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MET gala 2018: red carpet review, best dressed & theme ǀ Justine Leconte

MET gala 2018: red carpet review, best dressed & theme ǀ Justine Leconte

Hi everyone, it’s Justine. Every year in May, the Costume Institute of
the Metropolitan Museum, in New York, hosts a huge gala to celebrate the opening of their
new fashion exhibition. Every year, it’s one of my favorite red
carpets to review, because a. It’s a theme party and b. Because you have a guarantee that it’s gonna
be totally over-the-top. This year, the exhibition is baptized (pun
intended) “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion & the Catholic Imagination”. It revolves around how the Catholic church
has influenced and fostered art. Think of all the works of art that wouldn’t
exist without the Catholic church, like the Sistine Chapel in Rome, like the objects and
artifacts used in churches, like urns, candelabras, pulpits, etc. Religion has been a source of influence and
inspiration for fashion as well. So the theme of this year’s MET gala was
clearly linked to religious symbolism. I’d like to review the outfits on the red
carpet in the light of that theme, ranked from not so good to brilliant/excellent, and
I’ll explain why I ranked the outfits that way. Let’s go! Not so good for a MET Gala, 2 stars… Gisele Bündchen looked like a Hollywood mermaid,
literally, wearing liquid gold, matching with the embroidery on Mr. Brady’s jacket. But… where is the link to the theme? Kendall Jenner wore THE hyped label of the
moment, Off-White. It showed off her model body, which looks
great, check. But apart from being white, maybe to suggest
Virgin Mary, her outfit wasn’t on theme. Tiffany Haddish wore a custom Brendon Maxwell
outfit. It’s not on theme, but for another occasion,
I love the outfit. It is strong. It is elegant. It is super flattering. It’s a silhouette that I really, really
like. Lily Aldridge wore a Ralph Lauren Collection
yellow dress. Yellow or gold is a religious color. It’s a code. She is also wearing a belt, like the priests,
that falls down on the left side, as it’s supposed to be. It’s flattering for a silhouette. It’s not “wow” in terms of theme, but
it’s ok. Moving on to good outfits, 3 stars… Kim Kardashian was on theme, with a dress
by Atelier Versace, so handmade work, with beaded crosses. If there’s only one symbol of the Catholic
church that you know, it would probably be the cross. Ok… But the thing is: it’s the same silhouette
she also wears every other day of the year. She just launched a fragrance whose bottle
has the shape of her body, so this outfit is again accentuating and showing her body. It’s great PR for her. It’s not exactly super creative. Notice though, and that’s interesting, that
she’s going bare shoulders. In the past, in previous years, on that exact
red carpet of the MET, she has been wearing very often structured dresses with reinforced
shoulders by Balmain, typically because she wanted to compensate for the width of her
hips when she got when pregnant.You can tell that she’s feeling more confident in her
body again, because she’s showing her shoulders again. À propos Balmain: Jennifer Lopez adopted
exactly that look with the strong shoulders to try to create an hourglass figure for herself. The feathers at the bottom of the dress bring
balance, and if you look at the reinforced shoulders and the added volume at the bottom,
overall, it makes her hips appear thinner. Taylor Hill came dressed as a cardinal, which
is fun because in the Catholic church, this job is strictly reserved for men. But so many ladies came dressed as the holy
Virgin, that I think those who made the effort to surprise merit extra points. Lily Collins came as a nun. Very interesting and creative outfit. You see a stylized halo around her head. The neckline is a reference to the Renaissance
era, while the bottom, made transparent, makes the whole outfit extremely modern. She’s holding a rosary in her hand, very
nice detail. Now we’re getting to great outfits, 4 stars… Lana del Rey and Jared Leto presented a very
aesthetic overall picture. It’s a lot of symbols of the church, cumulated
on to one pair of outfits. The third person is Allessandro Michele, creative
director of Gucci, who created the outfits. Gigi Hadid was wearing a beautiful dress by
Atelier Versace, and I love that it’s not just a halo and a cross. The inspiration here comes from stained glass
(un vitrail, in French). In older churches, the windows are made of
