Oh dear! Well, don’t worry, Max,
we can fix it. You kids caught me
just in time. The fair is closing. Closing? Oh no! I didn’t get to see
the flowers! I’ve been wanting to see those
beautiful flowers all day! And I missed
the whole show. If only we could have seen
even one beautiful flower. Oh! For me? Oh, thank you,
Mr. Huffington! And thank you, Max. My very own
beautiful balloon. Flower! (Ruby giggling) You can look now. Ta-dah! Ooh! Ooh! Ruby! You look fantastic! Please, please. Call me Ruby the Great. The all-knowing, all-seeing
incredible fortune teller. Can you tell
my fortune? RUBY:
Yes! I see lots and lots
of bunnies coming to our
penny carnival. I hope so. We have to make lots of pennies
so we can go on our fieldtrip. RUBY:
That’s why we have these jars to
put our pennies in. Argh! Scary! RUBY:
Oh, Max. What do you think
of my outfit? She’s Ruby
the Great. The incredible
fortune teller! RUBY:
You know what a fortune teller
is, don’t you, Max? A fortune teller can tell you
what’s going to happen in the future! Do you want me
to tell your fortune? (Ruby giggling) I see… A little brother bunny helping
his big sister bunny so her penny carnival
is a big success. And you know how
you can help, Max? Argh! Scary! (Laughing) You can’t help
by being scary. But you can help by going
somewhere else to play. Thanks, Max. What can we do next, Ruby? Oh! I mean… Ruby the Great. I see us setting up my
fortune telling table. Okay! All right! ♪ This tablecloth will go great
with my crystal ball. It’s beautiful! Does it really work? Only when Ruby the Great
looks into it will all be revealed. What do you see? I see… I see… Ah! A big, hairy spider! (Screaming) Heh heh,
scary. GIRLS:
Max! You’re supposed to be
putting your toys away not scaring us. We have a lot of work to do
before every bunny arrives. So please, put your scary spider
somewhere else, okay? (Sighing) What should we
do next? Let’s set up
the beanbag toss. Good idea! That’s going to be
my table. (Laughing) ♪ Perfect. Why don’t you give it
a try, Ruby? Sure. Ruby the Great sees
this beanbag going right into
that lion’s mouth. Huh? Ahh! Argh! Scary! RUBY:
Max! You made me
miss my shot. Please, take your scary bat
someplace else. (Sighing) What else do we
have to set up, Ruby? Hmm. Only the most important table
in the penny carnival… The sweets table! (Laughing) This is the
perfect tablecloth. LOUISE:
Mmm, isn’t our sweets table
missing something? Sweets! (Giggling) They’re in the kitchen. Argh! Scary. ♪ LOUISE:
Everything looks delicious! Wait a second… Who brought that plate? I didn’t. Did you, Valerie? No, not me. Hmm… (Girls screaming) Ah! Scary! Max! You’re going to scare
all our customers away. Go be scary
someplace else. Whoo! That was close. Our customers will be here
any minute. Wow! You really can see
into the future. Here they come! Oh, my! Doesn’t this penny carnival
look marvellous! (Giggling) (Whispering)
Scary. ♪ Thank you. We have a winner! Ruby the Great can see
that Baby Huffington… Is going to grow up to be the
first space bunny on the moon. (Giggling) That’ll be
one penny, please. Thank you,
Ruby the Great. Baby Huffington loves space
travel stories. Thanks. (Gurgling and giggling) Who wants to be next
to have their fortune told by Ruby the Great? Huh? Any bunny? (Sighing) RUBY:
Where did
every bunny go? Uh, there’s something
going on over there. Huh? Oh no! Oh, my! Grandma! What’s going on!? Is Max in there? Yes he is, Ruby. (Chuckling) Be careful. Ahh! Ah! Eek! Ah! Ah! Eee! Ahh! (Gasping) Argh! Scary! Max, what
are you doing? Come on out. That was fun! Fun? What a good idea,
to have a monster house. Monster house!? GRANDMA:
Oh, yes! Every bunny loves
to be scared. It sure looks like it. Ruby the Great can see… Every bunny at the penny
carnival will love Max’s monster
