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Maya Rudolph Saw a Lot of Skin and Glitter at Bonnaroo

Maya Rudolph Saw a Lot of Skin and Glitter at Bonnaroo

That’s Bless the Harts. [APPLAUSE] So it’s already picked
up for a second season. Yeah. It’s amazing. Picked up for a second season. Yeah. It is amazing. So explain the family. So it’s two generations
of single moms, which is really lovely, a nice,
really tight family. Set in North Carolina. My dear friend, Emily
Spivey, who created the show, who’s another SNL family member,
she’s from North Carolina. So I’m kind of doing her and
her mom, and it’s really sweet. And you also– I did not know this about you. Or maybe I did. I feel like I did know this. You have a band. Yes. And it’s a very specific band. It’s a Prince cover
band, called Princess. And you were just at Bonnaroo. Yeah. We played Bonnaroo Festival. That’s amazing. It’s like people
camping out and stuff. A lot of young people, like
25 and under, I feel like. Yes, for sure. In Tennessee. It was pretty hot. I feel like I was not prepared
for the lack of clothing that I witnessed there. [LAUGHTER] Oh. Apparently, there’s a
new trend for festivals, where people just wear
like, instead of pants, they just wear a thong. And then there’s just
glitter all over their ass. And it’s just like glitter ass. I don’t like that. I don’t like it. No. And I kept driving around
going, there’s so much ass here. Why is there so much ass? And glitter. So much glitter, Ellen. So much glitter ass. That’s the most– I’m upset more
about the glitter than anything else. Body glitter can be upsetting. All glitter. It should be outlawed. By the way, it never goes away. That’s my point. That’s right. I found glitter on my pillow,
no joke, two days ago. I don’t remember
wearing glitter. Right. [LAUGHTER] It could have been from 1986. It could have been. That’s my point. It’s called Bless the Harts. It airs Sundays at 8:30 on Fox. We’ll be right back.

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  4. It’s so funny when people leave messages for Ellen, as if she would read the comments that are posted….c’mon people!!!!

  5. Put Ellen in a effin movie already this woman has the greatest vibe in the world.. she makes everything feel inviting lol don't worry Ellen I'll out you in a few of my movies

  6. @bonnaroo we don't judge we encourage one to express them self's with out worrying about being judged magical place.

  7. Ellen’s favourite things :
    1embarrassing her guest, posting the clips on YouTube, close comments
    2 having her friends on, being obnoxious but not rude af, open comments

  8. ok boomer. Doing fun from gen z girl (and calling her millennial) because she didn't know how to use the things she probably never had to use before.

  9. Number of times I've had to use a rotary phone, 0. Number of times my grandparents, parents, aunts, uncle's have asked me how to navigate computers, phones, videogames, televisions, hundreds.

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