small pieces of stained glass and/or painted glass. And the shape of the stained glass window
is the wing of an angel. Remember: Gigi Hadid is a Victoria’s Secret
angel… So it’s a reference to her being a model,
but it’s done in a subtle and beautiful way, so I’ll definitely take that. Zendaya went with a reference to a character
from the Catholic history… And that is Joan of Arc. She was a young lady who saw angels and followed
their orders. She led the French army against the British
in the Hundred Years War, in the fifteenth century. She was captured and burned at the stake when
she was 19. Later, she was declared a martyr, and finally,
she got canonized in 1920. So in paintings, she often wears armor, which
has been beautifully executed for this outfit. The dress looks like a coat of mail. It’s absolutely brilliant, and I loved it. And now, the outfits that really nailed it,
5 stars… The 4 ladies I’m gonna show now… won. Their outfits demonstrated incredible craftsmanship
and symbols from the Catholic church, without being too obvious and too literal, and were
fun and totally over-the-top: everything that the MET Gala stands for. Blake Lively wore a stunning dress by Atelier
Versace – again Versace. It is beaded, red and gold brocade. Red as a king, gold for the religion. The fabric work here is unbelievable. The outfit says ceremonial, power. It says body (and her body is quite heavenly). And the headpiece by Lorraine Schwartz… It is made with 100 diamonds on it, so it’s
a complete custom piece for that night. Sarah Jessica Parker is regularly among the
best outfits at the MET Gala. This year in Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda, displaying
the well-known symbol of the sacred heart of Jesus multiple times. Her headpiece, also by Dolce & Gabbana, is
a representation of a nativity scene, so when Jesus was born. She looks royal and elegant without showing
much skin, and I think that’s extremely tasteful. Katy Perry came with wings. Of course. Who else would do that? The dress is also Versace. The wings were so huge and massive that she
almost slapped her stylist in the face when just turning around and she had to go through
the door sideways. It’s not practical, but that’s not what
the MET gala is for. The all-star winner, this year, for me, is
Rihanna. She always takes the theme extremely seriously,
and this year, she came as the pope himself. Her hand-made Margiela garment with embellishments
all over was so heavy that she said “each step in this outfit is a squat”. It’s fun. It’s over-the-top. It’s irreverent. And it’s beautiful handwork. The house and the celebrity, and the stylist
really worked together on the concept that suits her so very well. Some of you might think it’s a little bit
inappropriate of her, but first, this exhibition was developed together with the Vatican. Second, it’s Rihanna. Third, she was co-hosting the event this year. What did you expect? On a personal note, I was a little bit surprised
to see that the editor-in-chief of US VOGUE, Anna Wintour, did not come dressed as the
pope, since she’s considered to be the pope of the fashion industry. But I’m guessing she didn’t dare, or didn’t
think it was appropriate, and/or she didn’t want to compete with Rihanna, which is fair,
because they were hosting this event together. I was also surprised to see so much Versace. But Versace is always a good address if you
want something extravagant. That’s for sure, but not so much of Dolce
& Gabbana at the same time. And actually, they are inspired by the Catholic
religion. They’re also Italian. They would have been a great brand to work
with on a theme like this. If you want to know more, each exhibition
at the MET has it’s own book, with the works of art, everything that is exhibited, explanations,
context… It’s here. I am certainly getting that one. I will link it down below for you if you want
to have it as well. Thumbs up if you enjoyed this red carpet review
with a bit more context around the theme. Thank you so much! What were your favorite outfits according
to the theme? What did you prefer? Is there someone I didn’t show who you thought
was totally on point? Was your ranking looking the same way as mine? I’m interested in your opinions. Let’s discuss in the comments. Don’t forget to subscribe to this channel
if you haven’t done so already. Thank you very much for all your support,
and I’ll see you next year for another MET Gala review, but way before that, in my next
video. Take care.

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