house Because it’s… Grr! Scary! (Carnival music playing) Do you know why fun fairs
are called fun fairs, Max? Because, there’s no place more
fun in the whole wide world! Not only do you
get to play fun games but you also get to win
great prizes. Win! ♪ (Bell ringing) Win! Giganto Splash,
ring toss and Balloon Blammo are all fun games, Max. But we only have this many
tickets and I want to make
the most of them. We need to find the game
with the best prize. Oh! And, there it is! Mr. Huffington’s
Dunk-a-Bunch-of-Basketballs. Hell, Mr. Huffington. Hi, Ruby. I’ve always wanted
to win a goldfish. Win! Well,
I hope you do. Hi, Max. Win! If you want to win the prize you have to shoot this
basketball through that hole. No problem. One ticket
gets you three gos. Good luck. Luck has nothing
to do with it. I’m Bunny Scout
basketball hoop champion. (Drum roll) Oh! Hmm… (Drum roll) Oops. MR. HUFFINGTON:
You still have one shot left. (Drum roll) Oh, better luck
next time. Win! You go play Candy’s
Whomp-a-Weasel game if you like, Max. I’m going to win
that goldfish. I’d like to
try again, please. Maybe I’ll shoot better without
so many distractions. Win! Hi, Max. All you need to do
to win a prize is whomp the weasel every time
he pops out of his hole. Think you can do that, Max? (Whistle blowing) (Carnival music playing) (Alarm ringing) You certainly showed
that weasel who’s boss. Here’s your prize. Win! Grr! Missed it by that much. Don’t you worry,
Mr. Goldfish. I’m going to win you. I’m not going to let
anything distract me from making this next shot. MAX:
Win! (Sighing) That’s great, Max. But you made me
blow my shot. MR. HUFFINGTON:
That’s okay, Ruby. There are plenty more games
at the fair with lots of fun prizes. RUBY:
I don’t want other prizes. I want that goldfish. (Alarm sounding) ROGER:
We have a winner! You go try Roger’s
coconut toss if you want. But I’m not going anywhere
without my goldfish. Another go, please. (Carnival music playing) ROGER:
Knock the coconut off its stand
and win a prize! Win! Here you go, Max. Take your time. (Whistling) Okay, Max. This is your last ball. Make it count. Oh! Those pitching lessons
really paid off. Here’s your prize! Win! (Carnival music playing) Winning is harder
than I thought. Are you sure that hole
is big enough for this ball
to go through? It sure is. See?
As easy as pie. Oh. MAX:
Win! Good for you, Max. Maybe you should stick around
and bring me luck. I’d like another go, please. Maybe you should try
the Giganto Splash the ring toss or the Balloon Blammo. But they don’t have
a goldfish prize. I want that goldfish! I just know I can win it. (Electronic beeping) MR. PIAZZA:
Come on, folks! Send the rocket
to the moon! Ring the bell
and win a prize! Oh! Win! No way, Max. It’s two tickets! That’s all the tickets
we have left. Win! Okay, go have a good time at
Mr. Piazza’s Moon Blaster. I still have three throws
to win that goldfish. (Giggling) Win! You sure, Max? That’s a pretty big rocket. Uh huh.
Win. That’s what I like to hear. Jump as hard as you can and
send that rocket to the moon! Jump harder, Max! You got one more try, Max. Make it count. (Bells ringing,
alarms sounding) Whoa-ho-ho! You did it, Max! Oh! You rang
the bell! Win! (Drum roll) RUBY:
This is my last chance
to win that goldfish. I’ve just got to get it
through that hole. Win! Max. Huh? I did it! I won! I won!
I won! Way to go, Ruby. Whew,
that’s a relief. Here’s your prize! Hello,
Mr. Goldfish. My name is Ruby
and I’m taking you home. Oh! Max! Now that I’ve won the goldfish,
I have nowhere to keep it. It can’t live
in a plastic bag forever. What am I going to do? RUBY:
Hmm, my goldfish
loves its new home. Max, it looks like you helped
everyone! Win! ♪ ♪

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